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  • jaguars or eagels defense?

    it's playoff time for me so i have only one shot at this. i have to take either the eagles defense vs. the giants in new york or i can take the jaguars defense (which has been bad lately) against the bears in chicago (bears offense is not even half way as good as the the giants offense) ... which one would you take?

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  • do you tip on carry-out?

    My wife and I had this debate yesterday, I always tip when dining in or delivery (15-25%). However, i don't feel the need to tip for carry-out.

    My reason is I feel that when I go to Chilli's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Apple Bees, and similar restaurants I tip for the service, atmosphere, and so on. When I go to a restaurant for pick-up I am still paying the menu price and receiving none of the other dine-in benefits, similar to getting something from Mc Donalds or Burger King.

    Delivery goes without saying, they deserve a tip for saving me the hassle of driving and time. I think I tend to tip at a higher percentage for delivery than dine-in because of the gas prices. If i go in to pick up pizza, I don't see a need to tip.

    My wife thinks I am just being a cheapskate, but what do you for tipping when it comes to carry-out/pick up?

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  • Obama or Mc Cain, Can it get any worse?

    No one can honestly tell me that George W. Bush is performing his job in acceptable manner. We are all ultimately looking for things to get better, and the next leader of America should easily be able to accomplish that task. But some of you may think that things can get even worse based on who wins the next presidential election, if so tell me who and why it would be worse.

    *i am looking for people to respond with actual debate intelligence, so skip the name calling, dehumanize people on some other question*


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