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  • Breaking my Lease?

    My landlord is suing me stating that I broke the lease. I gave 3 months notice that iij wouldn't be renewing the lease due to the fact that she wanted to increase rent 150-200 w.hen I was only renting room from her, and she wanted to include fees such as cleaning and household items which I was already contributing to. I decided to leave when she banned me and another tenant from using the A/C. I told her I was moving, and she kept my deposit. She then proceeded to harass me and send letters claiming she would sue me for stealing, cleaning fees, and unpaid rent. I read my lease again, and it isn't stipulated that there are fees for breaking the lease, and there isn't  a clause about breaking the lease or even late fees. Does she have any type of legal claim?

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  • Why would he do all of this if he doesn't like me?

    I met this guy from an online dating site. We hit it off, and decided to start as friends and see how it goes. Typically we would only hang out every other week because we live an hour apart....but in general we see each once or twice a week now. I'll stay over at his house or vice versa. We would do different activities like walks or even movies and shopping. It was just like we're were friends. Then we got more intimate with cuddling. Finally about 6 months in and we do have intercourse. He started also holding my hand in public. He's not a very affectionate person, so it was a big step. My feelings were growing with all of our I told him how I felt and he rejected me saying he didn't see that way. I don't quite understand, because everything he has done seems to point to the opposite.

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  • What kind of job prospects would I have with an Associates of Science degree with a specialty in Chemistry?

    I'm going back to school in spring, there is a really affordable community college. I was wanting my credits to transfer easily. Most of my classes were in science. So I figured either chemistry or biology would be good. I'm just not sure what all i can do with an associates in science.

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  • Why is he sending mixed signals?

    For the past 2 months, I've been seeing a guy I met from OkCupid. Recently we have gotten more intimate by cuddling and holding hands. Sometimes we even flirt about having sex. Other than that we typically spend time together two to three times a week. Usually something together in public like an arcade, and the another day I'll spend the night and we cook dinner or breakfast the next day. We'll sleep in the same bed but never do more than cuddling. I asked him where our relationship was going and he said he doesn't see us lasting long term, but his actions don't really seem to match what he says. The last time we hung out it got even more physical with him touching me down there, also he started kissing me. Do you think he just wants a casual relationship, and I'm thinking too much into things? I just want to know what he wants but even his answer previously was a bit confusing because he complimented me and said all of these things he liked about me...and proceeded to say he doesn't think our relationship will last

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  • Should I move out ASAP?

    My roommate and I agreed to part ways due to her being unable to ever pay her portion of bills on time. Also because to me personally she is extremely unclean. She leaves her period pads in her room, and makes messes in the kitchen, and never cleans them up in addition to never washing dishes and letting her food mold over in the sink. And on top of all that never has her portion of any bills on time. We gave the landlord our 30 day notices I m moving out the end of April into my own place. However lately I have been getting bad vibes from her and think ai should live asap. She has gone from being friendly to pretending that I don t exist. Then she gives me the silent treatment...and something about her seems off and it is scary. She claims to finally have enough to get her own place so why is she like this? Also should I just leave and stay in a hotel until I can move to my new place? Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Why do I pee on myself now?

    Recently within the last year I have been urinating on myself after I have taken a shower. This is despite me well...peeing while I shower. When I leave the shower initially I feel normal...but when I start to dry off I have the sensation that I have to pee but then it comes and goes in waves. I have peed myself multiple times. I m frustrated because I am only 24 year old female and I feel like something is wrong please help.

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  • Can I sell a car that I am still being financed on?

    I have a 2007 Chevy HHR LT that I was financed for 2 years ago. I was forced into getting the car by my parents who had no credit whatsoever. Our family desperately needed a vehicle. I was 19 at the time of getting the car, and we had just lost our home and I was the only one who had enough credit (which I had from student loans) to get a car. No one cosigned with me, and I ended up getting the car, for a little over 10,000 dollars. My parents promised to make payments on it since the car was being used by the even though it was in my name. I moved out, and I started receiving mail saying that the note was in default and will be repossessed. It turns out that they hadn't made any payments whatsoever on it. And that my credit was and is in jeopardy. I'm looking to sell it for the full pay off which is around 8200 dollars. Will I be able to get that much for the car, it has some damage which was done by my parents. I see that it is selling on ly for 6,500 and I need almost another 2,000 to get rid of this loan. What can I do?! I am really stressed out.

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  • Which minor goes best with environmental science?

    I have recently changed from a nursing major to an environmental science major. I know that s a big switch, however, I realized I like working in a less stressful environment while still solving problems. Currently I am deciding on a minor, as my school will automatically offers one in the curriculum. I have a lot to choose from they are: Animal Science, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Forestry, Geographic Information Science, Geography, Geology, Physics, and Plant Science. I am leaning more towards, chemistry, geographic information science, a geology. Which one out of the whole list would be the most complementary and marketable when it comes time for me to go job hunting?

    1 AnswerEarth Sciences & Geology5 years ago
  • Why does it look like I lost weight when I didn't?

    So, for about a month now I've been going to the gym for 2 days a week. My goal is to lose 40 pounds. I am really over weight. i'm 5 ft 4 and weigh 180. I used to be really active i would bike every day and I was on the fencing team in high school. I noticed that ssince starting back with exercising that people ask if I lost weight but I haven't. People ask if I do sports...maybe I look athletic. My measurements have gone down a little, but my actual weight hasn't. Do i just tone easily? I really don't quite understand. I do cardio for 2 hours a week and I do light weights on weight machines for my legs, arms, and I also do at least 70 crunches one to two times a week. What could I do to actually make my weight go down?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness5 years ago
  • Will My Fin. Aid Appeal Be Accepted?

    I've written a letter of appeal, and I was wanting to know if these reasons would be enough for my financial aid to be reinstated. The first reason was the loss of my grandfather in my freshman year of college, after this caused my family and I to struggle to make ends meet, after which, I transferred schools to work and study. However, we ended up getting a writ of eviction which caused us to be homeless, after which I no longer had studying as my priority, and I had to support both my grandmother who was unemployed and myself. Also, I'd like to know exactly what documents I'd need...I'm kind of strapped as to how I would get documents proving homelessness and eviction, as I no longer live with my parents who moved out of state. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'd like to know the odds of me being able to get my funding back if these are my reasons.

    3 AnswersFinancial Aid6 years ago
  • Which degree would be more helpful in becoming a Wildlife Biologist?

    I'm switching majors soon, and I wanted to know whethter Field and Organismal Biology or Environmental Biology would be more helpful to getting a job as a Wildlife Biologist.

    4 AnswersConservation6 years ago
  • What can I do with a degree in Field and Organismal Biology?

    I'm switching majors very soon, and I was wondering what kind of jobs that I could get with a degree in Field and Organismal Biology. I know my curriculum would call for a deep study in both botany and zoologies, but that's about it. Would I do research concerning these topics for a living? Would it be easy to find a job in this field?

  • Switching majors, what should I do?

    So, I'm switching majors, and will be attending a different university this Fall. I'm an ex-nursing major, and I was trying to see if I could somehow recycle some of the credits that I have already earned. However, I want to make sure that I can somehow get a job. I've been turned off of pursuing an occupation in the healthcare industry, and I'm looking at Biology, Chemistry and Spanish. I don't think that Spanish is really an option because I don't see a lot of jobs open for that anywhere, whether it be for educator positions or translators. For biology, my school offers (that I'm interested in): Biology for Secondary Education, Field and Organismal Biology, Environmental Biology. For chemistry there is:.... well...chemistry (lol) and biochemical science. So, which do you think would be best financially speaking. I think that teaching would be my best option for finding a job fast, however, I think that if I ever want to change career paths, Biology for Secondary Education would stifle me, because I'd like to do field work and stuff like that. Thanks in advance for the answers, I look forward to hearing other people's perspectives.

  • Why am I having so many problems with my joints?

    So, I am a 20 year old female, and I've had different joints in my body pop before. I never really started to notice anything weird about it, but it became progressively worse since high school when I joined the fencing team. However, now that I've stopped fencing and am in college and working part time, I've noticed that I'll have intermittent pain when my joints pops through out the day. For example, when I wake up my entire body is stiff and if it's cold I ache all over, especially my shoulders and upper back. It makes it hard for me to want to get up at all. I feel like an old woman. Also, if I sit for more than 30 minutes, my lower lumbar region becomes really frigid, and when I get up from my seat, literally have my hips, knees, and lower back's almost like when you play the scale on the piano. My knee used to be my worst problem, because if I put too much weight on it (usually while going up the stairs), it feels like the left side of the bone is going to shatter. While all of this can be a big annoyance, my bigger problem is now my right shoulder. I don't know what I did, but if I somehow rotate my shoulder cuff, it doesn't just pop, it hurts really bad. It's become such a problem that I have trouble reaching for things on shelves at work. Do you know what is wrong, do I need to exercise or see a doctor? What can I do to solve this?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management6 years ago
  • What is my writing style like?

    Recently, I've picked up writing, and I'd like to know if, one, I'm any good at it, and also what my style is like. It's hard for me to judge and characterize my writing style, because I'd be so biased. I've also tried asking my friends...but they'd say it was good, just because they're my friends.

    Thanks in advance, for your opinions, even if they're brutally's best to know whether or not I'm good, and if I need improvement.

    Here's a piece of something that I'm writing:

    It used to be that my life consisted of me and my old man. But lately it seems as though it's taken an interesting path. With a new next door neighbor, my mundane life has become more than bland T.V. dinners, old syndicated shows, and work. Just a glimpse from beyond my sectioned off balcony, I get to see, or rather hear another human being. Who's from what I can tell from his late night monologue/smoke sessions with his aloe vera plant, a contrary man with a quirky, wry sense of humor. Sometimes I anxiously ponder whether or not he'll notice the straining of my ear to listen to what he has to say. Then, I wonder, why do I want to hear the self-babble of a man who talks to his house plants. After all, I've never even seen his face. The only thing I know is his voice, and this wooden fence that divides us. Then it occurs to me, perhaps, I've fallen in love.

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  • Is Switching to Spanish and French a good idea?

    So, I am currently in my Junior year of University. I'm a nursing student applying for nursing clinicals. I'm worried that if I don't get it, what would be my next step. I was wondering if switching to a double major in French and Spanish would be a good idea. I already have enough credits to where, I would only be graduating a year later than expected. I also enjoy learning languages, and in addition to speaking Spanish and French, I also know German. Also, the school makes it to where if you major in a foreign language you also have a major in education. So that would ensure that I could at least get a job as a teacher. Is this a good back up plan or should I pursue something else in the medical field? I can't seem to find anything that my nursing prerequisites could go towards. :/ Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Why didn't stop payment work?

    I recently put a stop payment on my Geico car insurance, because I wanted to switch to a cheaper provider, and they have been taking money from my account automatically. However, I found that the stop payment didn't work, and now I'm in the negative. I didn't even authorize over draft coverage. What should I do, I have no money, and when I get my check Friday, I won't have enough to pay my rent. Can I get my money back?

    3 AnswersCredit7 years ago
  • Should I drop out of college?

    Currently, I'm a nursing student (not in clinicals) and I had to transfer schools because my grandma has been unable to keep up the mortgage and can't find a job. We moved into a really run down house in order to have a place to stay. I only work 20-30 hours a week at Target, and she gets social security. I'm thinking of quitting because it doesn't look like she going to get a job any time soon, and my grades are terrible because I work at Target, and when I get off I have to work at home. I understand that I need to help at home, but what's the point in going to school if, one, I don't like my major, and two we need money. My grandma says she gives me all the time I need but with 3 online classes (and no internet) and 3 more classes on campus, I'd rather take a new job opportunity of making $15 an hour or more than wasting my time at school. I feel guilty wasting the money that I get from financial aid and scholarships when someone else could be using it. What do you think I should do? If I had to to do it all over again I'd go into college to be an translator/interpreter or do computer science, which are three of my strongest suits. I'd never do nursing just because my parents think I should be able to make a living. Also, the job I'm starting has to do with computers, so if I do go back I'll probably do computer science. Thanks in advance.

  • Is it a bad idea to take Japanese and Chinese at the same time?

    I'm a college student and I'm about to enter my junior year. I'm moving to Texas this summer, and I'll be taking some elective classes while waiting to get into nursing school, because I missed the deadline for the upcoming semester. I really enjoy learning different languages. Currently, I know Spanish, and German, French. I've been speaking and learning Spanish for about 5 years now, and German for about 3 years. I've been taking French for only a couple of months and I have the hang of it. I want to start learning Chinese because of the large community of Chinese-Americans in Houston...and it'd be great to talk to patients if their English isn't very good. Also, I want to learn Japanese because I've wanted to learn it since I was little. So, the question is...would it be a good idea to start learning both Chinese and Japanese at the same time...or would it be too much. I obviously have experience with learning foreign languages...but this is different seeing as these languages have a completely different alphabet from the Latin Alphabet. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long bio.

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  • Is there something loose in my guitar?

    So, I have an Ovation 2078AX electric acoustic guitar. I've had it for about two years now. When I bought it, it was originally a twelve string, but I re-strung it into a 6. I could not afford a guitar case for it, so I cleared a space in my closet for it next to my bass guitar. After a couple of months I noticed that when I picked it up, it sounded like something was loose and sliding inside of it. I haven't had much time to play it since I've gone to college and have no room in my dorm, and I'm going back home for a break and will start playing it soon. Also, I remember that the guitar played perfectly fine. It's just that when I pick it up I here something sliding. So, my question is: What is loose in my guitar? Also, is there a way to fix it?

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