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    What to do if my rat is itching here self to blood.?

    She started itching a week or two ago to blood. I had to separated her from her cage mate due to fighting about 3 weeks ago. I got them back together after slow introduction and now they are friendly to each other and me. But I still have a problem, she is itching her self only near her Neck and upper shoulders as well as under her chin ( under her chin is just 1 big bloody spot) any advice will help. Pleas help my little Dobby. FYI Dobby likes when I hold her like this.

    3 AnswersRodents10 months ago
  • What if my two female rats are drawing blood ?

    Poppy and dobby live in a huge cage which is meant for 4 ferrets. They are both bitting each other to blood but they never bite me. What to do?

    2 AnswersRodents11 months ago