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  • System of equations with three variables?

    At a carnival, $2,914.25 in receipts were taken at the end of the day. The cost of a child s ticket was $20.50, an adult ticket was $29.75, and a senior citizen ticket was $15.25. There were twice as many senior citizens as adults in attendance, and 20 more children than senior citizens. How many children, adult and senior citizen tickets were sold?

    This is not some test question I’m cheating on or anything, I already submitted my obviously wrong answer but still curious how the hell to solve this.

    The first equation for the prices is easy idk about the rest

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  • How can I add a date to my image?

    I've seen some people use a filter that pus a little date on the corner of their pictures like an old fashioned VHS type camera. Is there an app I can find his filter on?

    5 AnswersPhotography3 years ago
  • Where is this Quran ayat (verse) from?

    Here is the transliteration (there may be some errors as I'm writing this from memory)

    I heard this recitation and I want to know the Surah and where it is located in the Quran. Even the chapter would be helpful I can't seem to find it anywhere:

    "Tabarakala zee insha aja ala khairam min zalika jannat tin tajree min tah tee hal anhaar. Wa yaj ala laka qu soorah. Bal kazaboo bees sa a, wa a tad na lee man kazaba bees sa ati sa yeera, izaa ra at hum meem maka nim ba we din samee oo la ha ta gay zaw wa zafeera."

    -I know the first word makes it sound like it's from Surah mulk but it's not

    1 AnswerReligion & Spirituality4 years ago

    The source i used is an article on a website. The article has no author. When I am citing IN the essay (not on the works cited page) do i write the name of the article or the name of the site inside the parentheses?

    Example- the website is "union of concerned scientists" or UCS

    The article is "renewable energy benefits".

    The sentence in the essay is

    "The wind energy industry directly employed 75,000 full-time-employees... in 2011"

    After this sentence do i put (UCS) or do i put (Renewable Energy Benefits)??

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  • do you capitalize "youtubers"?

    in the middle of a sentence do you capitalize youtuber?

    Youtuber as in a person who makes Youtube videos

    example: My favorite Youtuber is iisuperwomanii.


    My favorite youtuber is iisuperwomanii.

    also do you put quotes around the username? like My favorite youtuber is "iisuperwomanii"?

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