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  • Releasing music w/o a label? How do Independant artists work?

    Im interested - how do independant artists work? Do they literally do it on their own - rent a recording studio and photoshoot, or like? Can someone explain the basics?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 months ago
  • recording?

    I want to start a covers account on youtube but I can't afford a proper camera and mic attatched right now... Could I plug in a mic to my phone to film or is there any other filming methods I should use?

    1 AnswerYouTube2 years ago
  • med school advice?

    if I went to med school, how much free time would I have for singing? I love singing but im being told I cant do that as a career, because its too hard. Sciences are my best subject at school, and medicine sounds ok. Would I be able to perform at gigs with my singing or is there just too much work?

  • Do I follow my dream or stick to reality?

    Okay, so, I love singing and its my passion, the thought of doing it as a living and someday making it big, makes me so so happy. I m kind of scared that I wont make enough from gigs and wont be able to pay rent or buy food and stuff. My parents want me to do something more stable and get a better job, like medicine or law or journalism, but I really wouldn t enjoy it as much as I would enjoy singing. My parents say to get a degree and then I can do singing as a hobby, but I wanna focus on singing, and the only subject I really enjoy other than music is the sciences (partly because its so logical and easy to learn) but if I go to something like med school, its wasting 5 years of my life, and singers surely must start younger? But on this route, I d have a career backup or somewhere to go when I retire singing...? Or I could go to a performing arts university and get a degree in songwriting or singing based, and teach as a business if all else goes wrong? In an ideal world, I d just be a singer, and I understand I wouldn t get as much money as being a doctor, unless it goes really well, but I d enjoy it so much more... Could it really pay bills? Anyone got advice? The money issue sucks :((

    4 AnswersSinging2 years ago
  • thrift stores?

    okay, in america they have so many thrift and charity stores, big ones, and it’s so easy to find cheap clothing. In england, i can only ever find some crap that’s too small for me in a tiny charity store. anyone got any good thrift shops for a broke teen?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories2 years ago