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  • Can I still get into a top tier college with this schedule?

    My dream since the fourth grade has been to attend Duke University. The community within the campus is truly amazing, and I love all the resources they have available for students. Going into high school I let the pressure of my peers and the fear of the unknown dictate the classes I took, and now my heart is filled with regret because I fear I risk losing my dream. Even though I only took 2 honors classes freshman year do you think I could achieve my goal? this is my planned schedule and I am open to feedback, but it would also be appreciated if you could tell me if you think I even stand a chance with this schedule. 

    9th grade:

    Honors English 9

    Fast Paced Intermediate Algebra

    Honors Earth w/ Physical science

    Government & Citizenship

    French 2 

    Physical Education


    10th grade:Honors Literature 10

    Honors geometry

    AP Biology

    AP United States History

    French 3

    Physical Education


    11th grade:

    AP Language and Composition

    Honors Algebra II

    AP Chemistry

    AP European History

    Int French Lit & Comp IV



    Intro to engineering

    Intro to Fab Lab

    take this course individually from home:

    AP Computer science Principles

    12th grade:

    AP Literature & Composition

    Honors Pre-Calculus

    AP Physics

    AP Macro and Micro Economics

    Adv French Lit & Comp V

    AP Statistics


    take this course Individually from home:

    AP Computer Science

    Any responses would be deeply appreciated :)

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