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  • which 4k t.v. is the best for me.?

    I am a person that will pause my game, forget about it for hours and then come back to it.  I also have my TV on for long periods of time.  Because of these reasons I'm not sure if OLED tvs are right for me.

    I thought about QLED, however with only 1 HDMI 2.1 port and its on one of the later ports, Im not sure this would work either.  When t.v.s start getting old HDMI ports start going out.  My current t.v has 4 HDMI ports, but only HDMI 1 still works.

    I am a gamer and ussually have 3 to 4 systems hooked up at a time.  I want the best graphics and such for the next gen systems.

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  • I am worried about a good willed person costing me my home?

    I live in a low income apartmentcomplex.  And yes management and the owners suck, but this is where I call home and I'm use to those idiots.

    Anyways a nasty storm called a Deracho hit my building.   We were without power.  Because we are mostly old people and the disabled allot of help came to my building, including a person (I'm going to call him John).  He is the owner of a company (I'll call it Goodwill activities (yes it sounds like a different company, but so does his company).

    Anyways at first he was just helping out my nieghbors.  He made videos severely over exaggerating what was going on in the building, but hey he's helping out.  But then he started hearing about how horrible management and the owners were.

    Now he's trying to get rid of them and put himself in charge.  He claims he has lawyers ready for every apartment and our building is entitled to grants that he will get for us.  Im pretty sure its blowing smoke, like he's done in his videos.

    However my worry is that when he didn't get his way he called the fire marshal to try to fine our building.  He keeps trying to call Hud, congress members, ect.

    So I don't see how he or his company can just recieve our building.  So if I'm right, even if he wins and gets rid of our owners it would go to the city and then they most likely would sell it to the highest bidder.

    Am I wrong

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  • Where can I go to fill up my coffee travel mug?

    We accidentally broke our coffee pot, so we are waiting on a replacement to arrive, however until then we are still doing third shift.  So we still want our coffee for the long night.  Our travel mugs keep it hot throughout the night, but we still need a place to fill them up.  Any help is appreciated

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  • FF7 remake elemental materia?

    If you use this as an attack, like adding fire to your attack. Then you come upto an enemy that is immune to fire damage or absorbs it, what can you do if anything

  • Is a Tempur pedic a good bed for me, if so which one.?

    I roll around allot before falling asleep.  I am a stomach sleeper in the end.  My girlfriend is mostly a side sleeper.  We are both warm sleepers.  Now I have been looking at the breeze mattresses.  The highest ends look either too soft or too firm, but they sleep 8 degrees cooler.  Then there is the level below that that sleeps only 3 degrees cooler.  Is that cool enough.  Is any of these mattresses good for a person that rolls around allot before falling asleep.  I'm not worried about motion transfer.  My cares in order.

    1 works with an adjustable base, for massages and general adjustments.  2. Heat resistant.  3 works for both of us (it's why I'm looking more towards the medium).  Lastly my ability to move around. 

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  • Witcher 3 possible endings?

    This is my first playthrough and I'm at the part where I have to make a decision between Triss an Yennifer.  I have tried to see which is the best path to go on, but I am not finding the answers I am looking for.  So I'll ask directly on here.  If you choose Triss and help Ciri become Empress, does that mean eventually Triss advises Ciri/ or 2 kingdoms controlled in part by you (advisor to 1 kingdom empress in another).

    The second part of this question.  If you romance either one of them or both, do you miss anything for the other or is it just a quick mention in the epilogue.

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  • Can somebody tell me a good soda alternative that isn t water.?

    I could go into my reasons for not doing water, but the only water people would still only say water. If I was to say water would kill me they would say no it won t you should drink water. So please respect the question. I am willing to give up my soda addiction, but I need something to replace it with. The reasons are to be healthier. I am starting to have pre diabetes, I dehydrate about every 5 yrs. I am not an active person So I need to make some changes. I am already saving up to get a treadmill, however I know most people that start exercising don t continue. So I am also looking at other things like getting rid of soda. However I look up online and it says milk, but I can t see milk traveling well or being drinkable a couple days outside of a fridge. So I look up Gatorade or other sports drinks, which from what I seeing is worse for you unless you are active. Then there is certain juices that are $8 a bottle. I have done water enhancers before, which doesn t have the same issues that I have with water, but they dye everything they are around. If it is doing that to water bottles what is it doing to my insides. Now I m not saying none of these are options. I m just giving you my take so it can help you help me.

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  • budget formula in excel?

    I m trying to make a budget sheet for my trip that can do a running balance and a budget. So far Ive only been able to do one or the other, but not both. I m trying to figure out if I can do both and if so how. an example would be setting $50 for something, but spending $65 on it would make it -15 as part of the running budget. The problem I am having is I would need to start off by putting $50 in that spending line to zero that out until I spend the $65. however by putting the 50 in there already means I can t do a running balance. (50 plus 40 plus 10, ect.) I would like to know how much I m spending and how well I m doing with my budget

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