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  • tattoo that represents being indecisive?

    I'm a very indecisive person. I want to get a tattoo that represents my inability to make a decision lightly. I need ideas. The only requirements are that it shouldn't be larger than a normal post-it, I'll get it between my shoulder blades. I was thinking about a compass without any cardinal points written on it. Any other ideas?

    3 AnswersTattoos7 years ago
  • New York trip on a student budget?

    I'm coming to the US this summer and by the middle of September I was thinking about taking a 5 day trip to NYC with a couple of my friends. I don't want a professional trip that'll just show me the typical places. I'll take the bus tour of course, but I want something more. I was thinking of finding a local student that'll be like a tour guide, who knows places that only a local would know. I want the real NY experience, so to say, instead of walking around in a "I love NY" t-shirt. Could something like that be possible? Would it be safe? Of course, I'd be willing to pay this person, I don't expect it to be free. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    2 AnswersNew York City7 years ago
  • Trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, FL?

    Hey. I'd like to hear some advice about how you got there, especially if you're from MD. How did you book tickets, where did you stay, how long did the trip last, things like that. And most importantly, what were the prices and how much the whole trip cost. Thanks!

    4 AnswersOrlando8 years ago
  • Going to Vidauban, France?

    Hey, so i'm going at the beginning of August. I want to know where can i find markets (i want some lavender), flea markets, cosmetics near Vidauban. Also, i'd like to know where can i buy fabric or clothing. Thanks!

    1 AnswerOther - France8 years ago
  • i only remember the chorus of a song, and it has no lyrics!?

    I went to this rock club and i heard an awesome song. I only remember the melody of the chorus, because it has no lyrics, it's only a lot of voices. Where can i compose this melody so i can upload it in case someone recognizes it?

    1 AnswerOther - Music8 years ago
  • what is wrong with my cat lately?

    my 11-month-old male cat has started to act strange.he used to be very sociable but for a month now he started to get scared really easily.he gets scared when i approach him. he meows a lot lately, and when i try to pet him, he tries to claw my hand.he still has an appetite.he is not neutered, and has been shedding for the past 2 weeks.i have had male cats before, none of which have acted this way.i'm really concerned,especially for the fact that in my town the vet doesn't know how to treat cats.he is an outdoor cat.what's wrong with him?

    2 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • can anyone draw a tattoo?

    i really want to get a tattoo for my 21st birthday(this september).but i can't really draw, and all the tattoo artists i've talked to couldn't make one that i like. i'd like a tattoo symbolizing air, drawn in blue, green, purple and maybe some silver highlights. i don't want chinese/japanese writing. i just want something that gives me a light, airy feeling, like it's floating. i'd also like feathers, stars, wind in there. the tattoo will be on my middle back. please help me in any way you can... i'll be wearing it on my skin for the rest of my life!

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration1 decade ago