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  • The story of the Walls of Jericho has been verified by three different international archeological teams, why were ALL of the walls down?...?

    ... if not by God?

    An invading army would poke a hole in the wall or two or three.

    All of the walls were down except the North wall, probably where Rahab lived. Any invading army other than Joshua would have taken the valuable pots of oil and grain before burning the city.

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  • What evidence do you have that "In the beginning..." from Genesis 1 is not the beginning of Earth, then humanity and life?

    Do you have an alternate explanation with evidence for the origin of life? We know abiogenesis is proven false.

    We know you can EXPLAIN everything and have OPINIONS, but do you have any evidence of ANY alternate opinion on origins?

    So according to atheists, why is the only valid story for origins from the Bible not "evidence" of origins? Genesis 1-11 (Creation) is complete with eyewitness account by either Adam or transcribed by Adam directly from God.

    How is this NOT evidence in fact of truth?

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  • Is anyone interested in spamming the spammers?

    Aren't you tired of getting spam every day? Spam them back.

    Make THEM delete unwanted email.

    Fill up THEIR inbox over quota.

    I send them a bunch of pictures; maximum file size, hundreds.

    If 10 of us do this, it will cause them a problem. If 100 of us do it, now they're screwed.

    Save those email addresses from spammers, and spam them all once or twice a month. Then we can trade our lists of email addresses and do it again.

    Email me here or visit my website:

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  • Spiritually speaking, are evolution and atheism religions?

    Evolution is just a bunch of made-up stories without any evidence to support it, and atheists don't know what to believe, so shouldn't we force them all to incorporate into a registered religion status and tax 'em?

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  • Since it's a fact that evolution is a hoax, should it still be taught in public schools?

    Since there's not one shred of evidence to support evolution, shouldn't we add it to Aesop's Fables?

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  • Evolutionists, please show us your evidence that proves evolution is true.?

    Please do not make empty claims. This question is about “evidence” and facts. Let’s see if you can do that without misrepresenting the facts (for a change).

    Please define which type of “evolution” you are proving. Evolution is NOT simply change, but a certain kind of change. Unless you specify otherwise, we will presume “evolution” to mean the change of nonliving chemicals into simple life-forms into more complex life-forms and finally into humans. We are informed that the dominant mechanism that is supposed to have driven evolution is natural selection coupled with mutations. If there is a different type of evolution you wish to present evidence for, like stellar evolution (Big Bang), chemical evolution (origins of life), or biological evolution (common descent or comparative anatomy), please specify the difference and define specifically what you are trying to prove.

    No five-word answers – we don’t care about your empty-headed prattle. Please go to the kiddie section for your dings, bells, buzzers and Google Chat notification tones. We’re trying to get down to business here and present some facts, not the continuous lowlights of what you think might be true.

    The same old tired claims will not go unchallenged. Some of the lies misrepresented as truth are presented in the following list. Please check the list before posting. While dismantling the presuppositions and misrepresentations of previous evolutionist posts, I’ve articulated clearly and persuasively the following list of refuted subjects.

    1. Fossil record. The evolutionary account of one kind of life-form changing into another kind is not recorded in the fossils. There are many instances where variations within a kind are found (for example, different varieties of elephant or dinosaur) but there are no examples of in-between kinds. Both evolutionists and creationists agree that the intermediate transitional forms expected on the basis of slow gradual change of one kind of creature into another kind is not found fossilized in the sedimentary rocks. In other words, the transitional forms are missing—hence the term “missing links.”

    Do you think the fossil record is creation evidence or evolution evidence?;_ylt=At24f...

    2. Missing Links. This evolutionary account of one kind of life-form changing into another kind is NOT recorded in the fossils.

    3. Geologic Column. The illustrations of geologic time and the geologic column are actually composites compiled from many different sources. The fossil and geologic evidences are pieced together from all over the globe. The presence of unconformities (places where there are gaps in the sequence) is explained away, and the fact that many “ancestral” species occur higher in the strata than their descendants is ignored in these simplified illustrations.

    4. Radiometric Dating. Radiometric dating would not have been feasible if the geologic column had not been erected first. The axiom that no process can measure itself means that there is no absolute time, but this relic of the traditional mechanics persists. The geologic layers, plate tectonics, radiometric dating, and the fossil record can all be explained within the framework provided by the Bible.

    5. Dating human remains. The dating methods of secular archaeologists are based on incorrect assumptions, and you have to believe that the Mt. St. Helens eruption didn’t happen in 1980 and 1982. After all, dating methods reveal that Mt. St. Helens’ lava dome was 340,000 to 2.8 million years old!

    Why do Christians reject stone hard evidence of evolution ?;_ylt=As487...

    6. Natural Selection. Natural selection (done in the wild) and artificial selection (as done by breeders) produce enormous varieties within the different kinds of plants and animals. It has proved an impossible feat, however, to change one kind of creature into a different kind of plant or animal. The so-called “kind barrier” has never been crossed. Such evolution has never been observed. Natural selection cannot be the driving force for molecules-to-man evolution when it does not have that power. It is an observable phenomenon that preserves genetic viability and allows limited variation within a kind—nothing more, nothing less.

    7. DNA. There is no known law of nature, no known process, and no known sequence of events which can cause information to originate by itself in matter (Riddle 2009, p. 202).

    Refuted here: “Selective breeding of horses, cattle, dogs…”;_ylt=Ar09W...

    Creationist do you have any evidence that your right and evolution is wrong?;_ylt=ApdGk...

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  • Anyone with experience changing motherboard CPU to a different one?

    I have an old computer, one of the first that allowed RAID and that brought it back to life. But the CPU is slow.

    The old CPU is AMD Athlon 200/266MHz FSB.

    I already have a newer CPU that should work - maybe you can tell me.

    the newer CPU

    AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 266MHz 256KB Socket A CPU

    The newer CPU is the AMD Athlon XP processor with QuantiSpeed architecture is the latest member of the AMD Athlon family of processors designed to meet the computation-intensive requirements of advanced software applications running on high-performance desktop systems. This AMD Athlon XP 2400+ has a Front Side Bus of 266 MHz and 256 KB L2 cache!

    Will this newer CPU work? They are both Socket A CPU's.

    What problems will I encounter?

    Will I have to flash the BIOS?

    I've already taken an image of the hard drive, so I won't lose any data.

    What preparations do I need to make before making the switch?

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