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  • What is the name of this French movie?

    Years ago I watched a movie in French class but can’t remember the name of it.

    Here’s the bits of details I remember:

    Two guys conspire to get a man’s property ( I think it was a garden or a vineyard).

    The man with the property has a young daughter.

    They end up killing the man for his property.

    There is a sequel to the movie where the young daughter returns as an adult for revenge.

    The two guys are now living the good life.

    One of the guys falls desperately in love with the young girl.

    The same guy becomes obsessed and even at one point sows her handkerchief to his chest and I think commits suicide.

    I also remember my teacher saying that the actor of that man in real life is/was married to the girl and they have somewhat of an age gap.

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  • What’s a fancy way to describe just regular plain spaghetti dish?

    Pretend you’re opening a fancy restaurant and one of your dishes is spaghetti with traditional red spaghetti sauce. What would you name it and how would you describe it to make it sound the most fancy schmancy as possible? It’s for a joke.

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  • What’s a fancy way to describe spaghetti?

    Pretend you are opening a fancy Italian restaurant but only serve spaghetti how would you create the menu? What would you name the dish? How would you describe it?

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