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  • Can I get a septum ?

    Are septum/nose piercings still being done in CT or have the stopped due to covid?

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body2 months ago
  • Is the term stem only for women of color?

    Hi so someone just told me the term stem is only for women of color and white girls aren’t called it but no where in it’s definition does it say that. Can someone clarify this for me

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay4 months ago
  • How sensitive are Gerbils to noise?

    I have two gerbils and they stay in my kitchen bc that’s the room with the most natural light but when my dog sees a squirrel he ballistic and jumps at the window barking right by the girbils. He does it around 5 times a day and I’m worried it’s stressing them out. Would him barking like that stress them out and should I move them into my bedroom which is more quiet?

    2 AnswersRodents4 months ago
  • Why is Gen Z so UGH?

    So I’m GenZ but like... we’re so stupid when it comes to relationships! I just wanna go on cute dates and spoil the person I’m with and have a mutual respect for each other but now everything is about hookups and the kid that broke your heart in 8th grade. Will I ever find a partner?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating4 months ago
  • dream meaning?

    So I had a dream that I was driving with my parents and I saw a stray dog on the side of the road, it was covered in mud and looked disgusting. I made them stop and yelled out for the dog and it got in the car. I brought it home and cleaned it up and in the end it turned out to be my dream dog, a beautiful Alaskan Husky. But I was debating keeping it because I didn’t feel it was fair to my current dog. Meanwhile I felt the need to keep it because we were it’s family now, we rescued it. What could this mean?

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation6 months ago
  • what does my dream mean?

    I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were getting married and I was crying as I entered the church because I couldn’t believe it was happening but then as I walked down the isle everyone him and I dated or talked to started appearing and we had to marry them. but then all my friends started showing up to get married as well and the priest called off the wedding. Why would I dream this?

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation6 months ago
  • gender identity ?

    I identify as female but I don’t care what pronouns are used for me but I also don’t like my breasts or being told i look feminine. What would that be considered?

  • Am i in the wrong?

    One of my best friend called me fake to my other best friend, we are a group of three. When my friend asked why she said it was because I called her to complain then hung up. But the real story was I called her when I was sick and complained that I was in pain because I had mono and I’ve been battling it for now 3 weeks.i was saying how I was in pain but then I couldn’t breathe again and my ears were pounding so I hung up to try to get myself back to normal and passed out so I didn’t call her back. Then she **** talked about me behind my back to my best friend.

    Was I wrong to hang up on her or is she over reacting

    4 AnswersFriends3 years ago
  • Was this abuse?

    My ex was very....... sexual. He would tell me he wanted to bang me and we were 14-15 years old. We dated for a year and within that time he hit me like slap across the face and punches to the arm that left bruises. Towards the end of our relationship he told me he wasn’t attracted to me, how he’d rather date a nice blonde girl from his school(since we went to different schools) or how he didn’t like my body. We would hang out and he would try to touch me and I would get uncomfortable and move away, that would never stop him. One time when we hung out he told me we were gonna play a game, he ran his fingers over my body but I wasn’t allowed to move. I backed up for him to stop and he just got closer and kept doing it. A week before I broke up with him he saw how I was curled up in a ball while we were on FaceTime and I told him I sleep like that and he said he’d **** me in his sleep. What would you call what he did to me

    Singles & Dating3 years ago