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  • My Filipino wife is working in Canada from 3 years & her attitude towards me was not favorable & now she is not communicating from 2 months?

    I married to Filipino lady (single status) now aged 46 years ago in Philippines...My age is 58 years (currently retired)...Life went normal for 3/4 years after marriage...we were staying together with my bed-ridden mother...we have no big financial or family issue...she went to her home town twice from Manila she got proposal from her Aunti Canada Citizen to work as Live-In Home Care Giver in Toronto, Canada (4 years ago)...she managed to migrate to Canada from India 3 years ago...her behavior & attitude were quite different from the time of migrating process from last 4 years...there is arguments on small things all times...I support her financially INR 3 Lakhs utilized to help her brother in Philippines to set up a piggery farm almost 6 years ago...I also financed her to migrate Canada with another 4 Lakhs...We mutually agreed that she will pay back 7 lakhs to me in India once she start having savings from her job...The life is going as hell to me with lot of arguments & quarrelling as she attitude was not good to me and she never pay back INR 7 lakhs even after a job of two years in Canada...after lot of effort I managed to get INR 4 Lakhs...Her earning is more than CAD 2500 per month + overtime & incentives...Savings with her is CAD 87500 or say INR 46 Lakhs...she don't have any liability as she is live-in Home Care Giver...She don't want to declare her savings and now she is not communicating at all...Please suggest my NEXT step.. 

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  • Please let me know the Long Time Capital Gain Tax - help required..?

    Dear friends,

    Please let me know the Long Time Capital Gain Tax on below mentioned property:

    I purchase a flat on 20th June 2006, total aquisition cost was 28,40,000/- (including stamp duty & registration charges).

    Whereas I sell my flat on 31st Jan 2014 & selling price 38,00,000/-

    Thanks & Regards,


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  • Ex- wife re-claiming maintenance in 14 months old mutual divorce - Decree / Judgement order?

    I got a mutual divorce order 14 months ago from family court.

    In which I given custody of 16 years old daughter to my ex-wife.

    I also given a POA of my flat as a compensation for maintenance and alimony which is costing Rs. 40 Lakhs, beside 2 Lakhs cash bank balance, 5 Lakhs of fixed deposits and nearly 300 grams of gold ornaments valuing approx. 10 Lakhs...

    all together I had given 57 Lakhs to them..

    Last month ex-wife send a letter through a lawyer asking/claiming a monthly maintenance of Rs.10,000 for custodian daughter.

    I still never undergone to register the POA at sub registrar office..

    Please help me how to handle the situation??

    Thanking you all..

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  • I just sold my flat for 40 lakhs, a 7yrs old flat.. Please let me know about complete - Income tax formalities?

    I just sold my flat for 40 lakhs, a 7yrs old flat.. Please let me know about complete - Income tax formalities?

    I purchased a 2BHK flat in Goregaon Mumbai, in June 2006 at price of 28.4 Lakhs,

    I paid stamp duty of Rs.1,25,760 and Registration Fees of 29,540.

    I taken the loan 24 Lakhs in May 2006 and paid all the bank loan dues by March 2012 through NRE account.

    The process for transfer of registration in buyer name by next 10 days.

    I am not much aware about the income tax and long term capital gain on property purchased from foreign money which I paid from Dubai into my NRE account in Mumbai and loan paid back through ECS transfer to my home loan account.

    I request you to please help me in the above matter and let me know

    1. What are the income tax forms to be filled and filed at the time of registration at sub registrar office (if any) ?

    2. The complete procedure to inform the income tax department about the selling of my flat.

    3. If possible, let me know about income tax to be paid on the above said flat.

    4. Is there any income tax discount on NRE sold flat ?

    Please Note: I sold my flat at the registration value of 40 Lakhs and my flat is almost 7 years old..

    Thank you for your kind reply,



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  • One year old Mutual divorced from family court: now wife claiming more matainance for daughter?

    I get the Mutual divorce from Family court almost year ago, my divorced wife is now claiming more maintenance for daughter which she already claimed in mutual divorce and she signed for no claim in future in mutual divorce application, I final the divorce deal with a flat of value 40 Lakhs and 20 Lakhs of Fix deposit, bank account cash and Jewelleries..

    Please suggest me How I deal this matter??

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  • What is the legal rights of adult son in his father's property, he wan't his share?

    My son who's age is 24years and never finish his Bcom very lazy in studies, totally depending on me.

    I am recently divorced and I taken the custody of my son in mutual agreed divorce..

    My age is 50years and i do not have a job..

    I wan't to sell my flat value (approx. 50Lakhs) in Mumbai , I wan't to buy small flat in Ahmedabad and also to start small workshop for electronics and home appliances repairs..

    My mother staying in Ahmedabad do not wan't to give her house to me until she die.. and I never ask her for her property..

    Now from the day my son came to know that father is selling the property, he is behind me to have a share of money..

    I denied to give the share... he changes his behavior and not co-operating in any matter..

    He banging the doors and breaking the telephone connection and even wan't to go for hand fight with me...

    I chased him out from my flat in Mumbai today evening after a big fight...

    I wan't to know

    1. What legal rights he(son) can use to claim my hard earned property or my parents property?

    2. I do not wan't to stay with him because may be for property, he may kills me!! - So, is there any legal way I can get rid of this cunning/greedy/selfish/useless son??

    Thanks for your time and kind suggestions..



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  • Joint property purchasing proof/document...?


    I need to know is there any documents/agreement/declaration attached at the time of registering the property in joint names?

    If it is not so than how the single owner property turns to joint name without the consent of first owner ??

    As I purchase a flat in mumbai thro' bank (NRE home loan) and authorized my wife by giving a POA to proceed for bank loan paper and flat registration in my absence.

    POA was only for the purpose to execute loan from bank in my absence and the POA form was given by bank which I signed and notarized thro' consulate abroad and handed over to my wife to execute the loan and take the possession of flat in my absence.

    Now after six years I payback all bank loan, I came to know the property deed / the title of the property is in joint name !!!

    How the property get the title deed in joint name

    without my consent /

    any written agreement of joint property purchase /

    in absence of first owner.??

    Is the registrar office of property is not aware of documents required for joint property - title deed ??

    Which are the Mandatory document required to submit at the time purchasing joint property at registrar office ??

    So, I can ask to registrar office to amend/change the title deed to single owner as

    I never signed any such document which prove that property is a joint property !!!

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  • After a mutual divorce filing in court wife is demanding more maintenance and alimony..?

    Me and my wife filed a mutual divorce from court in Ahmadabad on 19th march 2012.

    In which I already agree to give another flat(A), which is in my single ownership as a full settlement of alimony/maintenance to her after decree of marriage.

    she is currently staying in that flat(A) with my daughter.

    she has almost 40% of my total property with her with one daughter (aged 14yrs)

    we have two children.

    my son (aged 24yrs) and he is staying in my flat(B).

    I do not have any other thing left over with expect this flat(B).

    she took all the belonging, gold, cash, etc.. from my place.

    I am jobless from last four months..

    my money is draining out fast and currently i am searching for job in dubai at the age of 49 years.

    Now, I came to know from relative that she is asking half of the money of flat(B) as well and a monthly maintenance.

    In mutual divorce filing, she signed the documents in which she agree that she will not claim any other movable or immovable property from me or my relatives..

    I got a flat(B) in mumbai thro' icici nre home loan six years ago.

    while processing the home loan I signed one POA in Dubai and given to icici bank, nre home loan in which I authorized my wife to proceed and sign the documents, paper work, registry, stamp duty, etc. to avail the flat(B) thro' icici bank home loan, mumbai, in absence of myself as I was in Dubai at my workplace...

    I paid/clear all the dues of home loan to bank in feb 2012.

    last month on 28th March 2012 bank given me my all original documents of flat(B) to me.

    Going thro' the documents I came to know that my wife is/becomes a co-owner of flat(B).

    Only the sale deed last page declares that she had signed the sale deed ''on behalf of me"

    otherwise all the places in all documents her name and signature is there..

    I need your help to know that, how I get revert the co-owner ship of my flat(B) to single owner on the sale deed without her signature??

    Please guide me how I save myself from this greedy wife ??

    Please help...

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  • Can mutual divorced wife claim more alimoney than agreed ?? I am waiting for dicree order from family court?

    I worked abroad( South Africa & Dubai) for fifteen years and bought two flats in last ten years of my savings and every things, my age is 49 years,

    I am jobless now as company I worked gone bankrupt.

    Some extreme crisis turned us to take mutual divorce.

    I manage to file and register mutual divorce in family court last month (17/03/2012).

    I also got earlier a divorce deed (14/03/2012),

    I agree to give her one flat value ( forty lakhs)/ 40% of my totally hard earned property of approx. one crore..

    We also agree about the custody and mantainance of our two childrens..

    Now, from last one week due to the new change/ammendments in marriage act/law, my wife is blackmailing me for more-more compensation for one child and for her through my and their relatives..

    I am in depression coz of loosing my hard earned money where she is keep on asking more & more..

    Is there any law which stop her doing this to me and where I get the help !!!

    My wife is no more in good character and speaking rubbish all time which is untolerable and lastly we never have husband- wife relation from last six years, which we make a ground for for my divorce..

    Please help from this lady!!!

    and let me what step I take for prequation to save my hard earned money..

    also let me know, whether she can claim more compensation??

    Lastly, how I cover myself from her blackmailing..

    Family court given a date 27/06/2012 to attend the first hearing on mutual divorce..

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