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  • confidence?

    why was I most confident when I was in high school getting bullied. Im now out of high school im a sohmore in college and all of my confidence is just gone. tips on getting it back

    1 AnswerPrimary & Secondary Education2 months ago
  • what s wrong wit me?

    for a month now I wake up in middle of the night uncontrollably shaking every morning at 3 am. I m afraid to sleep at night cuz I always have to wake up to it.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management5 months ago
  • so idk what going. on?

    every night I get nausea so I always avoid foods to the point where I don't eat a lot. I avoid a lot cuz I'm scared itll give me nausea/ I get nausea every night for about 5 hours straight. im 19. im not pregnant and im not allergic to anything

    Pregnancy5 months ago
  • idk what's going on?

    I feel starving with hunger pains so I eat but then when I take a few bites I have nausea

  • ok so idk what it is?

    every night literally everynight i start feeling nausea. every morning around 330 am literally every morning I always have to throw up. I just always feel sick and I eat really healthy. I also do have acid reflux but this doesn't seem right cuz its literally on a clock over and over again everyday I feel like this.

    3 AnswersOther - Diseases6 months ago