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  • i broke things off with a girl, now shes cutting herself. what should i do?

    I started talking to a girl a week and a half ago. Im a senior, and after finding out she was a freshman, for me its too young, and with me graduating soon I'm most likely moving 12 hours away to were most of my family lives. So for obvious reasons, I broke things off with her, and I know I'm genuinely a nice guy, and I explained everything to her. But she didnt look at it in my point of view. She went right to assumptions and said it was because she wasnt enough. Now, a couple days after ending things, she is starting to send me pictures of her thighs with cuts from a knife. What should I do? Do i give her the attention shes been asking for over the past couple days (she spammed love quotes like "When you love someone but they love you back" and saying stuff that I was the only reason she was happy) (Keep in mind we only talked for just over a week). Or Do lay off and wait for her to eventually move on?

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  • Does your body/subconscious mind know what it feels like to die?

    I’ve had many dreams of dying before, but I had an eye opener dream about dying the other night. I was shot in the head and as soon as it occurred, everything became peaceful. I felt no pain, no anxiety, just waited for my death patiently with my eyes closed.

    I’ve heard you can only dream things only your mind knows about. Like a face in the dream that you don’t recognize is actually a face you’ve seen before in real life at one point.

    I was just curious if anyone knew, or if it’s impossible to know. Thanks

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  • Why would the glans of my penis still smell after a shower?

    About a year ago the doctor figured out that I had phimosis and a yeast infection. She prescribed a cream which didn’t help too much, and eventually I went to a urologist (around april). He said because I had never cleaned underneath the foreskin, a lot of bacteria gathered up so he said to wash underneath it. After sometime, I was able to clean it all out (I believe it was smegma), until there were no bacteria to be seen. However, there is still always a fishy smell, even right after a shower where i just cleaned underneath with soap. I shower and clean it everyday (not always with soap, sometimes a rinse with water but soap every other day so it doesnt dry it up) so I dont understand how its possible now for a smell to be there. Any ideas?

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  • Is it illegal to use any type of music from another Artist on Youtube?

    So I'm making a film for a game that will be roughly half an hour long or so and wanna have background music. Is it considered copyright to use any music and if so how can I get permission to use it?

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  • What is my sexuality?

    I'm male turning 17 soon and I'm not sure what my sexuality is. I don't find any genitalia arousing (penis/vagina). Porn is a huge turn off for me. I'm a virgin because the thought of having sex repulses me. Boobs don't arouse me neither. But, I can masturbate to a female in a bikini better than a nude female.

    I used to think when I was younger (13) that my sexual interest in genitals would come in later teen years, but it hasn't. Since around that age I've only ever been primarily aroused by fetishes and still only am. I've thought I was asexual recently, but the fetishes do easily arouse me (feet, domination) and I have other sexual interests such as hand jobs and blowjobs. My sexual desire is there from those kinds of things, but they only include what others do to me, not what I do to them.

    I have had a little experience before as well. I had a girlfriend a couple months ago and it was my first relationship and every time we had hung out I was always erected by just her being there. Even if we were laying down watching a movie. The first few times we did sexual stuff I was aroused but after a couple times I got bored of it. Another time with boobs, I remember it felt like I was becoming soft and as I felt that I imagined the fetishes in my head to keep myself erected.

    I've asked this before and there's been controversial answers. A term that's always brought up however is sexual attraction and I don't know if I have it because I don't understand it.

  • What should I begin learning to become a cyber operator in the military?

    I want to become a cyber operator in the military. I've always wanted to work with codes and programming. Where should I start to get basic ideas and what should I practice?

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  • Am I asexual?

    To start off, I am turning 17 soon this year and I'm a male. I've done research on asexuality and I'm still a bit confused on it. Since I began masturbating, I've never been aroused by porn, or any genitalia. When this was the case a few years ago I didn't think much of it because I believed it would come as I got older and because I masturbated, it mean't I wasn't asexual. Now I realize this isn't necessarily the case. Since I began until now I have always masturbated to sexual fantasies and fetishes and I have tried masturbating to porn but it does nothing. The thought of even having sex is a turn off for me. Another thing I've always noticed was I can just think of these things in my head and become aroused easily, which I heard is known as cogitaisexual.

    However what stops me from believing I'm asexual is these fantasies/fetishes involve others, so I'm getting an arousal from other people (for example, a foot fetish, or being dominated).

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • How would you describe this sexuality?

    To start off, I'm turning 17 soon and I'm having difficulty figuring out my sexuality. Porn has never turned me on, as no genitals have ever turned me on before. And as pathetic as it sounds the only thing that turns me on are my fetishes (which was the first thing I unfortunately stumbled upon years ago and stuck to it. It is to the point that they are the only thing that do turn me on). I am attracted to girls, never have been attracted to guys. However, my fetishes turn me on from both genders and guys turn me on more (which confuses me because I'm not even attracted to guys). In short terms, it's like being attracted to girls and aroused by them, and finding no attraction to guys but being more aroused by them than girls. It's like my sexuality is asexual and bisexual but I'm not sure. Any help is appreciated.

  • Why do people believe in God?

    I personally never have and probably never will understand why anyone would believe in God. There is no evidence of him aside from a book that anyone could have created to manipulate a world population to believe something false. We make fun of how the Greeks believed in their Gods, like Zeus, Apollo, Ares, etc. Yet we have the same belief of an immortal being that was exactly like their beliefs.

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  • Is there a way to find out who an anonymous snapchat user is?

    A girl at my school made a fake snapchat to ask for nudes and I'm trying to figure out who it is. If we have each other both added, is there a way to find out if she won't tell me?

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  • Is heart disease/angina possible to have at 16 without medical family history of heart problems?

    I went to the doctor for anxiety which one of the symptoms I get with anxiety is chest pains. However, my anxiety is gone, and I haven't had to take a clonazepam prescribed pill in a month or so until last night (when my chest pains were bad). Although my anxiety is for the most part gone, I get random discomforts throughout the day in my arms, back, and mainly chest. I try to blame it on anxiety but it happens often at random times and has been for the past few months almost everyday. Can anxiety do this everyday even without having anxious thoughts or is it a sign of something serious? I told my doctor and she just booked me a heart scan in a couple months but the fact that I get these discomforts everyday concerns me.

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  • Is 3 large coffees in one day too much caffeine?

    they're from tims or mcdonalds. I get one in the morning, one at lunch time and one in the evening.

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  • Is throwing a party in the neighborhood of the city a bad idea?

    I'm throwing a party with about 30 people. Is it a bad idea?

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