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  • Why is the Birmingham Brummie accent so hideous?

    The Brummie accent is just so torturous to listen to, it sounds dumb, it is sloopy, and it makes a big mockery of the beautiful English language.

    Personally it should be banned, to have Brummie contaminate English in the South would be an abomination of which we should NEVER allow!

    What are your views on this backward accent?

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  • Is "Jesus returning on the clouds of heaven" literal?

    I am more inclined to believe it is figurative more than anything, since God always chooses to remain out of sight (and usually out of ear shot when it comes to prayers lol)

    I believe it is figurative, and can be interpreted as a future politician, whose party manifestos are popular, and his banner will be a billboard of some sort with the politician representing Christ rule behind a backdrop of clouds or something.

    If you read the Holy Bible all what I have said seems to point to this.

    16 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • CHRISTIANS: Where is Fred West right now?

    This question is for Christians only. Where is the mass murderer, Fred West? Is he humbled as a servant to is victims in Heaven? or in the deepest darkness most imaginable, awaiting judgement? Remember, Fred did neither have remorse, nor did he repent and suddenly believe in God, he died deep in the most terrible of sins.

    So, where is he?

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • How will Jesus Christ win political backing when he returns?

    The Holy Bible says that Christ will rule a thousand years, the question I have his, what will most likely be his political campaign objectives in order to win over voters?

    Will Christ only win political backing in the Christianity majority west?

    How will Islam counter this political rally? There are over a billion Muslims in the world as of right now, in the distant future, this will likely swell to well over 3 billion Muslims before Christ does return. How will Christ counter this politically, and will he get the backing of the U.S senate and house of congress? What about Britain who takes in every Jihadi they can? Will Christ have enough political strength to get the European Union to back him?

    It all leaks very bleak to me, perhaps God knows this and has decided not to shame himself by returning and being defeated. Our political, and military infrastructure is after unbeatable.

    So, what gives?

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  • How will god humble Jihadi terrorst killers when they get to heaven?

    I have a hard time believing that God would really punish jihadi killers,regardless of how serious their sin may appear to us. God is "love" and he desires that "no one perish" or "no one WILL perish".

    I once believed that Christ WAS to return to bring God's judgement, but I now know that God has sinced changed his mind and postponed the "Second Coming" indefinately in order to save everyone, which he most certainly will, whether anyone believes or not.

    I am aware of the horror, despair, torment, agony and death that Jihadist who beong to ISIS bring, but I have also become aware that God cannot bring himself to punish them because his love over-rides anger.

    So, when members of ISIS receive eternal life and enter Heaven, how will God humble them? Have they lost their reward for past sins?

    Though ISIS are saved, will they

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  • Do American families struggle to make a living like the underclass in the U.K?

    Every time American life is portrayed by film and media, it conveys the message that all Americans are filthy rich, live in mansions, drive the biggest cars, etc, but is there American families who struggle to make a living? Are there any living in cramped houses? Are they too like us in the U.K taxed literally to death?

    I imagine life to be wonderful there according to what I see. Is there any truth that American families struggle to make a living? Or are they all rich.

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  • Does sin anger God?

    Considering the evil in the world I believe that sin mildly annoys God, and it is not on his agenda to deal with it, hence the indisputable reason for the evil that still exists.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • History of Islamic Kaaba?

    We know for a fact that Ibrahim built the Kaaba, what he did in it is a mystery.

    Later, the Meccans used it to house their 365 Gods, chief among them was Al Allat, the moon god we know as Allah. With Allah were his two daughters, Al Uzza, and Al Manat.

    After the siege of Mecca by Prophet Muhammad, it became an out-house, but

    it was used with utmost respect.

    Centuries later, this massive toilet block, now known as the Kaaba, or Qibla (cube) was converted into a house for Allah. Most of the old sewage system is still in place beneath it. Few people know this, and those that near it, think it's a lie.

    The truth is the truth.

    Did anyone else know of this fact?

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • What would the world be like it Satan was the only all-powerful God?

    Can anyone give me a list from 1-20 (or more) of what the world, and our lives, would be like?

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • Would you agree that American roads are safer than those of the U.K?

    The roads of the United Kingdom are poorly marked, pot-holed, very narrow, and dangerous.

    The United States, has excellent road markings, is durable, (no pot-holes), very wide, and much safer.

    Does anyone agree?

    10 AnswersSafety1 year ago
  • Is it safer to drive on the left?

    Considering the majority of humans are right-eye dominant, is it actually safer to drive on the left, as opposed to the right?

    What are the pros and cons of driving on either side of the road?

    7 AnswersSafety1 year ago
  • Is Britain strong enough to take on a superpower?

    Does Britain have enough muscle to take on Russia, alone, could Britain defeat India, the U.S.A, using everything in their arsenal, including nuclear weapons?

    8 AnswersGovernment1 year ago
  • Why do people think Tommy Robinson is racist?

    He has NEVER once made a derogatory comment regarding the ethnicities of those who follow Islam. When asked in what way is Tommy Robinson being racist, Muslims, including brain-dead supporters, just stand there totally lost for words.

    Islam SUPPOSED to be a RELIGION, it has NEVER, nor EVER WILL BE a RACE. Religion has nothing to do with race, one is a people, the other is a belief. With this undeniable, unshakeable fact in mind, in what way is Tommy Robinson a "racist". I think him and Jayda Fransen are doing a marvellous job at teaching Brits about the violence, and danger of the Islamic cult.

    3 AnswersPolitics1 year ago
  • How can gay marriage destroy the family?

    According to Christians and Muslims, gay marriage is going to destroy familes. This is a common argument against gay marriage.

    When gay marriage becomes, does this mean Christian and married Muslim men will suddenly leave their wives and find a boyfriend?

    What else can they possibly mean? I believe gay people are born that way, it isn't a choice like all Christians and Muslims falsely believe, with that in mind how can gay marriage destroy the natural family???

    10 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • Why do Christians think the world is overrun with gay people?

    If you read the rantings, (which they call "sermons") Christians, and especially Muslims, would have you believe that there is a gay wedding happening in every single church all across the world every single minute, without a moment to spare for hetero weddings!!!

    Christians and Muslims see gay people absolutely everywhere! and they are fuming!!!

    Why are Christians and Muslims so concerned about a tiny few gay folk, while other sins such as murder, violence, rape, terrorism and greed are much higher?

    What are Christians and Muslims seeing that I do not? Because gay people are pretty elusive most of the time, or else closeted.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • Doesn't eternal torment make God evil?

    Since God's love is said to be great, wouldn't it be logical to assume his have far outweighs his mercy?

    Doesn't this eternal damnation, burning forever go directly against the character of God?

    Finally, the scripture tells us to interpret scripture by using scripture. Doesn't this more realistically prove annihilationism, since death eternal is interpreted as just that, "dead for all eternity?

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago
  • Why do we British always get so much wrong about Islam?

    (1) - We accuse Islam of terrorism.

    (2) - We accuse Islam of creeping in their

    harmless Sharia law.

    (3) - We accuse them of homophobia.

    (4) - We accuse them of the actions of a

    tiny few grooming gangs.

    (5) - We accuse them intolerance.

    (6) - We accuse them of having go-to

    areas, and Muslim Patrol groups.

    We accuse them of everything evil and vile that Islam is not.

    When will we English wake up and stop these baseless accusations, and embrace Islam?

    6 AnswersRamadan1 year ago
  • Does anyone else find the burqa offensive?

    Many Muslim women wear them to identify as belonging to Islam, and also to deflect sexual attention. In other words, if we men see them in their absolute profound beauty, so Muslims believe, we men will not be able to control ourselves.

    Anyone else find the burqa offensive?

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 year ago