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  • Looking for new anime to watch? Yaoi? Yuri?

    Hiya! Okay, so I already have a pretty long list of anime that I want to watch, but..... for some reason, I'm interested to see if there are any I don't have on there that I might want to watch. Mainly, I'm looking for a few more yaoi/shonen-ai anime to fill it out, and some yuri, too. I don't mind watching in subs, and I prefer at least a little romance- but the more, the better.

    I have already watched Kyo Kara Maoh, Junjou Romantica, and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, (And please, nothing with like father/son pairings or little children! Something like Junjou would be awesome!)

    For yuri, I've watched Kannazuki no Miko, Yamibou (please don't recommend anything like this one! Yamibou basically sucked for me, lol), KashiMashi, Mai Hime.

    And I've attempted both Gakuen Heaven and Strawberry Panic and didn't like them much, so didn't continue.)

    Anyways, if anyone has any yaoi or yuri anime recommendations, I'd appreciate it! Thanks in advance for the help!

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  • What do you think of this story idea?

    Okay, I wrote a fanfic called 'Apathy'. It was slash/yaoi... so if this isn't your cup of tea, please leave now. I will not tolerate rude haters. Anyway, I was thinking of rewriting it into an original story, with a few edits, of course. Anyway, here is the rewrite/edited idea for an original story...

    It's about a man, a hardened soldier who has a clear love for making things go 'boom' and is loyal, dedicated, but somewhat immature at times. Clearly an unstable person, by most accounts. His military team is disbanded after an 'accident' that kills the teams leader and another. Our loveable yet unstable arsonist is left spiraling out of control... heading toward disaster as he is an adrenaline junkie and has nothing to do... when out of the blue, he hears that his ex-girlfriend has died in a car crash... orphaning her little girl. DNA test prove our hero is her father... let's call him Duane for the moment. Duane automatically, as the loyal and dedicated person he is, steps up to the plate to take car of his daughter. The man who is supposably his best friend, whom he respects a great deal and worked with, is dead set against him assuming custody of the young girl- since, let's face it... he's an ex-Marine with a fetish for blowing things up. Not father material. This causes a several year rift between the two friends.

    They are thrown back together again when two mutual friends- also from their former military team- go missing, presumed kidnapping. The general that oversaw their military team is concerned about a plot, a conspiracy, so she sends the second character to protect our new daddy, Duane, and his loveable daughter.

    What he finds is surprising. Both father and daughter love each other, the daughter is happy and well-adjusted and very intellegent for her age. So smart that she is being homeschooled because she is so far advanced of her peers. Against his better judgement... our second character finds himself falling for the charm of the little girl... and slowly he finds himself becoming attracted to her father. But their almost-relationship is hindered by their past... and by the present tension with their two friends still missing.

    It is eventually the daughter who figures out the who and where of the kidnapping, though of course no-one beleives her. She kidnaps the second character- we shall call him Charlie- in order to help hunt down and find the two friends of her fathers. She worms her way into Charlie's heart even more while poor Duane is beside himself with worry and trying to round up a search party to go after them.

    It has a heavy, heart-pounding climax with explosions and gunfights and heart-stopping moments when they think the little girl dies. Charlie blames himself and leaves, leaving Duane heart-broken and with an injured daughter. Eventually Duane manages to get Charlie to see nothing he could have done would have prevented the girl getting hurt and they agree to try making a more permanant relationship.

    So? What do you think of this idea? Anything I can improve on? Any ideas will be welcome! Except for flames and trolls. I hate trolls. If you can't at least act mature and civilized, then GO AWAY. Please and thank you in advance for all help!

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  • Help? Who should my princess end up with?

    Okay. I am writing a fanfic. It is AU, so it doesn't matter which series.

    The setting is fantasy... a medieval type land. The plot... well, two countries are at war. One that supports magic users, the other that wants to burn them all at the stake. The current king's niece has been disowned due to disobedience and the people from the magic using country have rebels plotting to kill everyone in the other country's royal family... this niece included. The disowned princess is not the main character. The main character are two people similar to commoners, each with different beliefs who want the same thing (peace) but with different ways of getting there... and she is more like a side character... but the princess is crucial to the story, as she will end up with the crown once her uncle and her cousin are dead. My question is WHO should the princess end up with romantically?

    Option A: Her magic using friend, a servant at the castle who she didn't know could use magic- keep in mind the princess abhores magic, though she eventually learns to change her tune on the matter. This servant helps her escape when the plot to kill all the royals is first revealed.

    Option B: The man who tries to kill her. Another magic user, sent to kill the royals. He, however, begins to doubt if he should kill her not. It is later decided that she might make a better leader than her uncle and that they won't kill her.

    Option C: Neither. She marries for the sake of her kingdom, disregarding what her own heart wants. If this option is chosen... which character does she forsake in the process? Keep in mind, both will love her, in their own ways, no matter which she chooses.

    Please help me! It is one of the few plot elements I can't decide on!

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  • Poll: Slash/Yaoi in fiction? Turn On/Turn Off?

    Okay, now my question is for a civilized debate. That means no bashing or flaming or hateful comments, okay? Please and Thank You.

    What are your opinions on the use of yaoi- commonly called slash- as a literary element in fiction? Times and views are changing, and seem to be becoming more accepting of the concept. I'm not just talking about main characters, but what if your female protagonist had a 'sassy gay friend', so to speak. Would it be a turn off for you reading that story just because of that? What about if the entire story *did* revolve around a homosexual or bisexual main character and if the love interest was of the same gender?

    I am asking this as a serious writer and reader to other serious writers and readers. I'd just like to hear people opinions.

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  • Can't connect to website?

    I'm having trouble. I can't connect to this one particular website. It's on my bookmarks/favorites, but i can't connect from there. Even going through a different site's link, I still can't connect to it. When I try to run a diagnostic, it tells me there must be something wrong with the sites server. But I've spoken to the site's owner/runner, and she has no problem, and she's had no other people come to her with this problem. Is it my computer? My internet? And it's just this one site! Someone please help!

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