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  • If instead of Biden's son I was Trump's son?

    Facebook and Twitter would have massively spread the note. 

    The liberal news networks the same.

    The newspapers would pass every day with the note on their cover.

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    Opinions? Does anyone doubt it?

    Is the narrative the reality?

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  • A *****, who will not be considered black by liberals, sings to us the truth of systemic racism and present Marxism?

    A capo. Sing truths to liberals trapped by Marxism. Despite talking about racism today, the guy still triumphed in his life many decades ago. That 'systemic racism' must seem like a joke to him precisely when there is least in the country.

    Will they take away your black license? Intellectually you should consider him an intellectual Michael Jackson, his mind went from black to white.

    Because of his age he will not be able to continue combating the stupidity of Marxism.

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    One of the answers says in Spanish:

    "If Biden wins, the capital of the world will be Beijing."

    I do not have much hope that the Marxists will answer, every time I raise some heavy weight of the intellect with fists full of truths and above all, Afro-American Marxists do not answer. The same goes for Ayaan Hirsi Ali when she tells us the truths of Islam, the truths censored by liberal news networks.

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  • Good performance from liberal news networks in their political campaign for Biden. Video compilation?

    A good compilation of the Democratic political campaign made by their not impartial news networks. His partiality is ashamed, I think the US media was not like that before Trump. They have crossed the limits in a treacherous way.

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    Yahoo en español, in addition to being anti-Trump, has several networks that, like HuffPost, support the Spanish government of socialists + communists and ex-ETA guerrillas. Also without any impartiality.

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  • Murdered a Spike Lee actor, he and BLM, antifa and the liberals will ask that the police not intervene, nor the FBI. They will solve it?

    Marxist supporters ask for that in many cases. Social help for the one who killed him, or education or etc. What they propose will have an effect in 20 or 30 years. Ghettos of beings of light or social workers or something like that. And of course total impunity for the murderer.

    Hopefully they will and lead by example.

    They have a dead person, propose that the police or the FBI not intervene, use their methods.

    We'll see if they set an example of stopping the police they hate from intervening, or the FBI, or the state.

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  • How the relatives of those who died from the Chinese coronavirus blame Trump and not China?

    Trump recovered and sends optimistic messages (as if this were not natural for those who overcome the virus) and relatives seem indignant with him and not with China. 

    Is this opinion handled by liberal news networks? The source of the Chinese coronavirus is China. They do not even want to be told the Chinese virus when by far, much less, the Spanish flu is called that because it was first treated in Spain (without being the responsible source). Or maybe the news networks only publish those outraged against Trump and censor or downplay those outraged with China?

    The treatment of liberal internet platforms and news networks with the refugee virologist from China is curious. It seems that they are trying to help the Chinese repression against its people.

    Liberals always very hard on Trump, very soft on China. Amazing.

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  • Attachment image

    And if Trump, medicated with chlorine and disinfectant, turns black like the Chinese doctor and thus wins the election?

    Do you remember the Chinese doctor changing color? Orange using chloroxin and disinfectant can also have a sudden color change. Millennials programmed to support all things dark will compare white Biden and black Trump and change their vote. 

    It's sarcasm, millennials aren't programmed to support all non-white ... or are they?

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  • They will make BLM and antifa a kind of vigil outside the hospital where Trump is to await his death?

    After all, it's what they did with the police officers shot in the patrol car, right?

    And then celebrate if Trump and democracy die.

    Hate to spare.

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  • ¿Confirmadísima la especie humana del hobbit, homo floresiensis, Judas debe actualizar su lista de eslabones perdidos encontrados?

    También había en el grupo un detractor del hobbit que decía que era un microcefálico o un enano o algo parecido No, hay varios huesos de distintas personas y el tamaño de todos es minúsculo.

    Lo que sí parece decir la nota es que no tiene 18 o incluso 12 mil años de antigüedad como dijeron al principio sino 60 o 47 mil años. 

    La explicación es que en una isla aislada por cientos de miles de años especies se reducen o se agigantan con respecto al original. Eso se supone que pasó.

    La situación es peor para JUDAS y el detractor del hobbit, hay otro homo de reducido tamaño, el homo luzonensis en Filipinas a 3000Km del Hobbit. 

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  • Why Liberal News Networks And Media Say Biden Won The Debate?

    The debate that will develop later has already been won by Biden for the liberal media. Why?  

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  • President JFK would accept this version of the 2020 Democratic Party?

    The leader was assassinated by a communist. Today the Democratic Party is in the hands of the Communists, they kneel down to them, only the other leg is missing.

    Would the Catholic JFK not agree with a Catholic court judge and not enraged because he is white, Catholic, and straight?

    Isn't the Democratic Party unrecognizable after half a century? From the freedom to express opinions to prohibit doing so because the person who has an opinion can be a Nazi, fascist, sexist, hetero-patriarchal, Catholic, white, capitalist, etc. and it must be CENSORED quickly (be it in the news, on social media, in universities, etc.)

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  • An arrest is an operation in an operating room as liberals think or it is dangerous?

    Well they have put YouTube with inconvenient images, or perhaps they are more inconvenient because there is no black man like Floyd who serves the Marxist narrative, the agenda. Participants 3 white, their lives matter little.

    An arrest is not an operating theater operation as the Marxists of BLM and antifa so freely think sitting in their armchair and watching on TV. Police officers are in great danger, and if the arrest is delayed again and again the chances of the offender increase. The guy is emboldened against the police, as the protests made him more rebellious and aggressive. As he did, Floyd held the arrest for several minutes so he had his chance. Marxists who are in favor of crime will enjoy the video: a white man dies and a police officer!

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  • Liberal leaders let them see Trump directly or better interpreted or misinterpreted by their news networks of the anti-Trump campaign?

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    Are you able to hear two minutes of the orange? Or is your mind already closed and formatted?

    They are prohibited from listening to Tucker Carlson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pat Condell, Watson, Shapiro, etc. Not yet? Like self-censorship imposed from above ...

    I've seen those things, it may be happening in the US right now.

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  • When a yahoo note says that celebrities and celebrities ask for more Facebook censorship of messages of violence it is about Trump followers?

    At least that's the way it is in Eurabia, those who criticize political correctness are considered hate messages. On the other hand, Marxism, which would become the political party of hatred, is not touched or censored. And the religion of hatred, Islam, either.

    Di Caprio, Katy Perry asked for it and others that I don't remember.

    The politically correct Marxists call those who do not exactly follow their gender mythology dogmas: Nazis, fascists, far right, macho, homophobic, accuse them of hate speech, etc. Under every stone a fascist hides.

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  • This is the Marxist logic of BLM and antifa: it is incoherent?

    There is a lot of police brutality, especially against blacks. And what do we do, what strategy do we use against that? We took to the streets to break, burn, loot, steal and even kill. Result more deaths by police brutality both black and white. Aren't black lives supposed to matter and they pit them against the police who are brutal according to them? There is no less risky way to protest. Without going out into the streets hooded and full of hatred. Isn't it looking for more black lives killed by the confrontation generated? Do you want to defend blacks or your Marxist narrative? Because the method used is the best to achieve more black deaths. There is no better way? With elections, voting, etc. of trying to change police brutality without risking so many black lives and lives of all kinds (white and policemen of all colors too). Unless they are defending a lie that is inconsistent with statistics and serious studies.

    The strategy of BLM and antifa's Marxism seems to indicate that they do not really believe in police brutality to send so many people to confront the police (which is certain given the amount of crime that protesters commit). They know that the police are not that brutal and that this will not cause so many deaths.

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  • Liberals hold BLM hate speech responsible for shooting at police car?

    I mean, like in every Marxist protest they try to blame Trump. Or every violent right-wing response to the first Marxist violence is blamed on Trump.

    This time they will hold BLM and antifa responsible for the hatred generated !? (and the invention of 'systemic racism' supported by neither common sense nor statistics).

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  • How Democrats Support Marxism and Islam, Forget JFK and 9/11?

    A communist killed JFK one of the most beloved Democratic presidents, today they are allied with them. And in addition, a couple of Muslim women entered the congress after a couple of decades of a terrible attack perpetrated by Muslims (there was also another in the twin towers in 1993).

    How do you explain that change, that approach? On the part of the democrats not of both totalitarianisms. Totalitarianisms do not give in.

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  • Behavior of the 'peaceful' protesters very democratic, tolerant and reasonable, with their feet firmly planted in reality?

    What do Liberals / Democrats see in these videos, equality, pacifism, tolerance, democracy? They seem like fanatics, deniers of reality, brains washed by Marxism, hatred, a lot of hatred, formatted minds, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, pure violence, etc. I suppose liberal news networks will show you these videos ... Young people who might be enjoying themselves or studying are trapped by hatred, and may end up in jail or die. By fantasies.

    The thing about Obama's minister is incredible, the old trick of the infiltrator, Maxwell Smart would say, they are right-wing groups that appear at the demonstrations to provoke riots ... a trick that Lenin's grandfather already used.

    Do they call what is pure Marxism democratic? Pathetic.

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  • The respect of BLM / antifa has Hispanics and blacks if they belong to the police, what tolerance?

    We see that the Marxists of BLM and antifa provoke and provoke the police to react and thus become Marxist victims, heroes for BLM, antifa, university professors and liberal news networks.

    Do liberal news networks show these videos?

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  • Black and democrat with common sense, the others have lost it, stranger than an ET?

    A DEMOCRATIC representative and above all African American with common sense, understanding what is happening. What other Democrats blinded by their hatred of Trump are not doing.

    A unique case. Less surprise would an ET showing up on TV cameras than this black Democrat with common sense.

    You are really aware of the Marxist maneuver that tries to destroy the USA, as the former KGB Bezmenov said, listen to the Russian. He left out of KGB disgust, because he was forced to act like a scoundrel there.

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  • How true are these calls: Democratic voters repentant for fear of crime and Marxist vandals?

    In the video, former Democratic voters regret doing it because of the Marxist violence of BLM and antifa, scared one would say. Because of the lack of respect that Democrats show for freedom, private property, honesty (they care more about criminals, and if they are black much more), for the opinion of others, etc.

    Will this balance the choice, or is the Marxist ability to launder millennial brainwashes more prolific? I imagine older people who already have a wealth will not like much that they break, burn or steal what it cost them sacrifice to get, it is logical. Millennials have achieved little and nothing and they don't care. And on top of that, there are proposals to defund the police, which automatically means less security on private property and more murders, greater defenselessness of the honest, etc.

    Democrats should remember that JFK was killed by a communist for more Marxist conspiracy theories striving to prove otherwise.

    The video:

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