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  • Looking for anyone who knows about Banjos?

    I found a Banjo at a garage sale. I it is some kind of metal, Stainless steal I think. It is half size Banjos I have seen before like Steve Martin plays. I has a name on it R. Carr, Or R. Garr. It is written in old english. I put both names on google but nothing came up. It looks very old at least 50 yrs, Maybe from the 1950's or 1940's . .

  • IBS-D, Irritable Bowel Syndrome w/diarrhea.?

    I was finally diagnosed with IBS-D. And since I was unable to work recovering from an accident and surgery, I had to drop my insurance. I mentioned to my doctor, could he work with me, and give me a medication, that had a generic. He insisted I take this new medication that came out with in the last few years, because he said it was the best one. But I just found out it cost $700 a month. I can not afford it. So I am looking for anyone who has IBS-D and is taking medication that seems to work, but is around $100?

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  • IBS-D, Irritable Bowel Syndrome w/diarrhea.?

    I was finally diagnosed with IBS-D. And since I was unable to work recovering from an accident and surgery, I had to drop my insurance. I mentioned to my doctor, could he work with me, and give me a medication, that had a generic. He insisted I take this new medication that came out with in the last few years, because he said it was the best one. But I just found out it cost $700 a month. I can not afford it. So I am looking for anyone who has IBS-D and is taking medication that seems to work, but is around $100?

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  • Looking for medicines that help IBS, or Crohn's Disease?

    I have had bouts of diarrhea, every few months. It would last for a few days to a week. I would take probiotics, fiber, and sometimes an antibiotic. After a week at most things were OK. But over the years, it has gotten worse. From 2-4 times a year to once a month to once a week, until 8 months ago it is almost everyday. Now it seems no matter what I eat it goes right through me, within a few hours. They have tripled my fiber, in the last 3 months and had 2 courses of antibiotics. Still no help. But every drug I see on TV, or look up claims it causes possible liver damage, and a brain infection that could cause my death. Anyone have good luck with any IBS meds they can tell me about.

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  • I have a schwalbe 3 wheeler racing bike. I got at an auction. and I think I got scammed?

    I called the local bike shop, and said, I was having trouble putting air in my tires. It has a skinny valve. I did not know I was supposed to unscrew the head of the stem. When I got to the bike shop the sales guy talked for 15 minutes trying to say his bike is better. I said, I need to go, and he showed me how to put air in the tire. he unscrewed the valve head, and took air out of a tire, and refilled it. At check out, he said, his pump will also work on regular bikes. It got me thinking, if I knew to unscrew the head of the valve, why would not my $20 Target pump work. The bike shop salesman said I need this pump. My target pump won;t work. Anyone know about schwalbe racing bikes with skinny stems, and does a regular. pump work on them.

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  • I hope this is the right forum. want to know why volunteer groups charge money to apply for a volunteer job.?

    I have a lot of experience traveling to 3rd world countries teaching, digging wells, and building or repairing buildings. However, have not done so in over 10yrs. I found a dozen that are mini peace corps groups, meaning volunteering in 3rd world countries fo 3-6 weeks, mostly in Africa. my first 2 applications went OK, but the last 5 wanted $20-$40 fee to submit application. I have a degree, and experience in many areas needed for these groups. I plan to live in a tent, and eat not the best food, and certainly, not what I am uses to, for 3-6 weeks. So it bothers me they want me to [pay to submit an application. ANyone know why.

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  • Dad's Rights legally. to see his daughter?

    I do not know a lot. But what I heard, seems unfair. There was a mistake, but still unfair. About 5 yrs ago, divorce. The son was 14 and wanted to live with dad, the daughter was 7 yrs old. There was no spousal or child abuse. But finding out his wife and neighbor were having an affair, the dad, trashed a room in the house. He was arrested, but later the charges were dropped. Since then, he saw his daughter 5x, in over 1 yr. He was supposed to see her every other weekend, but the wife would not give the child to the dad. He got court order, and I am not sure why the police did not with the court order in hand make the wife give the child for court visitation. But they did not. He was offered a job in another city ad put that on hold, hoping to save extra money so he could fight to see his child. He now has a little money, and still a court order to see his child, but police for some reason are saying he needs to go back to court for another court order because he left the state for a year. He still tried to see his daughter a dozen times in that year, and was denied by his ex-wife. He Supposedly he has joint custody. So I am not sure why he can not visit his daughter just to make contact at her school, to have a parent teachers meeting, As a parent, with joint custody, he should have the right to visit the school while she is in class, and talk to his daughters teachers, to see how she is doing. And at least to say hi to his daughter that he has not seen in almost a yr.

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  • I took a class at the YWCA, I finished the class but they won't give me the certificate? Advice?

    There is an abuse course that is required by a lot of jobs I am looking to apply for. for 10yrs my main job, which paid very well, but I worked sometimes 10-15 hour days. I was looking to semi retire, and volunteer and work part time using my education in teaching, and counseling. but both the volunteer jobs and part time jobs requires this special 40 hour abuse class. So I found one. I spent 3 weeks 3 hours a day and I finished. I filled out paper work, But I was scheduled to have my 5th surgery a week after the class, and would not be able to volunteer for 3 weeks. When I was able to I called and said I was ready, and also asked when I could pick up my graduation certificate for the class. I called a dozen times and left messages. I went in the office and left 2 messages And to date I had not received a call or email. I basically been ignored. What can do legally?

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  • Cyst or boil hole.?

    I have a cyst or boil hole about an inch from my butt hole. It opens up about once a week and bleeds about a tsp, to tbsp, You can feel a canal for about an inch from the bleeding hole. I press on it and it is like I am draining the canal. Then it closes by the next day, and reopens 1-2 times a week. .

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  • There is a 40hr rape and abuse course given in most states, required for most volunteer groups, and some employment, need help getting mine?

    I have had 4 of these classes, in 4 other states. I have volunteered for over 25 years, After 9/11 I had to stop volunteering for almost 8yrs working mostly out of the country. In 2010, I tried to take the class, but could not find one that would work with my schedule. My next time, I was told men could not take the class by 3 different groups. I found a class a year later, but in the middle of the class, being the only male, a few women volunteers felt uncomfortable with a man in the class, and I was asked to leave. I tried other classes, but no luck, and being a man I just had to accept it. A few months ago, I found out I was going to be out of work, for 6-8 months with 4-6 surgeries. So beside rehab I was going to have a lot of time on my hands. I signed up for classes adding to my teaching degree. And I found 3 groups who were looking for volunteers. One was the YWCA, that offered the 40 hr rape class in Illinois. I was told I had to pay $240 for a professional fee to take the class, I agreed. I tried to pay, before the class, and during the class. but was told, don't worry. I took the class and passed. I was told, I would need to wait a few weeks being the only guy volunteering on the hotline. Since then I have called 3 times leaving messages whats going on about volunteering, and ask for the certificate so I can use it for employment, got no call back. Do I have any legal rights getting the certificate for a class I passed?

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  • I was a rape counselor for 25yrs. I did not volunteer for a few years after 9/11. Now most groups won;t let me. Any advice?

    I had 2 sisters raped, 1 when I was 8, and the 2nd when I was 13. By the time I was 15, I became a rape and abuse counselor. I did so in 4 different states, by taking a 40 hr rape course. I am certified in San Fran, Vegas, Philly, and New York. I have handled over 500 calls on rape and suicide hotlines. I went to the hospital, and counseled over 100 victims. I was highly requested, at high schools talking about date rape, and abuse. After 9/11, my schedule prevented me from volunteering. for a few years. About 8 years ago, I tried to volunteer again, here in Illinois. But I was turned away, because they felt no man should volunteer. I tried to take the 40hr rape course 3 other times. I though It changed> The YWCA liked my experience, and allowed me to take their class. And I did. I was told I had to pay a professional fee, of $240. Which I agreed to. And during the 3 weeks of class I tried to pay the money, but they kept on saying don't worry we will get the payment. but never took it. The last day of the class, with nothing but praise of my knowledge, and experience, I was told I could not volunteer. So I asked for my certificate, and pay my fee. But now they are ignoring me. What can I do?

  • Rape and abuse is a human issue, not just a woman issue. excluding men from fixing the problem is not good and wrong, How can help?

    I was 8 when my 1st sister was raped, and 13 when my 2nd sister was raped. I went through a lot of emotions, Including arguing with adult family members, and friends, who made excuses for rape and abuse. I found out, they made excuses, out of guilt, not being able to protect their loved one, fear, realizing, no matter what we do, someone can abuse, or hurt of anyone. After a few months of fighting any person who was mean to a girl or woman, I was forced into counseling. The doctor, was also a father of daughter who was raped. And he started a group of fathers, husbands, boyfriends, and brothers, of rape victims. After 6 months I became a certified rape and abuse counselor. Lucky for me, and for over 100 victims, I worked the hotline and or went to the hospital, when a rape victims was taken to the hospital. I did this in San Fran, Vegas, Philly, And Illinois. Where I took, a 40 hour rape and abuse course. Now recently for the 5th time. Not every victim agreed to talk with me. . I would ask for 3 minutes. . After reminding them, we all have mothers, and grandmothers, and would not want any woman to be raped, and nothing they did could be the cause of someone hurting them. I can count on 1 hand how many women requested a woman counselor. So after I finished the course, the Boss of the YWCA refuses to let me volunteer, or give me the certificate I earned. I had to pay for the class, but she refused to take my payment. What can I do Now?

  • I was refused medical test 3 Chiropractors, my GP, and an orthopedic doctor, said I needed, Cigna said, it was not medically needed.?

    My Doctor, said, IL allows people with no insurance to pay for my MRI for $300. I said, then lets do it. I just got the results today I have a complete Rotator cup tear, and a major tenant tear. So Cigna delayed my medical test an medical treatment for a full month because they felt it was not medically needed. They were wrong. I was in massive pain, and off work and delaying my surgery delays me getting back to work for over a month. and The tenant tear, could have gotten worse making me wait 33 days. In part because they said, I had to show I was having rehab for 6 weeks. Which I did, but the PT and Chiro doctor after 3 weeks said, they were going to cut back on my exercise, because they thought it could make it worse. What kind of lawyer, do I look for. ?

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  • need help with sick dogs?

    My niece has 2 shi ztu , over 13yrs old, both are blind, both have hip trouble, dysplasia. taking pain meds. they sleep in cage for 8-10 hours. 5 days a week. I think they might be in Pain. I was told not to do anything. I think I should check with her vet.

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  • Has anyone ever bought an auto, from ebay? It sounds like a scam.?

    I have been looking for an RV van, and either it is a project where I might have to put in a new engine, or the frame has a major leak problem. or some combo of both. Or they are selling it from across country. LA, AZ, Utah,or Florida. they are usually a widow,or a daughter, of a parent,grand parent, or the mom of a daughter or son who died, of cancer, or in the Military. and they live in another state, sold they had it rapped,and ready to ship to a buyer. by E bay. Supposedly I am supposed to send the $2000 - $5000 to E-bay and they send me the RV and I have 5 days to have it checked out by a mechanic ,and supposedly if it does not pass, the check, I can send it back, at no expense,and get a full refund. Is this a scam?

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  • Look for info on leg cramps,.?

    I run a little and stretch daily, but always have leg cramps. Usually I my calf but sometimes in the back of my thigh. My calf seem to get tighter over night when I sleep. It can take 20 mins of stretching just to walk mostly normal. I eat ok, salads, almost every day, a normal amount of water, a banana 4-5 times a week. And a green shake with poteen, Kelp, and seas weed 3-4 times a week. Any help is good.

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