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i love chocolate donuts

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pitwad … esad … foad … :)

  • what happened to yahoo email "select all" button ?

    using yahoo's "new" basic-version of email … what happened to yahoo email "select all" button ? pls do not tell me to click one and "shift" to click all … it does not work. instead … i am relegated to click each one ? ? ?

    why does yahoo insist on removing such features ? who the hell is the miscreant behind the curtain … making these ignorant marketing decisions ?

    3 AnswersOther - Yahoo Mail8 years ago
  • can i send my filipina girlfriend us postage stamps?

    she lives in philippines . . . does filipino government honor us postage stamps ?

    3 AnswersOther - Local Businesses1 decade ago
  • FRINGEonFOX part of tv episode ?

    i switched on my television tonight (not internet tv but real television) and attempted to watch the weekly episode of "fringe".

    after five or six minutes, at bottom of the tv, they started showing pm's or im's from people making comments. this was ongoing comments . . . scrolling to each successive comment. it continued for a long duration of the episode.

    what is this FRINGEonFOX crap ? more importantly . . . is this an example of things to come for television ? i am paying for tv subscription . . . how can i disable this crap ?

    2 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • / no longer offer free birthday e-cards?

    what happened to hallmark and american-greetings(yahoo) offering free e-cards (birthday) ?

    i have tried hallmark/com for free birthday card . . . there are NO free selections for "birthdays". cheapest is now 99¢ . . .

    i have tried yahoo-americangreetings . . . they offer variety of "free" e-cards . . . but there is no option to "personalize / send". i suspect this is because my 30-day trial period has ended. so . . . in order to send free e-card thru this service . . . you must have paid membership.

    guess i will just use for my services.

    no thanks to marketing giant . . . forgetting who made them what they are today. and if yahoo buys out bluemountain, i will then stop sending e-cards . . . and stop sending e-mails too. good luck, yahoo.

    never fails . . . the bigger they become . . . the more bully they become. look at aol . . . just a hole in the ground . . . 'cause of their marketing rubbish. wake up, yahoo . . . 'fore the same happens to you.

    1 AnswerOther - Holidays1 decade ago