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I like pinball games, jukeboxes, & antiques, & also like older country music. I'm a big sandal fan & I love wearing my sandals, & wear them as much as I can. I wear Teva sandals most of the time, but at times I do wear Dr, Martens, & Birkenstocks. (I have 50 pairs of sandals now) and I am also a big sneaker fan, and I have 50 pairs of sneakers. . I also like being barefoot. I like to have my feet massaged when I have the time. I also like listening to my police scanners to find out what is going on. For several years, I volunteer my time with Special Olympics, & love doing it. Feel free to send me E-Mail or IM me; however, if you say negative remarks such as foul language or making threats to me, you will be blocked, from both E-Mail and IM, and this is something I do not want to do; therefore, be careful what you say to me. I do not tollerate such remarks.

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