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  • Why do people hate Game Theory (and affiliate channels)?

    So, I realize this is a weird question to pose, but I'm genuinely curious. I understand that, as a speculative/conspiracy theory channel, it's automatically going to draw more hate, but I'm curious if anyone has specific reasons for why they dislike the channel. 

    From what I can tell, a lot of people are disappointed that the theories are getting disproven so often, but I think that's honestly good, because it still encourages us to see things from a new perspective while not enforcing the idea that theories are going to be true just because they sound like it. Plus, I like that the topics in the channels' theories are actually getting addressed this way.

    Another reason people seem to dislike the channels (from other forums I've visited like the GT subreddit) is that the thumbnails have lots of clickbait that would likely draw in kids - I don't support the idea of feeding kids false information, but I understand the use of clickbait, as their job as a media producer is to get people interested in the content on their channel, which is cheaper to do with alluring thumbnails than with ads that likely wouldn't show up in the right places on YouTube anyway.

    I'd like to finalize my post by saying that I know I'm biased. I've been a fan of the channels for ages and I'd be lying if I said I'm completely free of it. That said, I'd love to hear some honest, genuine criticism about the channels as a whole (feel free to cite episodes but don't base your opinion solely on one episode).

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  • How do I disassemble a CoolCold Ice USB laptop cooling pad?

    My father bought some laptop accessories when I was young and technically inept. One such accessory was a CoolCold Ice USB cooling pad (four fans). It's still in great condition and works fine, but I unscrewed the 12 screws holding the fans in and I now cannot reattach them without disassembling the cooling pad to get the fans in the right place. It would also help to be able to disassemble them to clean the very dusty fan blades. If anyone has a cooling pad with a similar design, please let me know how to detach it, as the only way seems to be forcibly removing the grating on top, which leads me to believe that would damage the cooling pad.

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