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  • Win XP SP2 desktop background image disappears after installing microsoft live photo gallery?

    Hello everyone! I have a Fujitsu Siemens Laptop running windows XP SP2. I recently installed microsoft's Live MSN Messenger, along with microsoft live photo gallery. My desktop background image dissapears eversince! Everything else works, all the icons are in their places, there is just no background image anymore. Sometimes the background image dissapears LIVE before my very eyes! I try to set a new desktop background image by various methods but none works. My backgroung image only appears for a few moments while shutting down or booting my computer. I did a search of course and I read a lot about microsoft live photo gallery being in BETA state. But the official microsoft site says nothing about it being a beta product. I called Microsoft's help line, they were very polite, and they told me that microsoft live photo gallery is a third party application and that I sould uninstall it and see what happens. I like the live photo gallery application, what should I do? Thanks!

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