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  • Can i file lawsuit?? Thanks! ?

    Wrongful repossession

    I paid a fee to remove the repossession on my car through the company I took a loan out on. I also made another payment towards the amount due. I called and spoke with the company because I received a letter on November 20th about my car and was told then that my car was fine and they acknowledged that the payment was made. November 22, 2019. I woke up to my vehicle gone from my residence. I've been calling around and everyone has been giving me the run around and no one will give me their names. My husband has to call out of work due to not having a vehicle at the moment. Which is loss of income on our end because they messed up. I can't even take my kids anywhere because their car seats are in my vehicle. Which i pray nothing happens to either of them while I'm waiting to get my vehicle back. They also damaged my tires while towing the vehicle out of my apartments. There are tire marks throughout the property and probably messed up my transmission as well. As well as possibly breaking/scratching up my back bumper due to hooking the tow truck to the back of my plastic bumper.

    I haven't picked up my car or seen it yet but when I do, I will be taking photos of the damage. My vehicle is a FWD and they dragged it all the way to the towing company's lot.

    I'm gathering up as much evidence as i can til i file. What do you all think? Thanks! 

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