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  • How do I tell my bf I might be pregnant?

    We have been together for 3 years. We agreed in the beginning that we would have no kids, no marriage no buying a house together. He had two miserable realtionships that gave him his sons who are half brothers with a significant age gap of 10 years. We had always been careful and I use the calendar method. Before anyone freaks my gyno recommended this method as I was one of the unfortunate who suffered from blood clots caused by the pill that landed me in the er coughing blood put of my lungs from the multiple pulmonary embolisms I had. I also have no insurance so I couldn't afford paraquard. Condoms were a no go as my gyno doesn't want me using them due to lichen sclerosus. Look it up its terrible it's also very advanced. She said the condom rubbing against me even with proper lubes can catch and RIP my super thin skin. Under her guidance I started the calendar method 2 years ago and once a year test for 3 months straight to make sure my calendar is correct and we were not sexually involved during fertile times. Now I'm a week late and scared to tell my bf as he doesnt want anymore kids. I haven't tested yet as I want him to be there when I did. How do I approach him with this? I love him and I'm afraid I'll lose him. He is a loving stable man and I'll understand his reaction wouldn't be positive I dont think mine will either as I planned on no kids myself. I'm terrified of being like my abusive parent that I grew up with. 

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  • Is it appropriate to ask out a man you had a one night stand with?

    This weekend I had a one night stand with my co workers son. Yes she knows, they all do because low and behold they came searching and found us butt *** naked in the back of my truck. After words we talked and this wasn't awkward to me at all but I don't know if it was for him. He 30 and has been "fixed" I am 23 and he asked me some questions like if I wanted kids. I think he had been trying to pick up a vibe from me to see where this would go. I know there are men out there who had been "Fixed" and changed their minds. He said many women have a problem with him being fixed and I ask him why and he said it is because they want children. I told him it shouldn't be a problem at all as their are other methods for having children. Afterword's we spent the following morning curled and cuddled next to each other under a comforter and just talking their was no awkwardness to it. I gave him my number and headed home as he went to his own as well. Should I wait a few days before asking him out to coffee as I am interested in him or should I wait for him to ask me out?

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  • Can I ask my boyfriend to have his teeth fixed?

    We've been dating for years, and love him very much. But he has a gap in between his front teeth big enough to fit a popsicle stick through. I only want him to adjust his top teeth other than that the rest of his teeth are fine. I myself have started the process to fix my snaggle teeth.

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  • Is my weight the reason I might not be getting hired?

    I am over weight, classified as obese but many people are surprised when they find out how much I weigh they usually think 20 to 30 pounds less then what I weigh. So I don't look obese, but over weight. I am a hard worker and haven't been fired ever. I also don't wear make-up, only because I am allergic to a lot of things! I keep my teeth in great health, and take care of my skin on my face. Suck as gentle face scrubs and natural mud masks. I keep my eyebrows trimmed and plucked but not that super thin eyebrow look, they still look natural but cleaned up. My hair is its natural hair color, and when I go on interviews, I put in a big clip in the back and do my bangs nicely. However despite the great interviews and many of the employers love how positive and sweet I am (they say so). I never get the job. So I started to think, is it my weight? Some of the places I applied to there new hires are always if not thin. I find it a bit upsetting if it is but I would like some adice maybe from the hiring managers and what not on yahoo.

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  • Should I get a second medical opinion?

    Hi, I have a strawberry sized cyst as well as several smaller cysts in my sinus cavity a deviated septum and constant swollen nasal passage ways. The big one has been there for over a decade, and my Dr. said my nose spray will make it go away but it didn't ( nose spray is steroid). Now it is causing me problems. my entire right sinus cavity is infected for the 3 or 4th time this year from the cyst and It is causing me extreme pain but my Dr. think it is unnecessary to remove it and wants to put me on steroids (made me gain weight and severe shaking the last time I was on it) . Due to the infection my right eye is swollen badly when I wake up first thing in the morning which I am concerned about eye damage. Also I have tmj issues so with my entire right sinus swollen it is causing me severe acute ear pain and jaw pain. Should I seek a second Dr. opinion or stay with the one that has cared for me since I was 5 (he's a ear nose throat specialist). Obviously these cyst's won't go away on there own I have had them for years but now they are growing and I am very concerned.

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  • Am I stupid or is it the teacher?

    I have been taking a chemistry college class. I am currently failing it. I am being tutored and helped by classmates and the tutoring center. despite all there efforts im still failing is it me or is it the teacher?

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    I got brides maids on itunes and got the extras (deleted scenes alt scenes) but i cant play them for some reason and its really frustrating does anyone know why and dont give me ****.

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  • What song is this I cant remeber the name or who sings it?

    I heard it before and had under favorites untill my comp had a melt down. Here are some of the yrics i remeber "Its not goodbye even though i watch you leave its still not goodbye" it had been a music video of sweet november but when i put the lyrics in it comes up some laura person a man sings this song so if you plz tell me

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  • How to lock scroll on computer?

    When i am scrolling down or up on a web page the page size increases or decreases. i want to lock it how do i do that i have and inspiron dell laptop.

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  • Help my computer won't work!?

    I got a virus from one of my friends email they sent me and i could not get rid of it so i tried system restore that didnt work avast, so i used my operating system cd and now i cant do anything on my laptop i cant send it in bc it is no longer under warranty. everytime i start it up i have to hit enter for microsoft window vista and i put all the stuff i got with my laptop on it but i cant get internet bc it say hardware not thier also i cant get it back to how it was on factory setting either. i dont know what to do or were to take it to. by the way i am on a library computer just to let you all know.

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  • Does hydroxycut work well with weightwatchers?

    Well i had been doing ww with my cousin and well i lost all the excess weight but my cousin struggles with being hungry and wanted know if using hydroxycut with ww be ok.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Are acai pills good for energy?

    I am always tired. I get up at 5:45 am and get home at 3pm and i am ready to crash, so i do i take a 3 hour power nap, wake up at 6 or 7pm then go to bed a 10 or 11pm and dont wake up until my alarm goes off at 5:45am. I cant do my workouts and i become spacy in the day and just feel like nodding off. I also eat right to i am on weightwatchers so i eat tons of veggies and lean meats as well as whole grain. I just dont have the energy anymore. and i am 22 years old.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • How do i get my laptop screen normal size again?

    My laptop screen for some reason enlarged and my optimal resolution pop up so i clicked ok but it wont fix its self how do i fix my screen back to normal

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Is it possible to get Skin removal for streach marks?

    When I was younger i was over weight not obese, But when i went form 160 pounds to 110 My strech marks became less notciable, but still you can see the streaches really bad on my thighs Can the be removed surgically?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • What is the best yet not expensive anti-againg creme for under the eyes?

    I have been developing under eye wrinkles since my teens and it has gotten worse, I dont wear make-up often like eyeliner, could it be from putting my contacts in? I just want them to lessen up im to young to be having these wrinkles!

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  • what do i do for a pulled lower back muscle?

    I pulled my lower back muscle on june 19 the about two weeks ago. but it keeps having spasms even though i am taking it easy and not lifting. I want to find out how to heal and strengthen the back muscle afterwords i really dont want to be in pain for the rest of my life b/c of watering a tomato plant

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  • what paint should i have used?

    i have just painted my room in feb but the paint gets scrathed easily and i keep having to touch it up. I got the paint a value and it was that satan kind

    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • Is the AVG free antivirus software good of bad?

    I wnat to stop using Avast because it sucks really bad. I don't know which free antivirus software to use. If any of the avg users who switched to it from avast or anyother antivirus softeware please give me a real review of it thank you

    9 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • What can i do to help my old dog who has been peeing on the floor?

    I have a dog who is turning 10 in agust. When he was a puppy he was potty trained and knows how to warn me when he needs to out. but lately he has been going inside the house for the third time. Is it that he is getting old now? I don't know what to do i been putting him out more and more but i dont think that is helping

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  • I cant delete vista internet security 2010 will you help me?

    I tried using my malewarebyte anit malware but i cant get rid of it i tried to delete it manually but i dont understand the intructions im only a dental lab tech. I am close to crying because this thing wont stop if you can stop it and delete it permently i would be so gratefull

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