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  • Comfortable women’s leggings that aren’t too tight and won’t further compress my sciatic nerve?

    Can any of you recommend a brand of comfortable leggings that don’t feel super tight? 

    Don’t have any pants I can comfortably wear this fall season due to developing piriformis syndrome (when this muscle in your butt compresses your sciatic nerve) last May. 

    I haven’t worn jeans in 3 years, I think they’re beyond uncomfortable and I’m never buying them again 🙈. 

    The majority of my wardrobe pairs well with leggings, but all the pairs I own are a little too tight and cause further compression and more nerve pain.

    I might just have to wear a larger size and some sweatpants until this resolves, but I have noticed that some brands of leggings are much more comfortable than others. 

    Any suggestions are appreciated! 

    Thank you! 💕

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  • Does metastasis only refer to cancer?

    Or can it refer to anything else in your body that spreads? 

    Feel like that’s a dumb question because every result on a Google search for metastasis includes cancer

    But I’m a little freaked out by what some MRI results I just received are saying. Can’t talk to my doctor for two more days and I just want to know if metastasis specifically refers to cancer, or if there’s a chance that it doesn’t always refer to that....just like how having a tumor doesn’t necessarily mean cancer

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  • Can you put a UVC lightbulb for sanitizing purposes into any old lamp? I’m desperate to tackle stubborn closet odor!?

    I moved into a small condo with a walk in closet and can not for the death of me get this musty, strange odor out of there. It aggravates my allergies too and I don’t want to store much in there anymore until I solve this issue

    I would not use a UCV lightbulb in there in the overhead light because it can harm your skin, but I’m interested in having a lamp in there with a UVC lightbulb for a short very short period (heard it takes less than a minute) with the door closed just for sanitizing purposesI’ve done everything I can think of to get that damn smell out- daily vacuuming, washing the walls, washing everything stored in there, baking soda carpet treatments, a HEPA air purifier (which helps, but I can’t just keep it in my closet all the time- need use it for my bedroom as well)

    Any advice is appreciated! Not sure how UVC works entirely, and would appreciate any links or resources that could educate me on this as well! Thank you! 🙏🏻 

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  • Allergic to my glasses frames 😐 think I could paint them with any sort of clear finish/sealer to keep my hypersensitive self from reacting?

    Who the hell knew that this is actually a thing?! My eyes and ears become very irritated when I wear my glasses or any sunglasses/blue light shades. I don’t know what specifically causes these reactions, but some people are allergic to certain materials and chemicals in the plastic frames.

    This may be a really stupid question..,but I know people with horrible pet dander allergies are sometimes advised to paint their walls every year to help reduce the maybe if I paint my frames with some sort of sealer, it could help? 

    😂  I have NO idea if that would work to seal away the chemicals or **** like VOCs coming off the plastic? 🙈

    ...but would sealers and finishes contain harsh chemicals too? 

    I would just buy new hypoallergenic frames, but this pandemic broke my bank account. 

    Looking for a cheap DIY alternative if it can be done! 

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  • My 2014 MacBook Air died out of nowhere- won’t turn on. Can I at least have my files restored somehow? Or are they lost forever 😓?

    I’ve followed all the DIY instructions to get it to start up, and all the tips. Nothing is working- it’s dead and is showing no signs of life. 

    There are no available appointments for the Apple store within 50 miles of my home, and I just want to know if I can still somehow have my files restored from my hard drive so that I can upload them to my next Mac or computer, whenever I can afford that. 

    Not sure why it died. Last time it was working, I actually had it in my bathroom and used it to charge my phone while I showered. It sat there mostly untouched, not sure if maybe the warmth from my heater did something to it? I keep a space heater in my bathroom, but I didn’t place my MacBook directly in front of it, if that matters. I don’t think it was due to water either since it wasn’t splashed or anything like that which would have caused me to worry about it

    Thanks for the advice 🙈

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  • My macbook can’t read RAW images from my DSLR. Any cheap Windows laptops that open/process RAW images  w/o having to buy special software?

    I already have a MacBook Air, but if I can find an affordable laptop that I can use solely for storing/editing/uploading my digital photography, that would be awesome. 

    My current MacBook won’t read my RAW image files. I’m not sure if I have to buy a special program for it to read them or not though? I never had this issue with my old windows desktop. If I can somehow buy or download a way for my MacBook to read RAW image files, I’ll do that instead if it’s cheaper than buying a new laptop 😅


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  • Have any of you experienced or heard of severe muscle pain in their neck/back/shoulder from severe allergies? Especially cat dander?

    I was living with my cat for 5 months after developing a high allergy to cat dander. At first it was swollen eyelids and skin rash. A month or so later I developed asthma. A month after that I had severe muscle spasms in my neck that had me on muscle relaxers and codeine for 2 months. MRI showed no cause, my doctor thought it was from stress. 

    A few months later I moved to a new condo, and couldn’t bring my cat with me. The night I moved in, I made 3 trips to and from my old place to bring stuff for my first night. Did a lot of lifting and laundry, then had to sleep on the floor- all with horrible muscle pain. I was certain I’d be in pain the next morning as I always was if I did too much work..,,but I actually felt better and couldn’t wrap my mind around how that was possible. It made no sense, but I couldn’t complain haha

    A few weeks later found out I’m allergic to cats. After my first shot I had an allergic reaction- the main symptom was that horrible neck pain. It wouldn’t respond to anything except relaxers and antihistamines. My doctor is sending me to one of the top hospitals in the nation to help me out because it’s so weird.

    Anyone else deal with unusual allergy symptoms like this? Especially with muscle pain/spasms, or anyone with just a sever cat allergy?

    I could use all the advice I can get until that hospital can see me this fall. Thank you ♥️

    2 AnswersAllergies5 months ago
  • Best pillow for back sleeping with cervical spine problems? Or DIY hacks?

    I have disc protrusions in my cervical spine, and I’ve been a chronic tummy sleeper all my life. I’m finally getting to sleep on my back with a weighted blanket, but my pillow sucks. 

    Wondering if anyone can suggest any pillows they’ve used and really like that are meant for supporting a bad neck and aligning the spine

    Or even better, if there a cheaper “life hack” alternative I could use to save money

    Thank you!

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management6 months ago
  • Attachment image

    Can you get eyelash extensions on just a few individual lash hairs (maybe 5-15?)?

    I naturally have very long lashes, it’s honestly the only physical feature I have that I totally love about myself. 

    After an eye infection two years ago, I lost all the lashes near the outer corner of my eye. They took a long time to grow back, and now they are much thinner and there aren’t as many as there used to be.

    I added a picture of someone else and circled the area where I lost my lashes. Didn’t want to put my own image online!

    These regrown thinner lashes also tend to fall out much easier, and take longer to grow back than the ones from healthy unaffected follicles. 

    So, is it possible for a salon to apply just a few extensions near that outer corner just to make it look not so obvious I’m missing a bunch from that area?

    Obviously couldn’t have this done anytime soon due to the pandemic, just wondering if it’s an option for me one day! 

    Thank you ❤️❤️

    1 AnswerMakeup6 months ago
  • Homeopathic medication for headaches, swelling of scalp/outer ear, or lymph nodes behind ears?

    Getting desperate for help since the doctors I’ve seen keep telling me to go to different doctors for my problem. I feel like I’m just running in circles with these specialists!

    Hoping to see a homeopathic doctor soon, but I may not be able to afford it.

    Anyone know anything, or knows of helpful books/websites involving homeopathic medicine?

    Thank you!

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  • Which guitar amp do you think I should get?

    I started out on my dad’s old Fender Twin Reverb and his Strat, and absolutely loved them. When I moved out I totally couldn’t afford one of those and impulsively settled on a Fender Vaporizer using my own Strat, along with a reverb pedal.

    I feel like it’s time for me to upgrade with something new, the Vaporizer was fun to play around with, but I know there’s better options out there. I still love my dad’s Twin Reverb, but it’s waaaay to heavy for me to move and I’d rather just get my own new amp

    I really suck at describing sound and what i’m into, so bare with me haha. I love that surfy pop sound with the heavy reverb (think Best Coast) but also love to just jam along to different genres of rock, folk music, occasionally country, and even hip hop/rap if I can play along with blues scales. 

    I know that I definitely want another tube amp. I’m a sucker for Fender gear too, but I know there’s other great brands I’d like out there...just don’t know where to even start looking 🙈

    Would be willing to go with something cheaper and buying additional pedals to make up for a lack of built in effects 

    My last two amps were also way louder than they needed to be. I live in a condo and don’t need an amp that’s designed to be loud as hell

    Thanks for your advice 🙏🏻 

    2 AnswersRock and Pop9 months ago
  • Do fashionable boots/shoes exist for women who have extra wide feet but do not have wide calves?!?

    I've been trying to find a cute pair of fashionable women's boots that fit my wide feet for years. I've only been able to find wide-footed boots that also have a wide calf. They're clearly designed for larger women and are way too big around my legs. 

    After searching high and low for a cute pair of shoes that are wide enough for my damn paddle feet, I've finally accepted that they don't exist at any major shoe retailers in my area. The wide footed shoes I've come across occasionally at some stores have been pretty unattractive compared to the dozens of cute options for normal footed women. The struggle is real. 

    The only athletic shoe I've tried out that is wide enough for me is New Balance's Fresh Foam 1080v9 size 9.5 2E. It's the only shoe I've owned in years that doesn't  leave me with sore feet, and I wear mine pretty much everywhere.

    However, it's pretty annoying that if I want to dress up, athletic shoes typically look super weird with the rest of my outfit. I didn't want to wear athletic shoes to my sister's wedding, because duh, so I wore the most "comfortable" flats I could find, sat on my *** for 90% of the evening, and still had sore feet for 4 days afterwards. 

    And when it comes to high heels for women with feet like me, they're actually just pricey little torture devices cleverly disguised as fashionable foot wear.

    Any suggestions?

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  • If I stop using nerve pain meds (gabapentin, anticonvulsants) due to bad side effects, how long will it take for those side effects to stop?

    I have horrible nerve pain that needs treatment. I've been offered anticonvulsants and antidepressants for my condition, but I am terrified of the potential side effects due to my past experiences with antidepressants. 

    I do not think I am going to try any antidepressant options because I have bipolar disorder, and because they take so long to work, and such a long time to stop working if you decide to stop taking them. 

    I may consider an anticonvulsant or gabapentin, but I do not feel safe trying those if I their side effects would still last for weeks to months after discontinuing the medication. 

    If there are any medications for nerve pain/neuralgia that stop giving you side effects once you stop taking the medication, I'd feel more comfortable trying those. 

    If anyone who has any experience with these types of medications or a condition involving nerve pain, I'd really appreciate your advice and input. Thank you!

    1 AnswerMedicine10 months ago
  • Over the counter products for an itchy scalp that are safe for my hair?

    I've been told that I have dermatitis a few months ago, but it hasn't started itching this bad until recently. I definitely have a sensitive scalp, and I've tried so many over the counter shampoos such as ones containing coal tar, salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, ketoconizole, tea tree oil, etc. 

    I've seen some hydocortisone cream for the scalp in some pharmacies as well, but I'm a little worried about trying that since I noticed it has dimethicone listed in the ingredients. I used to have no issues with silicones in my hair, but I've been dealing with a very tender scalp and neck pain for months, and products with silicone typically weigh down my hair, causing it to feel heavy and puts more strain on my neck....and of course the one shampoo I've found that really helps remove that heavy silicone buildup and leaves my hair feeling weightless also causes my scalp to feel the itchiest ever after I use it. Go figure haha

    I'm seeing another dermatologist soon, but it's been difficult finding a prescription I can use lately with all the dermatologists I've seen. I have to do research on all the ingredients of each product they suggest, which takes up time, and usually these doctors haven't had a bunch of time to wait for me to look into each product.

    Anyways, if anyone knows of any products that may help, please recommend and I'll do some research! Any suggestions are appreciated, but I'd prefer products that don't contain a whole ton of chemical irritants and such. 


    1 AnswerSkin Conditions10 months ago
  • The texture of my hair's natural wave was taken out from ketoconizole shampoo, is there any way I can get it back?

    I was prescribed 2% ketoconizole shampoo and used it on the crown of my head and around my right ear. I have naturally wavy hair, but now the texture, color, and density of my hair has changed in the areas where the shampoo was used. Those areas are now lighter in color, barely wavy, very dry, and thinner. 

    Does anyone know of any way I can get my hair's texture back to it's natural wave? I've tried heat styling and braiding, but that only resulted in a different type of wave that looks different from the rest of my hair, and my hair is too thick for me to be able to style the rest of what was not affected by the ketoconizole shampoo. 

    I tried a Moroccanoil curl enhancing cream, but it didn't make much of a difference.

    I'd like to avoid heat styling, but I've resorted to occasionally using a flat iron to soften my waves that weren't affected by the shampoo. However, I don't want to apply heat every day b/c of the damage it causes, and I would prefer to not apply any heat at all to the hair that was affected by the shampoo since it already looks dry and damaged. I'd consider applying heat to that area maybe once every blue moon, but I don't know what type of heat styling I could do that would enhance my natural texture/wave.

    Not sure if these details are relevant to my issue, but I have thick caucasian hair that is naturally medium/dark brown and wavy 

    I'll still look into any advice that involves heat styling, and any advice at all is very much appreciated! Thank you!

    4 AnswersHair10 months ago
  • How do you treat bipolar disorder if medication isn't an option?

    Hey all, before anyone decides to lecture me on why someone with bipolar disorder must take medication in order to be stabilized, please keep in mind that that is not what I'm asking about. I am entirely aware of what types of medications are used in the treatment of bipolar disorder, and I know that it is not recommended for one to stop taking their medication. 

    It's a long story with too many details for me to fit into 1500 characters, but I have legitimate reasons as to why medication isn't an option for me. It's not because I'm against medication, or that I don't want to try it, or that I think I'm fine, etc. It's actually a really complicated situation, one that I don't feel like explaining on here because it would take so long, andI would greatly appreciate it if you all would keep that in mind. 

    I'm also currently stable, but I understand that things may change in the future, so I don't want anyone to worry that I'm either horribly depressed or manic at the moment. 

    Thank you

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  • Medical conditions that cause scalp pain/headaches when touched or when my hair moves?

    I've seen 7 different doctors and none of them can figure out why I've been dealing with chronic scalp pain and headaches since August. I know that no one here can diagnose my condition, but I was hoping that maybe someone may be able to suggest possible conditions based on the symptoms I'll go on to describe, or suggest what type of doc I look into

    The pain is on the right side of my scalp, above my ear and a little to the left. The area is extremely tender and has taken over my life. It always ends up hurting everyday Sometimes it hurts for no apparent reason, while other times  I won't feel any pain for a little until it's been moved or brushed. The dermatologists I saw said that the pain is due to a nerve problem, so I'd need a neurologist

    My PC doctor recommended I see a neurologist too after she got my MRI results of my cervical spine (Small disk protrusions C4-5 and C5-6 levels without significant impression on neural elements or stenosis). I had an MRI of my brain as well and was told that it looked fine

    When I met the neurologist, he looked at my MRI results and said my cervical spine looked great and that I have no disc protrusions. He went on to look at my brain MRI, which I could see on his computer, and he pointed out a white lump in my brain and told me that it's calcium, and that it's benign. At the end of our meeting, he told me he doesn't know what's wrong w/ me

    Not sure what to do next since my doctor's don't know either :/

    Thank you <3

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  • What are your favorite meals and dishes to prepare when you’re on a tight budget?

    What are your favorite things to prepare and eat when you’re on a tight budget?

    I need to save some money, so I’m trying to prepare more meals that will help me with that and not break my wallet.

    I was pretty sick over the last few months which made cooking my own meals difficult at times, so I relied on many microwave meals, ramen, easy stuff like that. Spending money frequently on easy microwave meals adds up like crazy!

    I’m finally feeling better and ready to kick *** in my kitchen 👩‍🍳

    My personal favorites are meatloaf, hard boiled egg sandwiches, and Fun Nuggets “dishes” (they are less fattening 🤷🏻‍♀️) I cut them up and put them in salads and pastas....and they’re shaped like dinosaurs, so of course they’re one of my favorites

    Looking forward to reading your responses!

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  • Hair loss from nerve block/steroid injection for occipital neuralgia?

    I was recently diagnosed with occipital neuralgia and my doctor has recommended giving me a nerve block injection. I’ve heard that some people who have had this done experience hair loss at the site of injection, which makes me not want to do it because I already have severe thinning on my scalp on my entire right side where the pain is. I already look ridiculous because of it and can’t live with losing more hair over there. 

    If you’ve had a nerve block injection in your scalp, did you experience any hair loss? If you did, how much did you lose? If it resulted in a bald spot, how large was it?

    Thank you 💛

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management11 months ago