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  • Puppy troubles?

    How can we help get our puppy acclimated to her new home?

    We just got a 9 month female black mouth cur a few days ago. She was the runt of the litter and had 4 older brothers. When we got her she was very skittish. Its been a few days and shes calmed down a little but she follows me constantly. She's never been inside before so she wants to be in all the time. She wants to lie right next to me, in my face. We're giving her toys treats, designated spaces for her like a doghouse outside. We also have a two year old and I hope they can bond more in the future. But when we leave her in the backyard she whines! She scratches the doors and flips out. How can we help her be ok with being outside by herself and not follow me all the time? At some point we're all going back to school and work and later this month we're going on a short vacay without her. Will this just take some time for all of us to get used to this? Thanks!

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