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  • Marriage vs. Pre Marriage  what are the differences that matter & don’t matter. What are the things that stops and what begins?  ?

    I am single. I often wonder. Are there things single people and people in relationships who are not yet married do that does not matter once your married? Are we wasting our time in certain things? And what are those things? Now that you are married, and looking back to premarriage, what does matter in marriage that we should be focusing on and preparing for beforehand (if it is something that we can do or it applies only after marriage)? 


    I am single and almost 40. How is it different once you are married?

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  • People interested in marriage and what needs to be worked on to make marriage good?

    So serious. What is the real deal between two people when thinking about marriage with each other. What is the real issue between people that make or break marriage? Do they feel they are losing some of themselves? Not giving up who we are? Not agreeing to compromising what you really want? How best to get along with each other? How to communicate better? Of course knowing how to treat each other well matters a lot. How much of my life stays the same and how much changes? What good things happen in marriage? When to draw the line when the other person has been communicating bad things or things that are giving off a really bad attitude? How to know for sure when things aren’t going well. 

    I do think name calling and saying being with you can change at any point are deal breakers.

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