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  • Need help thinking of a Tumblr URL?

    Currently, Im trying to think of a Tumblr URL that could fit perfectly with my theme I have currently going on. Creative people are welcomed to help me :D

    1 AnswerOther - Internet8 years ago
  • Xbkx 360 (Slim) wont turn on?

    I was recently playing an arcade game when suddenly my 360 just turned off out of nowhere. So I unplugged the power brick from my 360 and outlet and I waited 10 minutes and plugged it back in to see if it would work and it still does not come one, I looked powerbrick and noticed that it doesn't light up when its plugged in, I could really use some help is my powerbrick dead and do i have to get a new one?

    1 AnswerXbox9 years ago
  • RCA TV Front Panel Locked/Blocked? TV wont brighten up?

    I have an RCA 32" 32V550T and recently when I tried to switch to my input channels, the TV says "Front Panel Blocked, so the front panel of the TV stops working. I recently got a backup remote to unlock the FPA and the Kid Active feature was checked so I unchecked it and the FPA was unchecked, I put in a new security code, then I turned back to my channel to watch TV. When It started the brightness, sharpness, etc all couldn't be raised or lowered so the TV was dark could barely see anything, a few hours later I took off the TV and when I turned it back on it did the same thing from earlier any help?

    2 AnswersTVs9 years ago
  • Does any of the SUNY Technology colleges have computer engineering?

    I was researching SUNY colleges and I know some of the universities have this program but my grades(HS) aren't really good to get into any of the universities so im deciding if any of the Tech colleges that SUNY provides have any of these programs.

  • Anybody Know any good VOIP games?

    Well, I recently bought a Headset so I can voice chat with family and friends, but now im looking for some games that are PC that is VOIP enable and is free.

    Any opinions?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago