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  • Bigger after surgery?

    I had a breast augmentation five days ago. I was weighed before my surgery and was 109. Immediately after surgery, I went up to 116 and I don’t understand how. I realize implants do add a little bit of weight, but I got 355cc implants which shouldn’t have added that much. It’s been five days and I still weigh 116. How is this possible? I feel like I even look a little bigger. Is this normal? Will this eventually go away?


    8 AnswersOther - Skin & Body3 months ago
  • Info on CareCredit credit card?

    If I have a credit card with Care Credit and have a credit limit of $6,800, does this mean I can use that amount towards another surgery? I have the credit card from a dental surgery and am needing another surgery. I’m just not exactly sure how that works. 


    3 AnswersCredit4 months ago
  • ABS and brake check lights on in 2011 Ford Escape.?

    I have a 2011 Ford Escape. I'm taking it o my mechanic tomorrow, but figured I'd see if anyone knew what this might mean. The ABS and the brake light both came on yesterday. What could this mean and is it unsafe to drive until I get it looked at?

    Thank you.

    2 AnswersFord6 months ago
  • How long do you have to be married to someone for them to obtain a green card?

    How bad of an idea is it to marry someone so they can get a green card? I have a friend from India asking me to do this for him. I know it s probably a bad idea, so no bashing or name calling needed please. I just want to know the steps and requirements for this and what all happens.


    16 AnswersImmigration2 years ago
  • Can i eat turkey jerky after a tooth extraction?

    I realize this may be a stupid question, but I've never had teeth extracted before which means I've never experienced this. So please keep rude comments to yourself please. I had three molars in the top of my mouth extracted on Thursday, four days ago. I had a heal check today and they're healing "perfectly" Since the surgery, I've eaten mashed potatoes, jello, pudding, and goldfish. I LOVE turkey jerky. Would it be possible at all to eat it now? It's already pretty tender, but i don't mind cutting it up if i need to or whatever. I just wanna know if it'd be okay.

    Thank you!

    1 AnswerDental2 years ago
  • Roper washing machine not spinning?

    I have a Roper RAS6233KQ0 that is draining, but not spinning. Earlier this year, the washer stopped spinning AND draining and I was able to repair it myself by removing a couple screws to access a cracked part underneath the hood that I was able to make hold together with a ziptie. This has been the first problem since I repaired this. This time, however, it drains completely but won't spin. I've tried looking it up and came up with lid switch problems or maybe motor coupling problems. Both repairs seemed somewhat complicated and I'm not confident enough in myself to attempt fixing it. I'm reaching out because I'm curious as to if someone has experienced this problem before, also? And if so, what was the reason? Were you able to repair it yourself or did you hire help? How difficult was the repair or how expensive was it?

    Please no comments berading me for trying to fix this myself instead of hiring someone. By no means do i plan to do that. I just want to know of other people's experiences with this sort of problem.

    Thank you.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • Possible punishment for possession of a controlled substance?

    A friend of mine was on his way home from an independence day celebration and was pulled over by a police officer on his way home. He was arrested for having a quarter of shrooms. He has no prior convictions and has never been in trouble with law enforcement before. What kind of punishment might he be looking at? Prison? Fees? Is this a felony? I'm just curious.

    Thank you.

  • Questing about Wells Fargo mobile checking deposit?

    I deposited a check through the Wells Fargo app a few minutes ago, around 4:30. The check was accepted. It's been about five minutes and it still hasn't appeared in my account. It says the deposit is pending. Will the deposit be available today or tomorrow?

    Thank you.

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance5 years ago
  • My dog's eye is swollen?

    I have a two year old female shih tzu. She likes to go outside with me and my boyfriend sometimes and hangout. Today, we noticed her eye is swollen and kind of red. Could this be an allergic reaction? Should we go ahead and make a vet appointment or should we keep an eye on it?

    Thank you.

    4 AnswersDogs5 years ago
  • My Acer tablet won t recognize any wi-fi?

    Last month, I got an Acer tablet for my birthday. It has the keyboard you can attach to make it like a laptop. Anyway, I ve never had any problems connecting to the WiFi at my home. This morning, though, it won t recognize any WiFi. There s nothing wrong with the WiFi, it works perfectly on my phone and my boyfriends laptop. But my Acer won t recognize ANY WiFi. What can I do??


    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks5 years ago
  • Average wage for a vet technician?

    I've been working at PetSmart as a groomer for a little over three years. I make anywhere from 350-600 a week. Recently, I was offered a full-time position at a veterinary clinic. I've thought about looking for a job with pay that doesn't fluctuate so much, but where I can still make about the same amount of money. How much does the average vet tech make? I've read anywhere from $11-15. I'd love to hear from current vet techs.

    Thank you.

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • How do I set apps to download automatically to the sd card on my phone?

    Recently, I bought an HTC Desire 510. The internal storage is very low, so I purchased an ad card. I unmounted the 4gb sd card it came with, and replaced it with a 16gb. I've changed the setting in my phone to automatically switch apps I download to the setting card. I moved all of my apps, pictures, and music to the sd xxx card. Now when I try to download any apps, it says storage is too low on phone, even though I have it set to download on the sd card. I literally have nothing on the internal storage of the phone, but I still can't download anything. Is there a way to switch it manually?


    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans5 years ago
  • My dog vomited after taking her first dose of Trifexis?

    I have an almost two year old shih tzu. She's very healthy. She just had a check up at the vet a couple of weeks ago and everything checks out great. We ordered her Trifexis, since the topicals stopped working as well in this southern heat. We waited well over a month from her last topical application to give her the Trifexis pill. She had her breakfast about an hour and a half ago. About 30 minutes after, we gave her the Trifexis. She was too smart to eat it, so we had to put it down her throat and help her swallow it. After which, she drank some water. About 30 minutes later, she vomits. It's a small amount, and we can't see anything that looks like a pill. Then, she vomits again. And we're pretty certain she threw the pill up that time. I've googled it and apparently it's happened to quite a few dogs. Most people said it worked best if taken directly after a meal. It was also on Greyhounds, so there's a huge difference there, too. (lol) But has anyone else had any problems like this with their shih-tzu, or other small dog? What did you do?


    4 AnswersDogs5 years ago
  • Can my financed car be repossessed if I don t have full coverage?

    Okay, first of all please no lectures or judgement. This is JUST a question. I m in a very hard financial spot right now, and full coverage insurance is getting very hard to afford. I have a financed car with DriveTime. Would it be possible to switch my insurance to just liability for the time being, until work picks up? What would happen if I were to do this?


    4 AnswersInsurance & Registration5 years ago
  • How should I introduce my kittens?

    I have a 4-5 month old kitten. Ive had him a little over a month. Today, I'm getting another kitten that's a bit over 2 months old. How should I handle introducing them for the first time? Will my older kitten have a problem?


    3 AnswersCats5 years ago
  • Netflix on an older tv?

    have an older tv. The kind with a big back, but still had a flat screen. There s no HDMI port. I don t have any game consoles. Is there another alternative so that I can watch netlflix?


    2 AnswersTVs5 years ago
  • Could I break my lease if my car was broken into?

    I'm a 21 year old single female. I just moved in to a new apartment a couple weeks ago. Today, my boyfriend and I were cooking dinner and after we ate, decided to go to the store. We noticed the light in his car was on. As we got in, we noticed everything in the glove box and other compartments in the car had been strewn across the seats. They left everything open. Would it be possible for me to break a lease for this? My boyfriend only stays a few nights a week, and now I'm terrified to be here. Please help.


    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police5 years ago
  • Question on pet insurance?

    I just got a kitten, and I'm wanting to set him up with insurance from VPI. It'll run about 45$ a month. What I'm trying to figure out is do I have to pay for the first month up front? It's asking for my card information, but i need to know if it's going to charge me now or the first of the month, since the coverage would start June 1st. There is no deductible, so it couldn't be that.

    Thank you.

    6 AnswersInsurance5 years ago
  • My kitten won't stop eating its litter?

    I just got a kitten today. I had to take him, or his previous owner was going to drop him off in the woods somewhere. I've had him for about six hours, and I can't get him to eat anything. When I put him in the litter box, he tries to eat it. I was told he eats dry food but he won't touch it. Wet food, he just kind of sniffs it then walks away. He drank a little water earlier. But every time I put him in his litter box, he just tries to eat it! I was told he was litter trained, too.

    4 AnswersCats5 years ago