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  • Why does my sister do this to me every time?

    My daughter is turning 6 next month. My sister older sister came up with a brilliant idea for me to throw my daughter a sleepover/spa party and she would help me with everything. I agreed and told 6 parents about the event that I was having for my daughter so they could bring their daughters. I told my daughter about it which she’s excited and was planning to order things for the event this weekend. My dad birthday is the same weekend that we plan to throw my daughter the party which my sister already knew. Today she calls me and said she just found out next month on that Friday a family member was having a small gathering as well as the next day which is Saturday. My dad birthday is on a Sunday. Then she tell me that basically we can still have the even Friday into Saturday but Saturday we have to go to the family gathering afterwards (meaning we will be rushing  my daughters birthday celebrations to go to someone else’s) she then tell me we can do Saturday night into Sunday but if they have a celebration for my dad (which we won’t know until the week of his birthday) then she won’t be participating in my daughters birthday event. I feel so bamboozled because we’ve been planing my daughters party and this was my sisters idea and now she’s putting it on the back burner. I have no one else to help me throw a party with 6 kids and plus I’m pregnant on top of that. I’m just annoyed that she’s flopping like this .

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  • How do I say this to my daughter grandmother without being rude ?

    My daughter grandmother (her dads mother) always take my 4 year old daughter hair styles out that I put in for her every time my daughter Leaves to stay over her house every other weekend. I use to think that her GM was doing me a favor by doing my daughter hair for me until I noticed that even when it’s freshly done she would still take it out and style my daughter hair the way ‘she wanted’ my daughter hair to look which really offends me now. She keeps putting it in a style that I said once before I never liked bc it tangles my daughter hair. My daughter leaves today to stay with her GM for a weekend and I want to tell her not to change the style of my daughter hair. I want her to know that she can REDO her hair in the SAME STYLE of my daughter hair starts to look messy but I don’t want her to take it out of that style that I put it in bc I like my daughter hair the way that I style it

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  • Women only question: have you ever been broken up with by your best friend/lover? How did you handle it ?

    Me and my bestfriend broken up Saturday and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. Neither one of us cheated or anything but I'm having a hard time letting go. We were together 8months

  • What should I do?

    My boyfriend broke up with me Saturday through text messaging. He has really been stressed and depressed lately with everything going on in his life . He pretty much said he need a break to figure things out. I was hurt bc he started ignoring me. It's like my bestfriend for 8months was snatched away from me. He asked if we could still be cool but I was so hurt that I told him "no". I was with him practically every day for 8 months. We didn't get to talk about it in person yet about why we can't get through this together but I think he at least owes me a face to face conversation so I'mma see if we can meet and talk. What do u think?

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  • How to move on after a heartbreak quickly?

    Me and my 8 month old boyfriend just broke up last night. He truly made me a happy girl, he was my best friend ..but he didn't appreciate me and he also is having a hard time financially and his car and everything not working and he is having a hard time getting his house to come together. So he is under alot of pressure. And I have been there for him but my support for him isn't enough to him apparently. but I just want to move on. I don't want to stress and cry anymore. I have a 3 year old daughter and I have to take care of her instead of wasting my time being depressed over a heartbreak. How do I get over it quickly?

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  • He hurt my feelings how do I respond 😥?

    Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 8months and more than anything we are friends first . He is a person who gets stressed and depressed easily and even when I can't fix his problems I try to offer him comfort and support through it all ..I just want him to be happy with himself , situation and life and I told him that. He vents to me about stuff and I am always am listening ear. He calls me or his mom to talk or to vent when he is going through something and always calls me if he needs help with something bc he have no one else . Last night he really hurt my feelings and made me cry. He said that he "doesn't have a good support system" . That hurt me bc even tho I can't always fix the problems they happens to him in life I am always there for him no matter what. And I always try to be supportive and help out the very best that I can even though it's not reciprocated. He is very ungrateful

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  • My boyfriend said this to me and made me cry 😔 how do I move forward?

    Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 8months and more than anything we are friends first . He is a person who gets stressed and depressed easily and even when I can't fix his problems I try to offer him comfort and support through it all ..I just want him to be happy with himself , situation and life and I told him that. He vents to me about stuff and I am always am listening ear. He calls me or his mom to talk or to vent when he is going through something and always calls me if he needs help with something bc he have no one else . Last night he really hurt my feelings and made me cry. He said that he "doesn't have a good support system" . That hurt me bc even tho I can't always fix the problems they happens to him in life I am always there for him no matter what. And I always try to be supportive and help out the very best that I can even though it's not reciprocated. He is very ungrateful

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  • I need help finding a really good poem for my deceased mother. Any help?

    So we are having a family reunion/celebration and my family want a poem about my mom who died 4 years ago. she was every one favorite aunt and sister. she was not the perfect mom at all. alcoholic, fun, rowdy, badass, down to earth, trash talking women that you would ever meet. she was honest and even though through my eyes i seen all of her characteristics as flaws, everybody who met her fell in love with her. they loved her. all of her neices and nephews saiid that she was their favorite. how can i find a poem that relates to her so it can be recited for my family event?

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  • Is it fair to ask my daughter father to keep her every other weekend?

    My daughter will be 3 years old next month. Her father is in her life he see her 4 days a week sometimes more if i asked him to keep her for a day or 2. he lives at home with his mother. Monday and tuesdays are his days to keep her. but technically he only haves her for a half of day on those days bc when his mom goes into work late on those days so when my daughter is there with him, his mom pretty much takes care of her until she goes to work.. then a few hours later i get off of work and i go to pick my daughter up. I work Monday through Friday 8 to 5 and when i get off of work i go straight to picking my daughter up from their house. On Wednesdays he is at work and his mom have her all day. Thursday and friday while im at work she is at daycare while i am at work and on the weekends when i am off of work i have her every weekend. if i want to do something i have to find a sitter which is frustrating bc 7 times out of 10 i do not have a sitter bc all of the sitters i know work on the weekends. his mom dont mind watching her if she doesn't have plans herself. she is off every other weekend. but i dont like to put that on her bc she isnt my daughters responsibility. i hate asking my daughter father to watch her when i want to hang out once every blue moon on the weekend bc he dont make me seem like he doesn't mind keeping his daughter. he always make it a big deal even though eventually he ends up keeping her for me that night but its nerve wracking asking him

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  • How would you deal with being disrespected like this?

    I'm a single mother of a 2yr old lil girl. her dad watches her 3 days a week and he lives at his Mom house. They still give her pacifiers and DIAPERS. I ORIGINALLY wanted her off the pacifier by age 1. why? bc I'm her mother and I didn't want my daughter on it after the age of 1. but her grandmother who AT THE TIME watched her 5 days a week and insisted and still continued to give her the pacifier even after I told her and her dad what I wanted. so I just allowed my daughter to be on the pacifier until she turned 2years old, which was last month..(I slowly winged her off) then threw them away. ) it was been 1 month and 3 weeks since she had a pacifier at home and she has been doing great with out it and have not whined for it and she don't evn wake up in the middle of the night for it anymore. aslo I've been trying to potty train her for the past 7months and she has been doing good, I have her in pull ups now and she tells me when she has to potty. but today when I picked her up from her dads house, they (his mom and hisself are responsible) had a pacifier in her mouth and a pamper on! then he hurried and took it out of her mouth when he seen me coming in the house. I was upset bc I clearly told him and his mom my pampers and no pacifiers but they never listen to me and do what they want with her. I feel very disrespected for the last time. How should I handle this?..i told him and his mom about my rules over and over

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  • Is she intimidated by me?

    My ex boyfriend sister is funny around me..she haves her days when she is really talkative to me and she has her days when she seems like she has an attitude and that she hates my presence. Her and i never been friends but always cordial to each other bc we have to deal with each other. I get uncomfortable when she is in a evil mood . i lowkey get timid ..i dont talk to her when she is like this..i actually go around as if she doesnt exists. Idk why she gets like this..i think its rude. How do i not become so intimidated by her. I think she is dope and i mentioned her actions to someone else and somrone said she maybe intimidated by me..idk but how do i not be do timid all the time

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  • How do I deal with this new guy that i am texting??

    I met this new guy almost 2 weeks ago. we casually met in a cell phone store. we have been texting every since and he treated me to lunch one day. After talking to him he is a guy that i am interested in getting to know a lot better. The only bad thing is that he texts like 2 hours at a time!! such a slow texter. right off the back i am over thinking that he isn t all of that interested in me. and this is everyday. th whole concept of texting is to have a consistant conversation, how can the conversation be really enjoyd if he is taking 2 hours to text back..its just that i really want to get to know him better so how can i not over think this situation, or should i just cut him off ?

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  • How do I get my life back after having a child?

    My baby girl is going on 2 years old..I have her after I come home from work and on my days off, it's VERY seldom that I don't have my child all bc of sitter issues..anyway I am always feeling like I need a break some me time ..but when I get a couple of hours to myself I have NOTHING to do or don't really want to do anything although I want to do something..does that make sense to you? right baby is with her grand parents for the day and I am sitting in my car. ! I don't have a lot of friends and when I try to hang out they are always busy or its raining or something happens ..and when they want to hang out with me I always either have my daughter or have no money to do anything it's kind of tough. And my sister..don't get me started on her..she only wants to hang out when she wants to smh so I am really just a loner..anyway Its just that with my free time I don't know what to do..I don't have a life without my daughter anymore and that is sad.! So today I am without my daughter for a couple of hours wanting to do something and I have no money! I am tired of sitting in the house I do that everyday..what to do I get my life back!?!

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  • I don't really have friends?

    I have 3 best friends that I had since I was about 6years old. My one best friend lives about 40mins from me but she doesn't have a car next best friend came home for good from the military in May and she don't ask to hang out with me or stop by to see me and she is always busy when I ask her to hang out ..but we are always on the third best friend lives 40mins from me as well but she haves a car and we used to hangout a lot up until probably January of this year but it seems like now our work schedules are getting in the way. I get so lonely not having someone to hang out with . I'm told that I'm nice and friendly but maybe I'm not cool enough..why don't people want to hang out with me 😢

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  • My boyfriend sister doesn't like me??

    We both are in our early 20's. I think that she is pretty and very talented. She always seems nice when talking to her..I always thought that she was a cool person untill i started noticing small things that gave me th impression that she dnt like me or....was low key jealous of me for WHATEVER reason. one sign that made me second guess her funny feelings torwards me is that one day i was over her and her parents house and i randomly caught her staring at me ...then at family gathering at their family house i caught her staring at me again. Then i notice how she really don't talk to me. She barely speak to me when i walk in there house(i speak to her) she barely haves conversation because her face is always in her phone when i am around but whn we are conversating its normally on her time when she is really perky and happy. recently i was around her and hr 2 cousins and her cousins was talking to me and asking m questions but sh was just quiet on her phone. Her and i are friends on FB and insta but she dosnt like of comment on my pics. Last but not least i was over her parents house and she was there yesterday she knew it was my birthday and didnt wish me happy birthday when she clearly knw it was my birthday bc she helped her brother(my boyfriend) pick out a bday gift for me. she seems nice but i know she really dont care for me much..and i only thought this girl was awesome. .i had no problem with her , I almost think that she think that she is better than me

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  • Why cant i get a guy who wants me for me?

    I have only been in one relationship and he cheated and lied all through our relationship and i was faith full honest and loving to him. Him and i just broken up 2 months ago. Before him there was this guy i dated for 2 years whom i really liked but he never wanted to make it official. Him and i never had sex. Then recently after me and my boyfriend broke up i was intimate with this guy who i thought was the most attractive guy on earth..i never been so attracted to anyone like was more like an infatuation. I had to cut it off with him bc i started wanting more from him and he couldnt offer me that. I know im not an ugly girl ..but looks obviously isnt enough with the men..i just dont understand why i cant mentally or intellectually stimulate the minds of these looks dont make them

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  • How do I stand up for myself with out being disrespectful?

    My boyfriend family is always throwing shade and saying slick comments to me or my boyfriend. whether its them saying my one year old baby shouldn't wear this or that or if it telling my boyfriend what he should or should not be doing when raising our daughter. at first I didn't want to think too much into it I didn't think anything of it when they would make there comments as if im not even around (his lil sister who is 21 with no kids, and his mom) bc I liked his family and thought thy were always kind until here lately I have been opening my eyes a bit more and see how they aren't so friendly. I don't like how they are so open to speak on what me and my boyfriend should or should not dress our daughter in.. I want to speak up but I don't want to be disrespectful in anyway, and beside I don't know how to speak up for myself, I can only hope that one day I will be able to

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  • How do I overcome the desire to be accepted?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 2 years now. We had a baby last year . I'm a shy girl and when I first met his family and even now I'm still shy. They are always nice and kind to me and vice versa. I'm actually awkward. I'm always wondering what they will think of me and I hope that they like me. His family have always been very kind and his mom has helped me out a lot. But I still can't help to think do they really like me or are they just putting up with me BC I go with their relative? I like his family but like I said I'm awkward and don't really know how to be myself around . but anyway he has a sister that's close to my age and her and I talk to each other but its not on a "FRIEND" type of level. One of those kinds where u just talk to someone BC they are there type of thing. Then there is his girl cousin. We hung out with my boy friend herself and my boyfriend twice, and we were drinking beer and she said that her and I should hang out sometimes, well its been about 6months and she hasn't tried to hangout yet, then on Fb the other day, she posted and status and I replied on her status but she only LIKED mine bit replied back to everyone else that commented on her post. So I wonder do she really like me? I get told all of the time that i am a nice person, and even the people who really know me says I am funny. I just don't get why his sister and cousin wouldn't want to hang out with me?

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  • is it necessary to buy my one year old bday gift?

    I supplies her birthday party that is later today ..which wasn't cheap. Do I have to buy her something or at this age is the gifts more for everyone else? Her dad bought her gifts , its just I will feel bad if I didn't get her anything

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