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  • Are there any foreigners in the Norwegian police forces?

    I was watching "the snowman" and I think it is odd that the explanation of the finger print scanner is given in english, and then it donned on me, that Fassbender, his boss, the lady, and many others are foreigners

    I remember in the show Lillyhammer that most if not 99% of the characters are Norwegians, and I thought(And might be horribly wrong) that norway was a "norway is for the norwegians" kind of place, so, that is why I got this doubt.

    Are there any foreigners working in the police forces(Or any other public services) or is this just for the sake of the movie?

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  • Old game in an island?

    I remember a game that came included in a laptop, possibly a toshiba, it was a few survivors of your choosing, from kids to elders, who were sent to search for a safe heaven to rebuild a village and suffer an accident and ended up away from everyone and had to rebuild their tribe, there was exploration, science, school, elder storytelling and farming, and you had to grow and improve the village, there game was a continuation of another game, that I DO remember

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  • 250 cc Air cooled bike in highway?

    I know that is not the best thing to use an air cooled bike in a highway trip, but a friend and I have a 250 and he is willing to ride with me to my parents house that is 400 kms(250 miles) away.

    Question is, I have ridden in hwy for very short distances(no more than 30kms(19 miles) so I really dont know, more or less how much time can I ride the bike before stopping for it to cool down?

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  • Liberec; Any one knows what is the cost of life and living standards of the city?

    I'm almost decided on going to srudy there(from mexico), and back home my salary is good, but compared to other countries it is crap, I'm not rich, gonna pay for this on my own and it is going to bleed me dry, so I want to know this because I know I can get a part time job but I don't want to run out of money and have to leave things half way

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  • IN Czech Republic; is there any difference in validy between a Technical and Normal university?

    I'me almost decided on going to study to Czech Rep. Instead of Russia, but I don't know if there is any difference, as the carrer I want to study is in the Technical University of Liberec, I know in Mexico there is almost no difference between a technical and a normal univsersity, but IDK in Czhech Rep.

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  • Razer Kraken Pro V2 vs Bose QC 35?

    I give my headphones a hardcore life.

    I have a pair of skullcandy buds for the gym but want an over the ear for both gaming and music outside of the gym.

    I had the Kraken Pro, green, but they suddenly stopped sounding just in the left side, and they are discontinued now, so I was wondering what would you think is better, I liked the deep bass of the Pro, and much better the one from the SC crusher, but I know bose is really good, I also know the price is way off between the two, but still, want to check with the community on their thoughts on both.

    And which one you d think is better for me.

    Thanks for the help

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  • Realistic panorama of studying and working in Lillehammer, Norway?

    I have been indecisive if to go and do this in Yekaterinburg(Russia), Jihlava(Czech Rep), or the aforementioned location. The doubt is on the living cost vs part time job salary in Lillehammer. Now, so that you understand what is my "standard" and background.

    I currently live in Mexico, and am used to a tight budget(due to a difficult childhood) even though I have currently a good salary, I'm lazy, so I cook just something not-so-complicated, like chicken or beef stew, stuff like that, nothing fancy(usually my chicken/beef stew has potatoes, Onions, squash and zucchini.

    I don't get tired of eating the same every day(although if there is a change I don't mind).

    I'm a basic guy, who is a 3 pairs of jeans, a dozen shirts and 3 pair of shoes a year kind of guy, and I already have some arctic clothing, so no problem there(High Level, AB, -30 to -40 in the two winters I was there, and even down to -50[Celcius])

    I don't like going to movies, restaurants etc, and prefer playing video games as an entertainment

    I love outdoors(even though I'm chubby) and prefer to go trekking, or mountain biking rather than go to the gym(although I'll go if there is a school gym)

    So, considering my lifestyle, and the fact that(as far as I found) I could only work 20hrs a week, and that I am going to pay for my own studies and am not rich, is it affordable? What would be the average life cost in said city?

    Thanks for your answers.

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  • Best motorcycle gear for cruising?

    I noticed now that I really have no idea about protective gear, I worked as an ATV tour guide in Mexico for some years and we only wore the basic protection and helmets, not really something more... Pro.

    So my doubt is, I'm planing to go study in Russia, and I have the idea of buying a bike in Moscow and ride to Yekaterinburg which is roughly 2000km(1200miles give or take) and will probably be on winter(No worries, I lived in High Level AB for 2 years, so got experience riding in snow-ice-BLACK ice) but I have no Idea what would be better, if a layered body armor or just a padded jacket.

    I hope you can help me :?

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  • Movie set in the metro?

    There is a movie, I'm not sure if is relating to the 11M or a British train bombing, but it was an accident/bombing on the end. The movie happens all in the metro, and is somewhat of a compilation of stories that link at some point, and all have as a background/secondary character a little girl, at one point on each and every one of the stories there is a flickering in the metro lights and on the last story, the one focused on the little girl that appears in all the others, there comes the explanation of the flickering and it is that, on that precise moment the explosion happened, and anything in all the stories, except the little girl's, is happening after the passenger's death, and the little girl is the only survivor of the train(and that is why her's is the last story)

    Can you help me find this movie please!?!? I've looked everywere but either I'm too lame or it vanished from the face of the internet

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