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  • Old Nintendo 64 issue?

    Okay. I still have my same old Nintendo 64 that I had when I was a kid. I pull it out probably like once a month and have fun with the old games. The concel still works great. No issues with anything. But, recently, I bought an old Super Mario 64 (my favorite 64 game) and been having trouble with it. It works sometimes but sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes it works but all the games and progress is gone. And then the next time the old progress is back. Haha. Any tips for this old N64 game? Thank you!

    Don't tell me to get rid of it! 🤣

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  • Medi-Cal in other states?

    Okay. I'm a college kid from California and I have Medi-Cal. Well I'm going to college in Oregon and needed a special vaccine so I could register for my next quarter. I went to a local clinic for the vaccine and was just gonna pay out of pocket for it but they actually took my Medi-Cal and I didn't have to pay a thing. The person there was surprised too that they took my out of state insurance. Just curious if anyone knows why they may have been able to take it? No issue, just curious. Thank you!

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  • Can I get the measles vaccine again if I have no record of getting it?

    I need proof that I had a measles vaccine to register for my next semester of college. But I have no record of getting one but my parents expect that I did when I was little. But no one knows for certain. Would it be safe to get a measles vaccine now even if I did have one when I was little? Thank you.

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  • What's wrong with YouTube on my phone?

    Okay. I have great signal and wifi in my apartment. And I can search around on chrome and all my other apps that need web are working fine. But, when I open up YouTube no videos want to play. I can search just fine on YouTube. Everything comes up nice and quick. But when I select a video it just sets there and loads. And never plays! I'm having this trouble on my Galaxy s10. Any tips? Thank you.

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  • Good excercises for bone density?

    I'm 24, my doc recently said that after I had a bone scan that a few were less than optimal. Not crazy bad, just need some extra exercise to get and keep them well. I'm a broke college kid and can't afford a gym membership or any big weights or machines. Just curious of any exercises that are known to help with bone density. Thank you.

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  • Kick starting 2001 KLR250 in the cold?

    Okay. I bought this street legal KLR 250 earlier this year. In the spring and summer it fires up first kick every time almost. But now that it's cooled down it takes forever to start. I'm a broke college kid and this is regular cheep mode of transport until I get the money for a 4 wheeled vehicle. Anytips to kicking this thing over in the cold? Thank you.

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  • I want to know if I have any mental health condition?

    I'm 24, going to college and have always, my entire life had many strong symptoms of general mental unsteadyness. But, only the past couple years or so, I have become conscious of it. I've looked up symptoms and taken many free online mental tests to see if there's anything specific I may have. Well, I hold a strong majorority of the symptoms of ADHD, also I found recently that a few close family members have ADD and ADHD. And both sides of my family have notable other mental issues. I'm not claiming to have ADHD or anything else, but I would really like to know if I do. I tried to talk to my doctor about it last time I spoke to him but my social anxiety clogged my lips and I couldn't seem to bring up anything other than my strong anxiety and he just said to see a specialist. Are there any tips you could give? How I can find out, or gain the bravery to ask my doc.Thank you very much.

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  • How to find out if I got the measles vaccine?

    Okay. I'm 24 and I personally have little knowledge of my medical history because of memory loss I suffered from. Well I just moved up to Oregon from California for school and the University requires proof of the measles vaccine. Well I don't have any proof and don't even know if I had it. Any tips on who to ask and get proof if I did? My family is pretty forgetful too. Haha. Thank you!

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  • How to enjoy what stresses me out?

    Long story. I'm a college kid living alone with crazy social and other anxiety. I am at my dream university and really everything has been going my way, but since I started school I have been falling very far behind with everything. Not just school. I can't seem to get myself to do anything, even stuff I used to enjoy because I'm scared of the stress simple actions will give me. Even taking a walk seems to stress me out because I'm anxious about time wasted walking, or making a bad assumption of how warm or cool it is outside. Everything is stressing me out! And I am having a hard time getting to them because I am afraid of possible mental, physical, and other pain I may get from them. Schoolwork, work, daily activities, watching TV, playing games, going for a walk, talking to my family. Everything! Any tips on getting past this fear and maybe making myself enjoy the actions I have? Thank you.

    I hope that made sense.....

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  • Why can't my Psychologist see me?

    I'm a California resident. My permanent address is in California but I'm currently going to a university in Oregon. I recently started seeing an online psychologist that accepts medi-cal but once they found out I'm in Oregon they said they couldn't see me. Why is this? I'm a California resident, my permanent address is in California, and I have Medi-Cal as my insurance. Why can't they see me? I'm just here temporarily for school....

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  • Who should I talk to about memory, studying, and school?

    I have great trouble with memory. Mostly vocab memory. I remember concepts easily, but words do not stick. I am 24 and do have minor, very minor, brain damage. When I was 16 I got a disease that swelled my brain and scared it. As a consequence, I do do not remember before October 2012. But, in the past 8 years I have healed and in some ways am better than I was before. But I have a very hard time with certain parts of my memory. I can remember faces, personalities, opinions and facts about people easily, but names are very, very difficult. And the same with school. I can easily remember a concept or an idea but the vocab to match is very difficult to remember. If I read a textbook the words flow in and out quickly. I don't remember the sentence I read before. Same with lectures. Unless a concept or visual example is given along with what I'm being told I can't seem to remember. And asking questions is difficult because I don't seem to know what I don't know. I'm at a university (my dream university actually) majoring in my scientific passion, Biology/Ecology, and am having great trouble learning and keeping up because of this. I am looking for help and would like any suggestions on who to talk to. I have spoken to my doctors, and teachers, all gave kind tips, but no definite answers or suggestions on others to talk to. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  • Attachment image

    Does this look like a bruise?

    It's on my leg. Feels like a minor bruise but I don't remember getting it. Noticed it today changing. Also, not used to having bruises that color. Haha. Just curious if it looks like a soft bruise to anyone else. Thank you.

    Injuries1 month ago
  • Good replacement app for MP3 and other audio files after loss of Play Music?

    So I've used Play Music forever to play downloaded mp3 music as long as I can remember. And now that it's gone I'm having trouble finding an app to replace it. Just a simple app that I can make and play mp3 playlists on and start where I left off at when I open it up. That's the big issue I've had with the other apps I've checked out. Can't continue on the Playlist I left off on from where I stopped. Have to restart Playlist each time I open it. Seems pretty simple to me. App I can make playlists with my mp3 files and continue where I left off when I open the app. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  • Does meditation effect memory?

     Some I am 24 and have always had anxiety problems of all different kinds, as long as I can remember. Also, because of an illness I had when I was 16 I have memory issues. I can remember events, places, visuals and concepts great, but I have great trouble with my vocal memory. Also, I have memory loss of my life before I got sick when I was 16.

    Anyways.... With my very bad anxiety I finally started talking to someone. And they suggested meditation. Well, I have heard and been suggested meditation before, but I also heard that it can affect your memory. I don't remember whether in a positive or negative way but I was hoping to get some inside to it before I start. Just want to be safe. Like I said, my vocal memory is very bad from the illness I had and with me going to college it makes me nervous using a technique that may make it even harder for me to learn. If anyone has any information, experience, or knows of any credible works that can inform me, it would be very appreciated. Thank you all very much.

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  • Can I buy and register a car in Oregon if I'm from California?

    I'm college student in Oregon but a California resident. And with the program I am on at my university I must remain a California resident for the financial program I am in with my university. But, being a California resident, with a California driver's license, could I still buy and register a car in Oregon? Thank you.

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  • Laptop suggestion?

    Okay, I've had my laptop for about 10 years now. It's a Toshiba (don't know exactly what it is) and it's still running great. Updated to Windows 10 of course along with other small updates and it's still great. But it's got some small ageing to it. Runs great, still in great condition but runs a little slow with some of the programs and tasks I use it for. Not super slow, but it could do better. It holds a little over 500 GB and thats plenty but I may need a little more storage. It's a full size key board and all the goodies. No complaints, just got looking for something a little faster with more storage. Doesn't need to hold much of a charge, I mostly use it at home anyway. Just want to be able to take it to school every now and again. I like big laptops like this with the full keyboards and plenty of storage. Also, I'm not a gamer but I love Minecraft on my lazy free time. If I can play Java Minecraft well it would be a plus.

    So that's what I'm looking for. Laptop with full keyboard, large storage, and can play Java Minecraft. Haha. Thank you.

    Oh, I love Windows and deny any other operating systems. Haha. Thank you.

  • OHV Forums For The State Of Oregon?

    Just moved to Oregon. Love to ride off road and looking for some place I can talk to others and get some good info about riding up here. Thank you.

    1 AnswerMotorcycles3 months ago
  • Brother Bear Movie Troubles?

    Okay, this has bothered me for years! I love the movie Brother Bear but I have one issue with it.... Why the hell does Koda forgive Kenai for killing his mother! I don't care how close they got in that short trip, he shouldn't have forgiven him for that. Especially not so quickly! Does anyone else agree or have a good explanation for this oddity? Haha! Thank you!

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  • How to leave Safeway union once done working for them?

    So, I'm a college kid and was working for Safeway for almost a year and I remember I had to fill some stuff out about some union after working there for a while and a few of my checks would be taken off. Well, I just moved because of school and got another job at another company, and before I moved I heard someone I worked with say I need to leave the union or I'd still be charged. I have no idea about any of this but don't want to get charged anything. what do I need to do? If anything? Thank you.

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  • Why isn't my do I have no internet connection?

    I finally got my spectrum internet (that's all I have and need). I followed the directions and set it all up but when I connect to my WiFi I have no internet access. The lights on the modem keep flashing on and off. No set pattern it seems. I know I could expect to wait up to 20 minutes to solve the issue but I've waited over an hour with no progress. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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