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  • wat can be wrong with me?

    i dont know how to explain this but this is exactly how it feels..... i havent been feeling good for a long time. the inside of my chest feels awful....i feel sick in there. it feels cold inside my chest. wat can this be? i asked a doctor two years ago and she thot i was crazy cuz she never heard such thing and sed she cant do anything about this as she has never heard of this sort of thing but i just dont know how else to describe it. it doesnt feel rite! it really feels as if there is a cold storm in my chest! i also smoke, hav shortness of breath and am fatigue....ive been this way for many years. i quit smoking several time the longest being 2 years but started up again.... help me please!!!

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • how do i tell my family i met him?

    i met someone online .... yes this is scary and unsual for me lol but we've fallen in love and its beautiful but i cannot tell my family we met online! he lives in another state and will be coming here to stay. i know this is rite, please dont be negative....i myself and surprised this happend as i always said i would NEVER meet anyone was an accident ....long story. i jus need help explaining him!!!

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  • i found a lump on my chest between my breast>>>wat can it be?

    im afraid the lump i found in my chest is cancerous. I had a non cancerous breast lump removed twice. i found this lump 2 days ago and is probably the size of a dime. it feels like its on my pain maybe a lil sore if i press on it. my mother had breast cancer that spread to her bones (r.i.p) and all 6 of her brothers hav cancer...2 passed away also.

    3 AnswersCancer1 decade ago
  • can anyone tell me what this might be....?

    my hands have been itching for about 2 21/2 weeks and i seem to have gotten a rash type thing on the palm of my hands (but not bad just best way to describe) and little tiny bump on the side of my pinky and further down from my pinky. the bump is not blistery or filled with anything or of any color - its just bumpy??? and now for the past two days my feet have been itching me like crazi!!!! not the soles of my feet though. i itch on top of my feet and around my ankles and i am scratching like crazi and bumpy smooth like rash appears in the places i scratch. it's driving me crazi - i actually use a knife to scratch cause thats how bad i itch! what is this and what can i do about my hands and feet - well hands have calmed down for the most part but its my feet now that are bad. help!!!!! please!!!!!

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  • is there any organizations that give out free car seats?

    A long time ago I heard that the Sherriffs Dept. gives out free car seats once a year (or something like that). Just wanting to know if there is a place that I can go to that offers the same.

    1 AnswerSafety1 decade ago
  • How do I change my picture on this Yahoo Answers?

    my picture above my name is nothing - how can i change it?

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Why do my thighs go numb with tingling sensation?

    whenever i lay down my thighs start tingling and then go numb - really numb! this also is a new thing and started at least 6 months ago. it happens only when i lay down. However, when I walk my left leg hurts after a while - up and down but mainly on the outside of my thigh but the pain radiates up and down. It gets so bad that my kids have to pick up my leg and put it in the car if we are out somewhere.

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  • Why does my body ache after lying down for 15+ minutes?

    this happens when i get up from bed. when i am asleep and get up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night or rise up in the morning my entire body aches. the aches will come on anytime i've been lying still for at least 15 minutes. the longer i lay the worse the aches so of course by morning i am dying and it takes a bit before the aches go away. this is a new thing for me - it started maybe almost a year ago now but at the rate i'm going i feel that in a few years my kids may have to help me out of bed. can anyone tell me what the hell is going on???

    4 AnswersOther - General Health Care1 decade ago
  • Is there anywhere on the net that will give me a tutorial on Quickbooks?

    I do not have knowledge of Quickbooks and it seems that so many employers require this. I can pick up things pretty quick - does anyone know of a place that I can go to on the net that can give me a quick lesson...

    2 AnswersCareers & Employment1 decade ago
  • is there a way to delete my email address?

    i created a new email cause i kept getting THOUSANDS of spam mail - i want to transfer my saved emails before deleting my email address if possible

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