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  • Contemporary women denial of submission?

    OK so im autistic and adhd so this stuff flies over my head and is confusing and I also have a tendency to overthink.

    So i've observed how women being submissive to there husbands was a common thing in the past, and now it is kinda faded away. But yet its still here, in a contemporary sense. Many women are still submissive to there wives, maybe not the same way but you can still see it happening at least subtely. So I see alot of women being "accomodating" to there wife, or in pop culture a man like kissing his wife to calm her down shes mad or something, which I find to be really sexist, you can just kiss someone when there mad at you, what if shes mad for a legit reason and hes like "oh ill just kiss her to calm this crazy ***** down." 

    I fear talking about this with people as they will be like "stop will ur being offensive you ened to watch what you say" or the "no im not submissive its just accomadation its not ur confused will u dont get it" or someting. it sucks cuz they are like super ******* on me about that whcih is perosnal and i wont get into. 

    So are contemproary, or modern era women submissive and in denial bout it (2000s,2010s,2020s), women my age (19) teenage girls and older women (20-30) middler age (30-40) are all include

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  • Teachers, why do some teachers like to blame victims of bullies and hate weird kids?

    First of all, before i start, I will be a bit humble and admit I understand your job is stressful and so many kids and its difficult. This is not an attack on you, but a few teachers I had I really think were evil.

    So if I can admit that, can you hear me out. I have autism and adhd so I have caused trouble non intentoinally and did my best all my life. I hated my self kind of for awhile. Like I would irritate people without realizing it. ANd wonder why they hated me.

    But the more i got older the more i realized how to be better, and to not play the victim.

    So basically I got bullied alot for just being myself and teachers were kinda hypocrtical and also treating me unfairly. and kids would bully me silently and i woul tell them to stop and they assumed it was me causing trouble. kids would bully me and get at me but it seemed they always assumed it was me.

    So now, enough about me, lets talk about what some of you do to other kids.

    When a kid is weird you will ignore him being bulied or take the side of the bullies? Why is this?

    Why do some treat them unfairly?

    How doesthatHelp them grow socially,it only makes them feel unworthyU criticize Emo and Punk kids and scene as troublemakers.and when a girl is bipolar crying bcuz ppl bully her and u teachers arent helping and she has abreakdown, alotofyou assumeShes faking forAttention when a black girl gets in a fight to defend herself or someone else, many times you assume shes being a ghetto bad ***** tryna start fights.

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  • dad smacks teenage daughters butt?

    whats your opinion on a dad smacking his teenage daughters butt and he claim it out of genuine affection and love for his little girl and not anything bad

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  • is my bf abusing me?

    i sticked my butt in my bf face this morning, he got mad at said STOP BEING SUCH A F*CKING WHORE and smacked my butt really hard

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  • I said I believed in evolution in school and now its causing drama help?

    I am an atheist and I believe in evolution.

    In science class I said I believed in evolution, and then my christian friend said she believes in evolution too, then some christians started saying "you cant believe in evolution and be a christian" and some other dude was like "chill ur being too religious thats not cool be like me the cool moderately religious christians who believe in evolution and the bible too" and then the other christians were like "no we are the cool ones cuz we believe in creation and adam and eve and stuff you guys are like so not cool and you are enabling this atheist guy to start talking his stuff. evolution is bad" and then they started fighting about me.

    they kept arguing about evolution and creation and who is cool etc

    please help

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  • Why are skaters more likely to get into smoking weed?

    So growing up my buddy of mine and these other kids were skater kids (im not bad mouthing them I love them all) Jimmy clint and lauren i love all3 of them2 death) got into weed and stuff and clint got into worse drugs. hes into meth now, poor guy got laced and then he kinda messed up now and i worry about him all the time.

    anyway, do u think skating culture is connected to weed and why are skater more likely to get into weed

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  • Is a girl sitting on a boys lap inherently sexual/romantic or can it just be for friends?

    So i'm a boy. and i have autism/adhd which makes this even more difficult for me to analyze. when i was younger i had a girl sit on my lap fetish cuz i love girls booties. and know some girls like to sit on there guy friend lap just friendly. i was being a horny little dude and kinda wanted to take advantage of that (i feel guilty for that and i know that was wrong)

    i hear it can be just friendly non sexual and alot of people do this. alot of teenage boy and girls who are kinda diffrent maybe idk and there just friends and buddies, maybe in emo culture or something, and they do this and it has no romantic or sexual overtones.

    i also hear it might give the dude testosterone boost by feeling her butt on his lap.

    dose the girl feel estrogen making her booty bigger as well? thats a theory i thought of.

    so anyways, can it just be friendly?

    and what are the chances of the guy or girl feeling hormonal?

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  • Is Red Foreman the main antaganist on That 70s Show?

    I need to update my That 70s Show villains wiki.

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  • Autistic boy smells girls hair, girl yells at him, teacher reprimands him? Is this right?

    This autistic boy was goofing around and kept talking about how he thinks this girl is cute and stuff and just talked to his friends and silly on a controlled level and went over to her after like 5 minutes of playing around with his 1 friend (he only has 1 it seems like) and smelled her hair and she screamead at him and the teacher told him to just leave her alone

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  • Why is it considered bad or just werid to lsiten to marylin manson, but its ok to watch horror movies?

    Manson makes some good points in his songs, has an edgy creative vibe, and is like a dark tone. Why cant you enjoy his musics dark tone in the same way we enjoy a movies dark tone, or a horror movies dark tone?

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  • Was anakin evil from the beginning or?

    I am autistic so this is already confusing but its even more confusng. And yes you can blame it on the prequels sucking and beng badly written. I love shakespearin tragedy, and the prequels was my first introudction to this formula, and since they were simple and visiually appealing and had edgy guy and had clones and CGI and edgy romance thing romeo and juliet, it s all very appealing to me.I like the prequels, but admit the criticisms are valid.

    In your opinion, was Anakin ever good or was he just a rotten apple from the start?

    the way the prequels are written they wanna say he good guy genuinly and became bad but also that he was a bad guy.

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  • Is rebelling against authority a form of Sadism & Masochism?

    Think about it. You are rebelling in school, or work, or against your parents, or the government, or law enforcement, or just anything you can't win over. You might escape them sometimes, and feel a sense of freedom and rebellion thrill from it, but sometmes you'll get punshed, severtiy depending on what u did and who you are rebelling from.

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