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  • How can I attract stray cats?

    My mother says I can’t have a cat, I really want a cat, no I can’t move out, I’m not old enough. We came to an agreement, we can get a cat if a stray waltzes into our house, but I’ve never seen a stray in our neighborhood, much less in our house, so how could I find, and corral a purrfect little friend so I can keep them?

    4 AnswersCats3 months ago
  • Why am I still getting cramps when I run?

    I've been running for two years, usually about two miles four times a week, I still get horrible side stitches every time I run, I've been taking supplements, electrolytes, I'm well hydrated, doesn't matter the temperature, indoor or outdoor, I've tried everything. It only happens with running I can do gymnastics and tennis with no issues, is this a health concern. For context these aren't normal side stitches, they feel like I was stabbed with a sledge hammer and then a python is squeezing around the area while its on fire in a pit of acid.

    4 AnswersRunning4 months ago