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  • Which tv should i get? ?

    Best buy has the vizio p series quantum 65" open box for 549.99 and the tcl 8 series 65" for 599.99. I dont care for the os. Just only the picture quality and brightness 

    1 AnswerTVs3 months ago
  • Is this horrible? I need advice ?

    my girlfriend I'm with now had sex with 10 different guys. 4 was her boyfriend. her first was in 9th grade. so 9-11 she had 10 partners. is that too much? I love her but i can't stop thinking bout her past. anyway to approach this? does this mean she's a slutty trashy girl?

    4 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • penis proBlem....HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!?

    when i have to piss my penis Burn.But when i drink a lot of Bud light and then go piss it doesnt uncircumsized and i do masturBate quite a Bit.havent had sex in like a month had a Blood test after that and nothing was wrong.i dont know what to do. its like my vein inside is irritated or something. the tip doesnt feels like the inside...

    6 AnswersMen's Health1 decade ago
  • what should i do????(real serious) my life is the worst.?

    1.great grand daddy died (2009)

    2.2nd cousin died. (2008)

    3. house burn down (2009) lost ps3, laptop clothes, hdtv , money etc

    3.move in with aunt with dad and brother.

    4. soon got a new house a new laptop. screen got damage (2009)

    6. got a new hdtv. cousin crack the screen (2009) a new laptop. sound card stop working (2010) soon got it fix

    8.some one broke in our house. stole my 2 cameras,my wallet and my jordan bookbag (2010)

    9. started back college (2010)

    10.laptop screen spark now its half viewable

    11.recently got jump and robbed.

    12. got a new ps3.updated firmware. now it always get system error 80010006. cant boot up got repo. unit got strike by lighting now my house needs re wired. cant afford it. really not helping me. fired from work. couldnt no one to take me to work...

    17. now i was just in a lil car accident and was stuck for hours

    its a lil more things that happen to me in my life but i think i can stop there. im tired of crying everynight. nothing good ever happens to me. everytime i get happy something always come my way. what to do? what is this telling me? idk what to do more. i dont want to end my life..thats stupid..but thats the only thing i can think of. im tired of moving on past things and it always happens again!!!! please some one help me. plz answer my question. i realy appreciate it.

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  • the best thing to do during a hangover?

    drinking water makes my stomach hurt. real real bad headache and if i try to go sleep i cant. i feel worst. any ideas???i have to work in a hour

    20 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • got serious stomach cramps?

    i ate a peanut butter sandwich with orange soda and after that my stomach wont stop cramping/hurting. its been 3 hours and i tried using the bathroom but it's not that.what to do to make it stop or flush through my system?

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • i saw a black hooded figure in robe.something like what a monk wears or gospel experience.answers plz?

    i was just watching this low budget ghost game movie and think back on when i was a kid. i saw this thing in a hood with darkness as a one really believe me but i wasn't scared when i saw it.i just searched on yahoo and realized there's dozen who saw it.i was in elementary school i say i was like 8 or 9 idk but i just came in the house from helping my aunt burn the trash and then started to play super mario world for snes. then i saw a small black hooded figure in a robe following i press start and it thinking it was part of the game. so i continue and then few seconds it disappeared from the i continue playing then in the corner of my eye i see it sitting next to me in indian style.i looked at it then kept playing. and i saw from the corner it was still sitting beside i press start and move in to look in its face and it was like i had my eyes was complete grandma was in the kitchen peeling potatoes and ask if she saw something beside me and she said i kept playing the game and sumthing told me to look behind me and then i saw it standing behind my grandma with his hands wide open in the air like he was about to grab her. so i yelled grandma look behind you and it disappeared as soon as she turn around. i realize now i think my grandma died sumtime that year.cause its when my parents divorce so i would go with my mom sometimes. and 3 in the morning my dad came and got me and said grandma died.i dont know if its death angel or not.but it got me thinking now. im 20 years old now and only saw it once.never again.but in high school i did got shake once by someone with long hair.i need answers because i dont want to worry. and get scared now. cuz now i know people have similar encounters. anyone know any solutions in why i saw it. and can help me?

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • i need help.i cant sleep.i feel lonely.i feel depressed.?

    its very hard for me to go sleep.but when i finally do some one will always wake me up by coming in my room at like 3-4am to go on my laptop and yes i have a lock on my cousin just always unpick it.but in the daytime its so easy for me to go sleep.i cant stay up in the daytime.and lately i hate being around people. when people come around me and talk to me i get so frustrated and do like answering people questions.its hard for me to think lately.i only can eat one time a day.and when im alone im cry like crazy. but it helps me when i do.but then again it makes me feel like. im ready for my life to be over.i been through a lot in my life like got almost rape by my cousin (im a boy) when i was in 2nd grade and he was 19.he would beat me and strip me naked and rub his penis against mine but i never tell no one cause i felt embarrassed.i lost my house and all my belongings in fire,grandad,other grandad and my fav cousin all this year. im writing too much but its alot on my mind i have to say but im going to end it here.and also i dont care how the fine the girl is.after 5mins on the phone i wanna get off and be alone.i hate being lonely but i feel like its the best. i need help badly i dont want to do anything ill regret

    13 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • i just found out about the uncircumsized process and im 19 and not circumsized help plz!!!?

    im 19 years old and found out i was uncircumsized at 13 but never knew the part about the retractable skin.i never tried to pull it back on my own.thought it was not to meant to be.but when i have sex or get a ******* some times it goes back but it hurts like hell then minutes later it doesnt and im use to it.but now since i read about it when i pull my skin back and touch the head. it hurts. so sensitive. and when i have sex and it pulls back it hard to put the foreskin back over it.should i go see a doctor?

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