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  • Will my duck ever walk completely normal?

    I got my welsh harlequins in April as day-old ducklings and have been giving them non-medicated chick starter. One of them had developed a niacin deficiency and I didn't catch it until it right away. I thought either her or the other ducklings were too excited over something and she got hurt. She'd gotten to the point where she wasn't standing and her feet were pointed inwards and her legs were bowed. Well, eventually I did get a niacin powder and have been mixing that in with the feed. After giving her the supplemented food and keeping her separated, her condition improved and I put her back with the others after about 2 weeks. She's on her feet, running around, swimming, and is able to keep up with her sisters for the most part. But her feet are still a bit turned inwards. Sometimes she'll trip over one of her feet. Did I catch the deficiency too late? I've been giving her and the others the niacin supplement since early June.

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  • Why am I getting screen tearing?

    I recently got a asus vg248qe and the screen is tearing in games that I get over 60 fps in when I turn v-sync off.

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  • Should filling be hot or room temperature before topping it with meringue?

    I don't want my lemon meringue pie to weep and I've seen arguments on both sides. Some say the hot filling helps cook the bottom of the meringue, preventing it from weeping. Others say the meringue traps steam from hot filling and that's what causes the weeping. So I'm unsure when to top my pie.

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  • Can I give my chickens raw cookie dough?

    Funny story - I was making oatmeal raisin cookies. I had everything mixed and went to grab the cookie dough scoop. When I came back I saw wriggling in the dough. There are mealworms in the oats. Will giving the chickens the dough (and rest of the oats) be ok? The dough also has butter, flour, cinnamon, cloves, raisins, eggs, baking powder, baking soda, granulated sugar, and brown sugar.

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  • One of my hen's is starting to lay soft eggs.?

    She's a 3 year old Rhode Island Red and lately her eggs are soft. I mix oyster shells in with the food and my birds free range in the backyard almost everyday. Any idea why?

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