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  • lips are constantly dry and constantly need the toilet.?

    I'm 22, male, I've suffered the last three or four years with chronic dry lips. The pain and hardening never ever ever ends. If I apply balm, they only get drier and more painful now. The stress of keeping it up two years ago was worse than just dealing with the soreness to begin with. When my lips become dry, I feel a tingle in my bladder to need a wee. CONSTANTLY. It's extremely impactful in my day to day life to the point where Im probably going to need multiple doctors appointments till they find a fix. or permanent relief. I have been before and they said I haven't got a UTI through a piss sample so I just nodded my head and continued suffering. I don't understand why I have to live with this. I cannot work, sleep, relax, do anything with these things. Needing the toilet when I don't actually go, combined with dry lips happens always at the same time. I'm generally healthy and workout regularly too. My top part of my top lip is also always dry.

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  • should I start buying alcohol at home?

    I am 22 and I have a lot of issues with society and growing up and lack of opportunities to meet people and women specifically. I spend a lot of time on my own and sometimes a chat with my mum or people who care really help along with the odd drink to calm me. I work full time and am making progress on my courses and myself but it's very very slow. I never smoke, do drugs, barely even drink socially; because like I just said, I don't get those opportunities in life. I was rejected by society a long time ago for looks and other problems social skills etc. I was always raised to be healthy but be able to make my own choices. It's engrained in me how horrible smoking is (not that i'd even remotely enjoy the experience), a couple of beers or cider every weekend on the other hand.. definitely shouldn't be much of a problem for me to desire.. However.. Could that eventually just turn me into a rejected alcoholic

  • Ive been running for so long two years now why am I still running 10k in an hour?

    I’ve been running for so long so consistently at least 4x per week on difficult outdoor circuits and full hour runs on the treadmill. Nothing’s changing. I do intensity runs and circuits but it hasn’t done **** all and All I can feel is that I have more energy. But by the 30th minute I begin to tire. How am I supposed to achieve a 21k 1:30 or less if I can’t even do this

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  • almost finished training for half marathon in october. I want to bulk I'm 22 and weigh 64kg. basic muscle mass, how do I bulk to 80kg?

    It seems impossible. How the hell, it's not even possible to stomach 2 eggs a day, I can barely eat in the morning because my cycle is to end up eating late at night and that's when I get hungry.

     I noticed once on a night shift, I was eating 3 big meals and snacks comfortably through the night.

     No way in hell is that possible in the day time. I sleep relatively ok hours. 5-10 hours per night chops and changes. (bad i know) but my work schedule is all over the place. 

    I get sleep inertia and morning depression which could impact my eating maybe idk? I feel sick when I wake up so I don't want to eat probably because sleeping impacts food sitting in my stomach from the night before. 

    But if I go to bed hungry I won't sleep. 

    The only thing that fixed it once was not having my normal dinner meal one night. But now I'm getting hungry at night again. I can't bring myself to cook chicken and meat everyday. I do have the time and some of the money. 

    Yet it feels so depressing. I lift weights, but no more than 15kg per side for any workout except the bench press. I can't bicep curl more than 10kg and that's been the same for years; my biceps are literally stuck. I feel like weight lifting, heavy or light is just contributing to my weight loss rather than gain. I enjoy running, I find it addictive. But I also wanna be swole and focus on that instead. But my body just doesn't enjoy it. How do I structure this properly. 

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  • I want to tell a girl how I feel regardless of her perspective and own feelings of me but I’m really scared ?

    Scared of others around me and her, mockers, trolls the like. But I feel like the only way I can escape this pain regardless of the final outcome is to tell her. I’ve already made my mind up around our working position. It feels so different when I’m around her in real life like I gravitate to her so much but I’m talking to her and I’m thinking to my self “do I like her???” But I think I’m just picking out her flaws easily. So yeah; does anyone have any methods. She works on a pharmacy area of our store and moved from our department on checkouts. How should I approach her if getting her alone is close to impossible. I did kinda delete my socials and snapchat because I’m just happier without those expectations in life. I feel one of the only routes is asking for advice through one of her best work friends who I also consider to be mine who I also really trust who’s my exact age and going through other similar things. What do you think this this worth it or could turn out worse for me before I leave in this next year or so.

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  • Why does my day and energy levels start at 11pm?

    All day at work in miserable and exhausted and then I’m wide awake don’t want to sleep and then work on goals or exercise so late. It’s really starting to ******* irritate me.

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  • How do I stop feeling nauseous when I wake up every morning ?

    By the time I eat some food I can’t if I’m up early before 10am-12pm because I feel to sick and couldn’t stomach anything like a long car journey. Then by 10-12am I’m ******* ravenous. It must be my food cycle that’s screwed and food still sitting in my stomach from the night before because of comfort evening food when watching shows in the evening. Not too sure how to deal with it I can’t sleep if I’m starving. 

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  • So I’m finally leaving my awful job soon after five years. There was someone I met who I grew feelings for. Is this a good idea?

    Or is it best left alone.

    I am in love with this girl. This one situation is looming over me. Some days after work I think about her; how yet again I know how she subtly has shown me how she felt. She would always approach the other hot guys. I think I was a consideration; but nothing more. 

    I feel I could be set free from the constant not knowing and agonising torture of knowing if she ACTUALLY was intimately feeling for me too. Because I think that’s what she craves. She knows I can provide that. But I’m not fun for her. That’s what she’s really interested in.

    I’m starting to finally move on from all of my past altogether by leaving this job I joined years ago. But I feel if I just told her how I felt over a text on my last day or something.. would i feel better or worse the months leading from that decision? I don’t think I would care for her reaction whether it be mocking/hostility at the very worst. Best case scenarios would be respectful and hopefully not telling anyone or to many people. Absolute best case is obviously her own confession. But a little cowardly to do it this way would you think? I just don’t want the extra weight going to work everyday having to deal with the fact I told her this with every other reason I want to leave work so any advice would be appreciated. I feel much lighter at the thought of these two actions that I feel hounding at me every night need to be taken.

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  • Is being incel a choice and possible to escape?

    I’m a guy. 22. Never had a relationship. Nothing ever changes. Girls will never Be interested in me. I’d love to get some understanding from a. Girls perspective. And to the guys that have beat the incel life. I would love some motivation because this is getting dangerously triggering to my suicidal senses and I am worried I might need to call the Samaritans 

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  • How to wake up at the time you want everyday without fail ?

    Today I turned up half an hour late for work. I show up just to be bored in a dead end robot working for a store managers financial gain and a puppet to a store. I suffer from sleep inertia and insomnia. The lockdown and heat are not helping at all. I take sertraline, kind of helps me sleep more peacefully. It’s just falling asleep and waking up. Being asleep is never a problem. But it’s been a battle for many many years; I’m turning 22 and people are like what the **** is wrong with me. The days I am on time are never mentioned but when I’m late once 5 months later it’s like “you’re always late”. It’s not just for work even on my days off. Mornings are the worst thing in human existence. By the evening I’m loving life and want to do everything I want to do at 8am at 12pm. How the **** do I fix this to finally improve the punctuality, professionalism and happiness in my lifestyle. 

  • Clothes anxiety? ? ? ? ? ?

    I have extreme amounts of anxiety of people noticing if I am wearing a different colour clothes. I love designer brands, experimenting with anything, but in public it's a huge no no. Mainly just end up wearing low key nike outfits and expensive trainers. I really wish I had the courage to wear bright vivid colours but I start sweating at the thought and the best I got to was green then navy. I am also very pale in skin so different colours of clothes is a nightmare. I am also small and broad from training and not the best looking. 

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  • Same repetitive negative thoughts going to sleep?

    I delay going to sleep and do anything else but try to because I get sleep inertia in the morning every morning without fail even if I sleep healthily and i get the same repetitive negative emotions and hounding thoughts of the past and the present over and over and over again every night before I sleep. Because I just can’t. It disrupts my entire discipline for things day to day. Because I can’t get up or fall asleep. Sometimes I comfort eat and want to watch films very late and most nights I fall asleep between 12-2am and wake up between 8am-12pm. It varies day to day and I don’t know what to do about this anymore. Nobody wants to help

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