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  • Using derogatory terms in teaching?

    I was watching the news yesterday and i heard about a teacher who was suspended for using the term “******” in class.  She’s an English prof in a University and she was teaching about derogatory terms in culture, why it’s okay for some people to say it and not for everybody else.  I do not understand why she was suspended for it.  IT WAS A TEACHING MOMENT!  If i said i don’t like Oxygen molecules because they insult me would they eleminate it from chemistry class?  I do not understand why people get so damn sensitive about a word a teacher used for teaching.  She wasn’t saying it to one person and it wasn’t to insult anyone.  Thoughts?

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  • Double Standards?

    I was recently watching clips on YouTube and I stumbled onto clips from the show "What Would You Do?" from ABC fascinating show for sure.  Then I saw that there are a lot of situations that could actually happen, things that do happen.  And then I really thought about it.  If a girl hits a guy people think he probably deserved it, they don't say a bad word about it, but if he hits her once, it's a big problem.  he's labelled as a monster.  If I see something sad I can't cry without being seen as weak...I have to bottle them up (Not healthy by the way).  There is no demand for plus size male models...but the demand for plus size women is very much present.  

    As for women...breast feeding is something that people feel the need to hide where breasts of a 20 something year old model can be clearly seen when she's 20 feet tall on the wall of Victoria's Secret.  They won't get hired for jobs that a male can do even though they can do meaningless busy work just as good as any man can.  I am assertive and my wife is bitchy...we're both bossy!  That seems fair. (Not)  

    The final one that I noticed right away was with parenting.  I take my kid to the park I am on my phone, glancing up every few minutes to watch him and I'm a great father.  My wife looks away for one minute and she's instantly 'mom shamed', I've heard it.

    I just want to know, why these double standards are still accepted and nobody seems to care about changing them?

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  • Beats Mic?

    The wireless mic on my headphones doesn’t work all the time.  It works sometimes.  Like i could be on a call with my sister and then all of a sudden she won’t hear me or vise versa.  They are the Wireless Beats Studio 3 headphones if that makes a difference and i use an iPhone.

    Can they get fixed or do i have to replace them completely?

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  • Sole beneficiary ?

    My parents had recently surprised me and my sister when they announced that in light of recent events they had made me (the youngest) the sole benefactor of everything.  When they pass away everything goes to me and nothing for my sister.  She understandably was upset but they also have her trust fund set up in a way that after they pass away she stops getting instalments.  My sister had done some very stupid choices recently involving money and the family assets.  Mistakes i didn’t make and my parents see me as more responsible and they want to secure a future for my son.  (I have money, he’s secure)  should my parents have done that to her?  I mean if she needs anything she knows she can ask and i’ll usually just give in no matter what she asks for but is it fair?

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  • Children drinking alcohol?

    I have an 11 year old nephew, apparently he drinks all the time, like we were on vacation and when i went outside for a mojito he was already tipsy, he got drunk and he got sick and threw up.  I’m not sure if this is a normal thing but in Canada the drinking age is 18, he lives in the Philippines where apparently drinking for kids is common.  My 13 year old nephews do drink also, they all drink like adults.  In Canada i’ve never seen that before but is it common like, everywhere else on Earth?

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  • Why do people go on cleanses?

    When i say this i mean when they decide to only ingest liquids or they go and detoxify or something stupid like that.  To cleanse we need to be born with a working liver and live our lives. born with at least one working kidney and live our lives.  Why do people go on special cleanses and detoxes when living a normal life does the same thing?

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  • Languages at work?

    I’m not sure if i already asked but i’ll ask again.

    I work in a hospital, we take all kinds, i work specifically in Children’s Hospital.  Not all parents speak English well.  That’s one thing if they want to speak to me in Tagalog or French but if a co worker decides they want to talk to me in Tagalog, two things i do is answer only in English and tell them to stop.  

    First thing they think is “Who is he to tell me...” and “He thinks he’s better than us because he’s speaking English to us.”

    In Canada French and English are the national languages so no problem there but what would you do if you spoke three or four languages and people you work with start talking to you in a language that isn’t English at work?

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  • 70’s fashion?

    I went to a 70’s party the other night and i saw a lot of girls with gogo boots.  Were they fetch in the 70’s or was that 60’s?  I also saw a lot of pleather mini skirts and acid wash denim.  I’m just wondering if people arrived in the right decade because i showed up in a suede coat, striped button down and bell bottom pants.  What exactly is the mark in the 70’s?

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  • Futur Proche?

    I speak French, i’m pretty good at it, i can’t get it all in a written word. I’m back in school for a refresher and i just remembered why i took conversational French and not the full course. Futur Proche. I was so sure my teacher invented it because she hated me. Does anyone understand how to write them down?

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  • Flirting with everyone. How do i stop it?

    I’ve mentioned it before but i flirt with everyone. I’m a huge flirt. Men, women, my wife, if i am talking to someone long enough it just turns into flirting and my wife made me aware of it when i’m already flirting but i don’t know when i’m doing it if i’m not told. One of these days i’m going to end up hurting someone or getting hurt myself. How do you know when you flirt? is it an effortless task for you? How do you stop flirting if you don’t notice you do it?

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  • Lumpia tastes off?

    For those who don’t know lumpia is a tiny eggroll made with pork, carrots, celery and eggs.

    I make them in large numbers, 400-500 at a time but i can only cook about 60 for the family once in a while and 100 for my co workers. So i freeze the ones that aren’t used. I put them all in ziploc baggies. 30 per bag and stick them in the freezer. When i thaw and cook them though, they don’t taste good. They are much better before they are frozen. I know that freezing something usually changes it a little but i’ve never had the taste altered so much before where the meat also becomes tough and hard to chew. Any ideas as to why that might’ve happened? It’s probably something really easy i just don’t know it

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  • Crushed walnuts in pie crusts?

    I been trying for days to get the measurements down for this. But the crust keeps losing it’s integrity. It always falls apart or it’s too hard and doesn’t stretch the way i want it to the walnuts end up burnt or the crust is raw. Anyone know how to fix it?

    5 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 year ago
  • Are you like gay or something?

    That is a question i was asked frequently in high school when a girl would like me and i didn’t like them back. Is it to make themselves feel better or to make men feel offended? Are they looking for justification as to why a certain guy just doesn’t like them or just say it in the hopes to convince the guy to date them? Does anyone know? Why do girls feel the need to call oit a guy by saying he’s gay when clearly he’s just not into you like that?

  • How do you deal with your child when this happens?

    I am in a little bit of a pickle. My son is always walking around the house and running places. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen now. I was cooking yesterday and i saw his little hand start to creep up (i guess because the element looks pretty) and i gave him a little pop (swat) on his hand and then he looked at me like i just stole his bike or something. Like “daddy, how could you?!” kind of thing. Of course i don’t want him to burn his tiny hands but i wish he didn’t look at me like that. Other parents. What do you do about that?

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  • Ikea pricing?

    I haven’t ordered furniture from Ikea before so i’m not sure if this is normal or not (i’m sure it’s a mistake but when i was ordering a few chairs for the patio the total for shipping and everything came up to just over $1million. I’m just wondering if that’s accurate or if anyone else has experienced this issue. Please let me know

    3 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 year ago
  • Rodent problems?

    My house has mouse problem in the winter, i know that i can fix the problem in the fall when they start appearing but i don’t want to keep having to do it year after year. I don’t know where they’re getting in. Is there a way to find out how they get into the house or prevent them?

    6 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 year ago
  • Fancy dinners?

    I went to a fancy dinner the other night with my wife and a lot went wrong from the way that the servers took food when i wasn’t done with it to the way people sat down in their chairs (there is a correct way to enter a chair). Using the wrong bread plate, the wrong water, the wrong utensils. It was just bad. I went to a class that taught me all those things when i was young, does nobody know how to do them these days? Is it less important?

    11 AnswersEtiquette1 year ago
  • Is it normal to dance at work?

    At work a few of my co workers and i tend to sing and dance at random, we do it more frequently closer to the end of the day. We aren’t dancers we’re just happy, i realize it’s unprofessional but we can’t help it. Does anyone else do this or is it only us?

    8 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 years ago
  • Meth use and abuse?

    I recently read an article about a hospital coming under fire because they didn’t help a 19 year old who was coming in with meth induced psychosis. I don’t get why people would get upset over that. I feel no pity for people who come in with an OD or anything drug induced that they didn’t have to do. The article said that the hospital left the pt. in the waiting room for 24 hours before putting him on a bus and sending him on his way. Okay, first, there is nothing hospitals can do to help him meth psychosis does not require medical attention. Hospitals help alcoholics because they do require medical attention. I guess what i want to know is how do we fix the problem here? Is there a way to avoid hospitals coming under fire for something we can’t help with?

    3 AnswersOther - General Health Care2 years ago
  • Minimum pay raise?

    Where i live minimum weige is about $12/hr. That’s fine but people want to raise it to $15/hr. Now what i’m thinking is “why?” If people wanted to make more money shouldn’t they have gone to school for it? I’m pressuming people working minimum didn’t go to college for more education. And just because they raise the pay $3 it doesn’t mean i get paid more, i don’t make any more money from it, what i’m afraid of is if they can raise it to $15 what’s stopping them from getting paid $50/hr like i do when they don’t have the same education?If minimum is raised to $50 one of these days what will doctors make in an hour? $200-300? Can someone please explain?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago