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  • Why are naked viruses stronger than enveloped viruses?

    Non enveloped viruses are usually more resistant to disinfectants and harsh conditions than enveloped viruses. I understand that enveloped viruses have a lipid layer on the envelope which is easily broken by disinfectants. But this also makes me think that naked viruses should be even more fragile, don't they? 

    1 AnswerBiology5 days ago
  • Are websites from the 1970's really from the 1970's or are they just time-stamped?

    If we search for something on google, (I searched Stephen Hawking) there are results dated way back in 1970. Try using custom search and toggle the date between 1960-1970 there's just so many results from the 1970's that makes me wonder. Were these websites really built in the 1970's or are the written recently and just time-stamped to 1970?


    5 AnswersOther - Internet4 weeks ago
  • Does the macbook pro's trackpad support apple pencil?

    I'm referring to the 2016 and newer macbook pro's. I know it supports capacitive styluses but there's no information or video of an apple pencil working on it. Even though there were once rumours that it would work. 


  • What is the logical explanation for a jammed hard drive to start working again after being knocked?

    I've recently noticed that my old laptop which I stopped using for a long time (because of it's failed hard drive) works perfectly fine when I knock it exactly where the hard drive is located at. (I know I'm not supposed to do this. But a computer which was dead, came back to life magically with just a tap at the HDD spot. And I was also able to access my data and upload it to the cloud while facing no other issues and the computer is smooth as new) The laptop is almost a decade old but still works like a monster since it still has good specs (i5/8gb/1tb) I'm planning to order a new SSD for this computer but at the same time I wish to use the old HDD as an external disk for extra storage (I don't have the heart to throw a 1 terabyte disk to the trash) 

    But keeping all this in mind, I still wonder why would a hard drive start working after being stuck when giving it a good knock on it's head? 

    Is there any logical explanation to this weird phenomena? Technical stand point? Maybe it can be repaired? 

    6 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 month ago
  • Biochemistry: what is weight by N2? ?

    I read in my book, that apoenzymes are 16% by weight N2 what does that mean? 

    Personal Finance2 months ago
  • Why do some food taste unbearable without salt?

    Sometimes I’ve noticed that certain food is painful to eat without adding a little salt. Isn’t salt supposed to be like sugar (in additive sense) ? I mean, I drink coffee regardless of whether or not it has sugar in it.. if my roomate makes me coffee with sugar, I just drink it. But when I make myself a coffee I usually don’t add sugar because I feel that coffee is much better without sugar (it could be just me) But on the other hand, some food (fish for example) is painful to eat without salt in it. Why is salt so necessary? I’m trying to go low carb low salt and low sugar on my diet. (I’m not  diabetic or hypertensive) I’m 24 years old and am completely healthy (as far as I know) does anybody have a good explanation for why salt could be necessary for certain food? Does it have something to do with the chemistry of food itself? 

    2 AnswersDiabetes2 months ago
  • Attachment image

    What bug is this???

    1 AnswerZoology5 months ago
  • How long do you bathe? ?

    I mean hot water bathing in the tub and not in the shower. And I’m referring to the time spent in the tub and not the frequency of bathes. I live in a cold country and even though I don’t waste much water, I’d spend more time just sitting in the steamy hot water cuz it feels good and also relaxes my muscles. I also think too much in the bathroom like things that happened in the past and thing’s like that, so my average bath time is kinda big.. I’m just trying to find out how much time everyone else takes. I searched online but could find only shower time and frequency of bathes per week and I don’t need to know that. 

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture10 months ago
  • How big would be the file size of a movie if it was in 8k 60fps ?

    Just curious. Thinking about the future

    2 AnswersMovies3 years ago