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  • has covid 19 ruined your year ?

    did you have plans for this year and did you call them off because of the pandemic ?

    my plan was to go on a world cruise, i figured whats the point of having a business and so much money and living on a big planet if you can't find time to see it right ?

    it was all going so well up until late march when the nation went into lockdown.

    worst thing was I paid lot of money to join a gym a week before we got told not to go out. what a joke. 

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  • Who is playing this weekend in the premier league, I've forgotten already ?

    i know Everton are playing Liverpool and we've got Arsenal ?

    if we can't beat Newcastle then I will lose all hope for United to achieve anything this season. A draw i'll take,  but we need to win games ugly or by fluke or through VAR working in favor of us.

    VAR will screw one team over always, its always wrong but in the end the team who wins the match doesn't really complain.

    Man City vs Arsenal

    Chelsea vs Southampton

    and what other games are on?

    English Football2 weeks ago
  • What ghastly evil crimes did King Richard 'the vile' 1st commit against Muslims during the Crusades ?

    instead of trusting Saladin, he went mad and slaughtered men, women and little children.

    thus starting a war.

    but don't worry, Saladin executed every single infidel pow he had. 

    and your media has brainwashed you into believing we are the terrorists.

    these 'crusades',  you invasive mad christian nuts.  All that bloodshed, and all for a wooden cross. laughable.

    shame on you for these acts.

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  • My verdict on the 1-6 defeat to spurs ?

    we did score first,  and in the opening 40 something seconds we looked world class.

    everything was going to plan until it went t1ts up.

    i think the positives to take out of last nights humiliation is that we are capable of scoring at least one goal at home,  and Pogba has the maturity and wisdom in avoiding working too hard on the pitch in case he hurts himself.

    we wouldn't want that now would we ladies and gents ? our star players out with injury ?

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  • Why has it become extremely stressful being a Manchester United Supporter these days ?

    its affecting my f***ing mental state of mind in a bad way and my language has become appalling lately, I cannot watch my team play a game of football without becoming enraged and using foul language no matter where I am watching it.

    United have become painfully bad to watch,  I've never seen such a rubbish team in my life its such a tragic sad state of affairs for a club thats considered to be amongst the biggest in the world.

    The manner of the defeat last night angered me a lot,  the sending off of Martial was a disgrace because Lamela remained on and I do not approve of players falling when breathed on.

    The whole team is a mess.   I am unconvinced that Bruno and Pogba can play together in the same team.   In fact, Matic is another one I want to see moved on.

    these three were p*** poor to watch last night and the laziness of Pogba drives me insane. 

    I don't think this team has a single player who is a title winning style player,  there is nothing in this team that makes me feel excited any more.  we are so dull to watch and its a f****** joke to put ourselves through this every other week. Even that luckly 3-2 win over brighton feels like we lost, despite having won that some how.

    i dont know what more to say,  I blame the board also for making a mess of the transfer activity.  we have shot our selves in the foot by not bringing in any new players, quality players that could improve that dark dressing room.

    will we even finish in top 4 end of season ?

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  • Is Luke Shaw really good enough to continue and why are the following still playing at United ?

    1. Lindeloff

    2. Pogba

    3. De Gea

    Maguire's head went down the moment the first goal went in,  thats no way for a leader or captain body language all wrong.

    was this even the best XI Ole could have selected for our opening game of this season ??

    2 AnswersEnglish Football1 month ago
  • What is the probability of a couple having twins twice ?

    another way to rephrase my question is, what is the probability a healthy female gies birth to twins the first time round,  and then the second time she gets pregnant she delivers twins again ?

    3 AnswersBiology3 months ago
  • What do you like with your Steak ?

    what sort of relishes, sides ?

    I like thick cut chips (Fries) and some coleslaw on the side.

    i want inspiration.  what should I try rather than chips and coleslaw ? I got a pack of frozen steaks which I need to finish, so i can make some room in the freezer. If any Steak lovers got some ideas, I'm all ears.

    42 AnswersCooking & Recipes3 months ago
  • which is the most affordable state in the USA in terms of cost of living ?

    whilst taking into consideration employment opportunities and good work/life balance as well ?

    3 AnswersImmigration3 months ago
  • If I attend a dinner party with a bunch of infidels do I have to eat their food ?

    i only eat halal and I try to avoid contact with infidels buts its difficult as I work them on a daily basis. 

    the other issue i have with them is that their hygiene levels are lower than mine which makes them that much impure and dirty to be around.  lastly,  i am against racism of all forms and encourage cooperation and peace.

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  • Would you bully somebody for an entire week if you were getting paid a million bucks for it ?

    but once you got paid, you could always tell that person about it - and pay them half and apologize.  

    would you be that mean ?  for $1m , bully the hell out of someone for 7 days straight ?

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  • The Injustice of Time and Chance ?

    I looked again and saw under the sun that the race does not belong to the swift, the battle does not belong to the mighty, food does not belong to the wise, wealth does not belong to the intelligent, and success does not belong to the skillful, for time and chance befalls all of them.

    For man does not know his time. Just as fish are caught in a cruel net and like birds who are seized in a snare, so also are humans ensnared at a cruel time when it falls suddenly upon them.

    3 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 months ago
  • Ever noticed how sometimes your question 'duplicates' itself when you hit submit lol ?

    poor programming ? or a unavoidable flaw with the logic behind the submit event ?

  • what would happen if the earths axial rotation 'paused' for '1 second' and then resumed axial rotation ?

    anything interesting ? would we feel/notice anything strange ?

    1 AnswerPhysics5 months ago
  • How does an apple fall to the ground ?

    Please tell me how an apple falls to the ground.

    Also when you have told me how an apple falls to the ground,  proceed to tell me WHY it falls to the ground.

    2 AnswersPhysics5 months ago
  • If you traveled back in time to a particular year to stop something minor from happening ?

    such as making sure somebody you never met or knew, doesn't meet another person in a chance encounter, another person you have never met or knew.

    All you must do is ensure this 'interaction' never takes place at all and that the world just seemingly carrys on as it were.

    if you go back to that time and its July 1989, but you find a version of you already there trying to prevent this meeting from occuring..what happens ?

    theres two of you here, it appears therefore that this 'mission' had failed at least on one occasion, a version of you had already attempted to prevent these two people from meeting (but clearly must have failed since you're here and can see a version of you..)

    so would it be best to return back to your original timeline and let the first version of you continue to fail the mission or do you continue with your mission to succeed irrespective of your earlier version failing ?

    obviously your previous version and your now version in july 1989 must not ever 'meet' that would be catastrophic..

    simply want to know what course of action is best, continue with mission or abandon it ?

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  • POLL: If a guy took you out on a date and his credit card(s) got declined ?

    so girls, would you be super embarrassed by that for both of yourself, just yourself or for him only ?

    would that put you off the guy completely for life or would you tell him its okay, that you'll handle the bill and pay for it ?

    be honest, he couldn't even afford the to cover the damn bill for the meal and yet you let him take you out on a date. How pathetic and sad is that right ?

    surely he doesn't deserve to see you again ever ? not until he sorts himself out financially ?

    what would you do in this situation ?

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