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    Why won't my game app play ads?

    Pretty obvious I have internet because I wouldn't be able to ask this question and/or play the game. Hunted down the "Disable the Limit Ad Tracking option" like it said in the help section of the game forum, in so many areas of my laptop and ad videos worked for a few minutes but then stopped. The customer service of this game finally contacted me with a help tech. information such as, "try resetting your Advertising ID on Windows" did this and videos to earn items needed to advance in the game helped like before for a few minutes then stopped working. Just keeps getting "loading and/or no internet connection". I refuse to put money into a game if I can't get a simple task in the game to work, lol was wondering if someone else had ideas how to solve this problem since customer service isn't much help. By the way the name of this game in picture is Cooking Diary.

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  • Can only watch videos if I'm not signed in but if I do this I don't get credit.?

    Cleared flash, disk clean up, etc. I have tried different browsers, incognito, Hardware accelerator, nothing helps. Even did system check repair, I can watch videos in other sites but not this one and can't figure out why. Was wondering if someone can help to figure out what I haven't thought to try yet.

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