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  • Is this a reason for her to be mad?

    My baby's father ex is online saying my baby's father is a deadbeat for not putting on their son coat in 50 degree weather. She's also mad because he left their son clothes and toys that she bought at my house. She says she thinks we're bothering her on purpose since he haven't bought anything for their son in 5 months. (Which he hasn't. Now she's texting him saying, "I thought we were cool, why do u keep doing things towards me"?! She know we have $20,000 too but we're not giving her any of it. Is this a reason for her to be mad?

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  • Am I wrong?

    COkay so my baby's father started picking up his son again bringing him over to my house. And when he comes, it seems like my baby's father barely pay our daughter attention. I was so mad to the point I asked him not to answer her calls while we're together (which he doesn't) . Plus, I was in the picture that he sent to his other baby's mom. "She Said, "I'm glad y'all happy". And I really was pissed because I was expecting her to be upset instead of Happy. Smh I hate her! 

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  • Isn't this wrong?

    My dad is charging my 18 year old sister $500 rent while his step son, who's 36, is living with them for Free. I don't understand why only one person is helping with the rent. He get to use hot water, gas and electricity for free. He hasn't worked in 8 year's. My sister on the other hand has a new born baby, in school and Is working! Isn't this wrong? I feel he should also help with bills. Matter fact, my dad let his girlfriend and her child stay for free too. Smh

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  • She keep calling crying. Why can't she just leave us alone?

    My baby's father ex been on this bull crap for a year now. She keep calling about their 1 year old son talking about, "Please buy our son diaper's, he need shoes" etc she knows he moved on and have another baby (which is our 3 month old daughter) and she keep calling him. Like hello! He hasn't done anything for y'all son in 5 months. Why does she keep calling. Obviously he doesn't want their son anymore. I don't care about her or their son. I just tolerated him. Why can't she just leave us alone? 

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  • Why is she still talking crap?

    My baby's father ex love talking crap online about him not calling about their child every day or keeping his clothes at my house. I don't understand why she just won't quit talking crap. All she says he don't pay child support so he shouldn't be talking bad about her to me. Like who cares. As long as he's taken care of mine I don't care what he does with their son. Maybe if she wasn't so broke, she wouldn't need him. 

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  • Is it a fever or normal?

    Today I checked my body temperature because I think I might be catching a cold. My neck hurts, I'm sneezing and my baby is also hot then cold during the day for three weeks now. And every time I check her temperature its normal. Tonight I check her temperature again and it says, 37.0 it's usually 98.7 now it's 37.0 is this normal or consider a fever? 

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  • She's mad because I'm not leaving him alone. Is this a bad thing?

    Ever since I met my baby's father, his ex have been TALKING bad about our Daughter for months.. Every time he bring his son OVER to my house, she START telling me they've slept together WITHOUT CONDOMS and I'm stupid for letting him cheat on me. She also showed me messages of him saying, "he doesn't want me I just do WHAT he SAYS" but too be honest I really don't care. She's mad because I threw their son stroller AWAY and because she can't break up our relationship. I don't care what he does I'm STILL not leaving him alone. However, if he START answering her calls while we're TOGETHER, I'm putting HIM OUT! Is this a bad thing that I'm still with him? He told me it didn't happen so I believe everything he SAYS. 

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  • He picked his son I'm so mad. Should I take him RIGHT back to his mom?

    Yesterday my baby's father was just telling me he wasn't picking up his son ANYMORE. Then TODAY I see him with his SON! I'm so mad I don't know what to do. His 1st baby mom keep talking about my daughter and it's like he'll go pick his son UP or I'll find out he's having sex with HER. She keep saying it's my fault for picking him but oh well he's my MAN.. I thought she was going to leave him alone after I threw his STROLLER AWAY but apparently he STILL going OVER THERE. SHOULD I take his son back with HIS MOM? 

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  • Is this a good excuse to not see his 1st kid anymore?

    My baby father told his 1st baby mom in a text (that he showed me) he's not seeing his son at all ANYMORE because she talked about our daughter. Is this a good excuse to not see his 1st child? I guess she's mad because I threw her stroller away so she. Talked about our daughter, HIM and ME! 

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  • Is he wrong for not wanting to see his child because of his ex?

    My baby's father ex is constantly insulting our daughter calling her UGLY because I threw her son stroller AWAY last month. My child doesn't have to do wit anything. So he text her, "You're the reason why I don't pick up our son. You're insulting my daughter and wonder why I stay away from my own child" which I feel he's doing right by NOT going over to get THEIR child because of HER! Is he wrong for not wanting to see their child because of HER? Honestly he said he's never seeing his son anymore and I'm OKAY with THAT! 

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  • Is he using me for a place to stay for the winter?

    When I was pregnant my baby's father cheated on me with other women and with his 1st baby mom that he clearly won't stop talking bad about. 3 weeks After I delivered our baby, I found out he had sex with his 1st baby mom again via Text messages from his phone. He was barely home to watch our new born daughter (I had to ask my mom, sister and dad to baby sit all summer) THEN he lost his JOB so I was the only one working. I said to him if he wants to come back he have to stop contacting his baby mom and PICKING his son up.  (Which he did) he cut her off almost a month ago. But I don't know though! He WAS homeless when I met him so he could only be DOING this to save hotel fare. 😑Is he using me for a place to stay for the winter? It is getting cold outside. 

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  • She's mad because he doesn't pick their son up. Will she get over it?

    I'm so sick of my baby's father ex saying he don't pick their son up. First she complain about a stroller THAT i threw away now she's because my baby's father won't pick up their son. (Which I actually told him NOT to because their SON keep me up all night. Only thing I told her is, "when he's ready to pick yall kid up, I'll let her know". Will she get over it? 🤦

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  • Would stay with him?

    Would u stay with your baby's father if he let random men talk to u any type of WAY calling you bitches and DON'T ever say anything? 🤔

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  • He let other men talk to me like crap. Is he just scared to fight?

    A few days ago some guy's told my baby's father in the gas station they want to have sex with me and didn't say anything. He basically let them talk to me like crap. And when I was pregnant, 3 more guys also said to him, "I'll **** your pregnant ***** in my truck...he didn't say anything. On top of THAT, he gives money to guy's who talk to him like crap. He LITERALLY makes me wait. Is he just scared to fight? He's embarrassing🤦

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  • What is her problem?

    Earlier today my sister got mad at me because HER baby's father was messing with me 🤔I'm so confused! Then she had HER 7 year old child calling me bitches and saying she'll slap me. She wished death my baby too. WHAT is her problem? I don't even talk to MOST of my family because They Stole from me, got my lights turned off and talked ABOUT me like a dog on facebook. 😑

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  • My mom says i should stay with him. Is this a good idea?

    My mom says that even though my baby's father cheated on me with his ex (who he talks about) I should STAY with him because he have money. Is this a good idea? 🤔he says he don't wanna marry me or his ex so I don't know. He's living with me while my sister baby sit our daughter.

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  • She wants to fight me over her 1 year old son stroller. Should we?

    I'm getting tired of my baby father ex. She really want to fight me because her 1 year old son stroller WAS in my car. I told her I threw it away but she still asking for it. She's contacting me And my baby father for day's now asking about that damn stroller that we clearly don't have anymore. Now she's saying when she sees me she's beating me up. Should I fight her? I wanted to fight her anyway so she's really doing me a big favor 🤣

    6 AnswersOther - Pregnancy & Parenting3 weeks ago
  • Is being nice to have somewhere to stay?

    My baby father really cut his son and ex off just so he could be with me. At first I was happy because she has a smart mouth.  she kept telling me they had sex, they had sex in his car THAT I'm driving etc just being messy. So I told her I don't care what he does, it's not my business. Now when she calls for him to pick their son up, he shows me her calls AND text messages asking about a stroller that we BOTH threw away 3 weeks ago. Lol. He recorded her carrying bags (she look homeless as usual) AND he's ignoring her. I'm so HAPPY! But then again, his sister did put him out (he wasn't paying her any rent) he KNOWS I have my apartment back and he's driving my truck. Is he being nice to me so he can come stay with me again? He was living hotel rooms so I don't know. 🤔

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  • His ex is mad because I know my baby father stole her son stroller. Should I give it to her?

    My baby father have been driving my truck and his ex (Which is his first baby mom) wanted him to take her back home. But he took THEIR son back home instead and told her to walk. Then She left their son stroller on the side walk and walked off. (He recorded her). Now she mad because HE took it and he's ignoring her. I know he took it because it's still in my truck. Should I give it to her? I mean she did get smart so I should KEEP IT

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  • She's mad because I know he took her baby stroller. How is this my fault?

    My baby's father ex is mad because I knew THAT he took their son stroller. Lol How is this my fault? I mean he showed me it but that's about it. I don't mess with her, neither does he. 

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