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  • Can i replace the lcd panel of tv with different brand? ?

    My haier 24 in lcd screen showing some wierd hole on its screen so i just want to replace its panel as my friend recomendit

    But the panel of the same brand is rare to find

    So some one offers me a different brand of panel

    Will it work? Are lcd panel are universal, just make sure its thesamesize?

    For those recomends buy a new one, yes i already bought a new, bigger one

    But this tv has some value to usb so im affraid to just throwing it awwy

    1 AnswerTVs3 months ago
  • What is SMVA panel in monitor?

    Is it slightly better color than VA or not?

    Im in between graphics designing and gaming so i choose VA type over TN and IPS because they said it is close to color range of ips, i hope it's true?

    And as additional question,

    DOES THE 5ms is a big difference than 8ms?

    Monitors5 months ago
  • What the spec of solar panel system do we need?

    My house consumes mostly .2 Kw to .5kw Instantly, assuming it was 2Kwh to 5....

    We live in philippines so weather is not always a problem

    2 AnswersEngineering6 months ago
  • Can I render 3d using an AMD card on vray 4? ?

    3d software is sketchup 2020

    And renderer is vray nxt 4

    Software7 months ago
  • Can i render using VRAY 4 on an AMD gpu?

    3d software is trimble sketchup

    And vray nxt 4

    3 AnswersSoftware7 months ago
  • Does  a gpu consumes less power when i play old games and locked at 60 fps?

    It was a 150w tdp card,

    Games was 2010-ish,

    And was slightly bottlenecked (will upgrade cpu later)

    Other - Hardware9 months ago
  • When gpu 100% load does it mean it uses its maximum tdp? ?

    Like the radeon rx570 with 150w tdp...

    When on 100% load , does it consume 150w

    On 50% it means 75w? Am i right?

    1 AnswerOther - Hardware9 months ago
  • Which one WD enterprise black or WD blue?

    These are the only choices , both are 2 tb

    The cons of wd enterprise is:Store warranty only no more warranty from WD...

    On the other hand WD blue is newer, with store and distro warranty aswell but only 5400 rpm only..

    Ps i am focused more on reliability so where can i trust my 500gb sized important and VALUABLE files

    Pps, dont mention save more and get brand xxxxxx, because i needed it within a week

    2 AnswersOther - Hardware1 year ago
  • Can you program mouse's macro button uniquely?

    Ya know, something that doesnt match any keyboard button...

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 year ago
  • does a failing psu still able to lit led strip and spin a fan?

    recently my pc doesnt display anything on monitor while playing a graphic intensive game, but my fans and led strip is functioning.

    i tried to restart it by unpluging it (cant shut it down properly)

    now it doesnt boot or post but fans and leds are working ...

    some say its my psu failing/already failed. i cant agree or disagree coz it is obviously has power and no need for paper clip test since i just have limited knowledge . and i cant say its my mobo because it was 9 months old to me.

    *please answer the main question with yes or no first, then your opinion to details i know i could be wrong

    **will awardbest answer to deserving contributor

    ***specs: AmdA8-7600. Gtx 750. 8gb 1600. crappy generic kind of psu(xigmatek polima)

    1 AnswerDesktops2 years ago
  • wd hard drives @5400 rpm arent good as game directory, but is it good storage for game installers and/or compressed files?

    2TB WD red, green,or blue thats what ima planning to buy but most of the 2tb drive here are just 5400 rpm. and i just wanna keep game installers this drive and old games as well. will this should be fine? or its a pretty big differnce compared to 7k rpm drive?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games2 years ago
  • Is it true that you can feel more air on high pressure pc fans but low cfm?

    Lets say we have two fans

    FAN 1 has 70cfm,below 1mm/h2o


    FAN 2 has 33cfm,but it has 3mm/h2o

    mm h2o is the unit of pressure

    you can feel some air coming from FAN1 and the air flows on wide angle right?

    meanwhile, you can feel more stronger air coming fron fan 2 although the air comes in single direction and narrow angle?

    is my statement correct?

    will choose best answer within a week

    Other - Hardware2 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Is my PSU enough to power RX560 4g? I will choose best answer within a week I swear! no worry?

    I got Xigmatek Polima 500w and ijust calculated my systems power need in Outervisions psu calculator

    I got result that i needed PSU is

    +3.3v @ 9.3Amp


    +12v@20.6Amp (lets make it 21Amp for small add ons)

    (see attached photos for reference PSU Spec)...

    Ummm ya, I just answer yas or no with a simple explanation AND DONT MENTION some kind of "switch to/buy corsair vs.. blahblah" coz i already got xigmatek psu already and im on a tight budget...

    Thank you

    Desktops3 years ago
  • does the vibration coming from other hdd has bad effect on other hdd?

    heres the scene:

    i have HDD 1,A WD black 120gb for os

    and HDD 2, A seagate hd...

    my HDD 2 is dying due to its s.m.a.r.t tripped

    so i just plugget the power and sata to rest it for a while...

    when i was still looking for a replacement...

    now,i didnt remove my hdd2 from the casecoz i dont have any enclosures or antistatic bag for it....

    The concern is...

    does the vibration coming from hdd 1 has bad effects on unpowered hdd2?

    1 AnswerDesktops3 years ago
  • Is it poisoning or CH in cats?

    So ... my cat is lively and active ... until one day it becomes weak and always out of balance when walking,scratches its ears,climbing etc.

    I suspect its the dried cement in our backyard,i always caugth my cat licking the part of the ground where the dried leftover of cement is.

    Of course i dont want it to do that...

    Its a Male, 4or 5 year old cat. .

    What should i do? Before i go to vet, because vets are way too far from us..

    3 AnswersCats4 years ago
  • Legit sites that gives me paypal funds?

    well i know that there are real sites that give me funds to my paypal acct. By answering surveys,I just wanna know if there are sites that realy funds my paypal and it must not be a scam or hacks my acct.

    3 AnswersOther - Internet5 years ago
  • What type of paypal acct. Should i use?

    Im planning to cteate paypal accplount but i dont know which one, personal or bussines...

    I will create paypal acct to recieve payment from blogger and

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance5 years ago
  • Should i wear hearing aid in job interview?

    Well my left ear has an inverted eardrum...

    While my right ear hears normaly ....

    So i wear only one hearing aid at lowest volume settings(1 out of 4)

    i am still able to work with or without hearing aid

    But the only thing i wasnot able to hear clearly without hearing aid is the instructions spoken in english which is not my mother tounge(im a filipino)

    If you are an interviewer or hiring person(for example), would you accept me?

    I am applyng for a nonvoie account(for bussines process outsourcing) or graphic artist (photo editor,designer,etc)

    3 AnswersOther - Society & Culture5 years ago
  • Headache every morning....?

    Recently i having a problem on expeeriencing headache every morning i wake up....(but the ache goes away after an hours)

    Its part of my habit to sleep 1AM and wake up about 9:30 - 10-30 AM..

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management5 years ago