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  • smell of gasoline after routine maintenance?

    I recently had some routine work on my 2011 Honda. Just some new tires, oil change and air filter, but since then, for three days, I have had the smell of gasoline in the cabin. Also saw a couple spots of gas on the ground after being parked for seven hours. Any guesses as to the nature of the problem?

  • what restaurant is unique to your area?

    This summer I will be on a road trip of several months throughout the United States, , seeking out unique restaurants and cuisine that one cannot obtain elsewhere. For example, Basque food in Northern Nevada or Packo's hot dogs in Toledo. If you have such a place in your town, especially small towns, please let me know. I will be visiting 100 or so such extraordinary places and the reports may be on national or regional news shows.

  • Any site showing physical requirements for the u.s. military?

    My young son has expressed an interest in applying to one of the u.s. military academies when he comes of age. He has some high frequency hearing loss -- much like a 50 year old man. I would like to know if he is disqualified before encouraging him to seek his goal. Are there any web sites or publications that list specific medical requirements, including hearing?

    Military1 decade ago
  • What is an appropriate gift for Valentines?

    I have been keeping company with a lady for just a couple months. We are both in our 50s with grown children. I know I can't just ignore valentines completely, but it has only been a few months. Any suggestions?

    Valentine's Day1 decade ago
  • price of 9mm ammunition?

    What is a reasonable price per 100 rounds of a decent 9mm ammunition?

    Hunting1 decade ago
  • How to quickly lower blood pressure.?

    I take medication for blood pressure (diovan), although it is usually OK even without the meds. I ran out a couple days ago and cannot get to the pharmacy until tomorrow. A few hours ago I started feeling antsy or jittery. I checked and my BP is very high for me. Is there anything I can do to temporarily lower my BP until I can get the RX refilled?

    Heart Diseases1 decade ago
  • What is a reasonable commission for outside sales?

    I have a start-up company manufacturing a product that should wholesale for about $5.00. A fellow has proposed to start approaching retailers and making sales to those retailers. I want his commission to be generous without being nuts. What percentage would be considered generous by salesmen selling a low-cost high volume item to retailers?

    Marketing & Sales1 decade ago
  • Do cats tend to go off to die privately?

    I have an ancient cat that has not been seen for a couple days. It has never wandered before. I was thinking that perhaps it had found a dark and private place to die, as some animals do, but I don't know if cats tend to do that.

    Cats1 decade ago
  • how to straighten a bent bike wheel?

    My son ran a bike over curb and bent the rear wheel on his 26 x 2 bike. Not bent a lot, but enough to hit the brake pads each revolution. Can this be fixed? Can it be fixed at home?

    Cycling1 decade ago
  • Identify for me please, a famous old fat dude, mostly bald with some remaining gray hair and a gray beard?

    I am attending a disguise party. (Similar to a costume party but calling for a disguise as a specific person or character, not as a type of person or occupation). I am 51 years old, fat, bald, with some gray hair and a gray beard. Can't think of a recognizable person or character with those traits.

  • how to patch a plastic gas tank?

    plastic gas tank on lawn mower has a leak where to parts are joined. Is there some product I can use to fix this?

  • Cordless phones interfering with wireless router?

    I had a 2.4 ghz cordless phone system and it interfered with my 2.4 ghz wireless router, so I bought a 5.8 ghz phone system and I have the same problem. Whenever someone uses the phone the computer system won't work until about a minute after the phone call. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • others suffer "glock bite"?

    After shooting a few rounds with a Glock, I routinely ended up bleeding from the base of my right thumb. The fellow giving the instruction tells me that about 10 percent of shooters suffer this same "glock bite" unless the gun is modified. Has to do with the design of the slide. I do not get the same result with Kimber or other guns. It seems to me that if a significant percentage of shooters got this minor wound from a certain type of gun, the gun would not be so popular. Anyone else suffer this glock bite?

    Hunting1 decade ago
  • any guesses about the diagnosis?

    I have a 99 Plymouth Voyager with 125K miles. Last time I drove it, once the engine got fully warmed up, every time I came to a stop, with the engine idling, the oil light and audible warning came on. If I shifted to neutral and gave a bit of gas the warning went away. I am hoping that this is just a loose belt or something like that. However, I am quite ignorant of such things. Any guesses?

  • Kahr handguns?

    The least expensive 9mm pistol at my local store is a Kahr compact. Never heard of it before. It is junk or quality?

    Hunting1 decade ago
  • interchangeable ammo?

    I am considering getting both a revolver and a pistol, for two different purposes but I would like to arrange to use the same ammo for both. I would prefer either 9mm or .38. Would the same rounds work for both a pistol and a revolver?

    Hunting1 decade ago
  • How much to pay for a used glock or baretta?

    I am considering getting a used compact 9mm. Maybe a glock or baretta or a walther. In good condition at a reputable gun shot what might I expect to pay?

    Hunting1 decade ago
  • what percentage of answers here are plain wrong.?

    I have noticed that in the law and ethics section of this site, a lot of answers are plain wrong and the vast majority are incomplete. I wonder if people are really relying on the advice the get here. What portion of the answers do you think are wrong or at least incomplete?

    Law & Ethics1 decade ago
  • need gift ideas for secretary?

    My secretary is about 36 years old, married, pregnant (with her first). She will soon be on maternity leave. Past christmases I have given her things like dinner for two at a nice restaurant. She is about to give birth and that seems somehow inappropriate. She had a huge baby shower and has all necessary baby things. So, I need some ideas of a nice Christmas gift for someone in those circumstances.

    Pregnancy1 decade ago