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  • Who decides when to put cat to sleep?

    My cat has kidney failure. Been giving her two medicines daily and one sub q fluid treatment per week. Have gone to canned food instead of dry. She was doing well and on last visit her numbers looked better than when she was diagnosed 7 months ago. The vet said that she is too alert and curious and doing ok so he cannot put a cat to sleep when she's doing this well. The problem is I'm exhausted both physically and financially. She wants to eat every couple of hours and wakes me up at night. She throws up in the middle of the night and I have to get up and clean. I have given her the pepcid twice a week, she still as times when she gets sick. She is 17 years old. I don't make that much money but have just struggled with the expense. I know that she is just going to get worse. This is a tough decision to make but even if I feel it's time, what if my vet doesn't?

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