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  • Progressive insurance claim?

    I’m trying to get a rental but since I’m 19 with only liability they won’t give me one. This guy hit my car and now it’s in the shop and I have no way to work, I’ve been off since Wednesday. Is there anyway I can make progressive pay out or do I have to sue the guy personally?

    9 AnswersInsurance & Registration2 weeks ago
  • No citation?

    Got a citation a month ago. Cop gave me the wrong citation. Called the clerk for the next couple days, she said they don’t know so they transferred me to the police department. The operator said “ if it doesn’t have your name on it it isn’t yours and leave it alone “. Now a month later I check it again and now it’s a ticket for 500$. I’m so confused, I’ve been checking daily but all of a sudden it’s there. Can I use the wrong citation against the cop? I didn’t sign the ticket neither did he ask me anything except for license and insurance.

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 weeks ago
  • 06 Mustang not redlining/shifting to 7 and 8?

    Have a automatic transmission 8 speed, I notice when I dump it it never goes to 7 and 8 but 6 and back. Any problems? Car drives fine btw and no check engine light. Maybe just a tuneup?

    2 AnswersFord1 month ago
  • The wrong citation?

    Got pulled over and the cop said “ I caught you going at a 105 in a 70” I said “sir I wasn’t going ne....” and he walked away mid sentence. He came back 5 minutes later gave me a citation and said some bull crap to me and walked away. I had no attitude towards him. First he gave me the WRONG citation I’m a black guy 200lb driving a mustang... he gave me a white man 250lb driving a SUV and the license number was wrong to. Second he didn’t make me sign anything.. I’ve gotten a ticket twice before this and always signed. But anyways i called the court house they said “ we don’t see anything it sometimes takes 5 hours to show up” so they transferred me to the police department to make sure. The girl was so rude she told me “ if it ain’t you name on the ticket then it ain’t yours “ then proceeded to give me the cops number but he was rude as heck and I don’t even want to speak to him. What should I do?

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police2 months ago
  • How to ask for a bribe indirectly?

    How to bribe a police officer without actually saying it directly. Sort of hinting it but not really something they convict you of.

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 months ago
  • Muffler making noises?

    Sounds like grinding/screeching noises from muffler whenever I press on brake and idle. It only comes from left muffler. So today I took off my muffler tips and drove and still the same sound. I put it in park and left the car running it sounds like tapping noises in the muffler. No sound while driving only at really low speeds.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 months ago
  • Didn’t get first stimulus but qualified for it?

    Government is talking about another stimulus check plan but I didn’t even get my first. 19 filed for my taxes a couple months ago and I did get my tax return. Should I call the IRS. I check on the status and it just says something is unavailable...

    2 AnswersUnited States4 months ago
  • Failure to show?

    I accidentally forgot my court date yesterday for my first traffic ticket. What does that mean now? I’m located in Texas and my city is Benbrook if that helps at all. They open monday so obviously I’m gonna call.

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago
  • Does paramedics responders or nurses have HIV?

    I went to a CPR class recently and noticed that there’s a lot of skin to skin action. So if your baby or anybody else lost breathe and went unconscious you would have to put their lips on yours in some cases to shoot oxygen in them. But if someone haves HIV or some nasty sht like that. Wouldn’t the hospital say they can’t be on somebody like that? And I KNOW there’s other ways to give someone oxygen such as resuscitators but that won’t always be in hand when you need them! AND AGAIN I know it won’t matter if they have it or not it’s depending on your life but I think no one should be in a certain field with that kind of disease who has a potential to spread amongst others.

    6 AnswersSTDs1 year ago
  • If someone doesn’t have insurance and you only have liability what will happen?

    So Youtube recommended me a video stating “If someone hits your without insurance “ and it kinda has me on edge right now because I’m 18 with a pretty nice mustang (which is fully paid for) and the modifications on it is worth alot. So if someone hits you without insurance I know you have the option to sue them but what if they don’t have money for it. Do they government takes it out their checks like taxes?. But as I was reading the comments some people said they got totaled by uninsured drivers and they lost everything, and it does only piss me off that people don’t have insurance still drive knowing the risk.

    16 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 year ago
  • Is anybody having this Battlefront 2 error?

    Everytime I close and re open star wars it restores all my settings. Any suggestions? I updated everything and repaired the game.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 year ago
  • keyboard keys acting weird?

    After a update on windows, don’t know which one , but it has messed up my keyboard driver or something around that line. My S, W, and CAPS lock keys have been working then don’t after the update. I tried deleting the driver and reinstalling but it doesn’t work. The keys work perfectly fine all the time when I’m typing or playing league of legends. But whenever I play like GTA V or BF2 my keys fluctuates. Sometimes they do work and sometimes they don’t. Any suggestions? And I know for sure my keyboard is fine because I did a diagnostic on it and the keys don’t work till I start playing games.

    5 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 year ago
  • If airport security destroys product that wasn’t illegal do they have to pay for it?

    On Netflix I watched border patrol and noticed that if they “thought” something was suspicious they would destroy it to see what’s inside. Such as if someone had a xbox shipped from china but it looked like there might be something in it so they break it open and didn’t find anything, wouldnt they have to pay for you a new one?!? And I watched ever episode which was like 25 and they never tried to open anything the correct way... they would just slash and crack things open to see.

    4 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 year ago
  • If I got to prison, will I get my booty taken?!?

    I’ve heard stories of people going to prison and getting their “salads tossed”(I didn’t even know prisons had enough money for salads when schools don’t) but anyways I’m just wondering if they do! Asking for a friend. Cause you know I will never go to prison! Or get my butt taken!

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago
  • What’s the right psi size?

    I have a 2006 mustang with tires sized 235-50R18. I usually keep them at 32 psi but I’ve heard you get better mileage and better performance at 40+. I tried to find the right pressure sized on the wheel and online but couldn’t find anything! So if anyone could tell me whats best that’ll be great. (FYI on the wheel it does says the maximum psi is 50).

    5 AnswersFord1 year ago
  • Will pushing all the way on the gas cause any problems?

    I have a 2006 ford mustang and when I first got it I would race sometimes and push all the way on the gas. It had a previous owner and the only problem was a oil seal pan leak. It has about 130k miles also. But a couple days later when I got home and turned off my car and turned it back on I heard knocking noises and found out it was my timing chain that got fcked up. But I wasnt for sure if it was just going bad or if I caused it. After I bought it from him i checked the engine and it sounded as fine as it is now which is fixed.

    5 AnswersFord1 year ago
  • Gas fluctuated as I was driving?

    I have a 2006 Ford Mustang. But this is something weird that happen to me. As I was filling up gas the gas started to spit out so i thought it was full (but it was just doing that because i sticked the gas pump into far) but after that i turned my car on ( without starting the ignition) just to see where i was at and it was about half way so i left it on and after i was filling it up i could tell it was full so i started the car and when I did that gas stayed at 115 miles and about half way so i just kept driving. And it eventually when i hit the reset button it changed to 215 which still wasnt right... then it changed to 272 which sounds right... did i mess up any of anything by leaving it on? But when I got home i turned off my car and turned it back on and it still says 272....

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago