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  • What song is this?

    (Punk indy beat with electic piano, guitar and tambourine, with a funky holloween beat to it, male singer, not a heavy metal song no screaming)

    Ev er body left, remember the day, you took me awayyyyyyy!

    Don't know what their looking for,

    Don't think I'll ever know.

    Maybe on the bed drill my head,

    The incision ble ehd!

    The wires in my brain, now and again,

    I remember her naaame!

    And as I drift away,

    Into my hiding place.

    Rock and Pop2 months ago
  • How can I get help for food when SNAP won't help?

    I live in Buffalo, NY,

    I make $36,000 a year and have to pay child support, 73% of daycare/medical expenses, car insurance, car loan, phone bill, gasoline and have no money left over to buy groceries, and have to live with family because I have no money to be able to afford rent, and I don't do drugs and work a full time job for 40 hours a week and get paid bi-weekly and drive a lot to drive accross town to pick up my son for visits

    17 AnswersPersonal Finance12 months ago
  • Which camera is a better sports camera for photos the canon 1d mark iii or the new canon 7d mark ii?

    which camera has a better focusing system in the field not just on paper

    2 AnswersCameras6 years ago
  • should you convert raw file to dng to edit in post production editing software like photoshop or edit in raw format?

    I've heard that dng is small in size but supposively has no loss in image quality. But if its smaller in size it has to mean that its being compressed which means loss of data; I've also read dng files are better for archival purposes than raw files which can become obsolete thus being unreadable in the future. So that being said which of the following should I do to obtain the highest quality print as possible:

    a) covert a raw file to dng, and then edit in post production program and then print

    b) import raw file in post production program, edit it, then covert the file to dng, and then print

    c) import raw file in post production program, edit it, and then print, then covert file to dng

    2 AnswersPhotography7 years ago
  • can you get insurance for camera gear after you purchased it already?

    i have lots of camera gear i bought off of ebay, i did not get insurance for any of it, is there a way to buy insurance after I have already purchased my gear?

    5 AnswersInsurance7 years ago
  • how can you raise money to afford a personal private indoor skatepark?

    I wanna have my own private indoors skateboarding park so that I can train in the winter so that I can become the best skateboarder that I can be, only problem is I dont have the money for it, can anybody tell me how to raise the money

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance8 years ago