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    Any dream meaning to this?

    In this dream I was in what seemed to be a long hallway. There were multiple doors, which next to most of them had posters of different actors, who've portrayed the character of the Phantom of the Opera. Such as the one below, John Cudia. I was looking for the Leroux version's door. That's when I looked over and a woman with two men were trying to move a Pepsi machine that was blocking a door that kind of was by itself in the bend to the otherside of the hallway.. I don't know if that was supposed to be that version's door or what.. It was just a weird as hell dream..

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  • How do I get over a coworker crush?

    I have feelings for a coworker of mine forawhile now.. I've tried ignoring them, but they keep popping up. I have never made a move or told him. Even though both of us are single & it is allowed, I don't believe in dating coworkers. I just would like some advice.

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  • Is he interested? ?

    So there is this guy at my work, I have feelings for. He is about 3-4 years older than I am. Me & him over last few months I have been working at my current workplace, have barely spoken. But he has recently started speaking to me, ex. saying Good Morning. One day I smirked at a comment he had made. And later he made a joke related to what he had said, as we passed each other. I was the only person  in the vicinity at the time. So it wasn't to another person.. I haven't really been aware of his body language.. But he's been walking through my area quite frequently lately. He didn't seem to walk through my area of our workplace lately.  Now I don't want to be reading into this too much as he could just be a nice person..  But what are your thoughts? I don't want to do anything if it doesn't seem that he is interested.

    * Some thing to note:

    He is single & dating among coworkers is allowed at my job (which I would only do if we could both be mature about if we split-up).

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  • What kind of cord does an I-Dog use?

    After 6 years, I've finally gotten my I-Dog to work. And was wondering if a normal aux cord would work for it to be plugged into a mp3 device..