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Names Gloria , wife, mother, sister, caregiver and aspiring writer. I believe if my life's a book, I am just getting to the good part. Huge Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth Fan!

  • I love Geoffrey Rush. Have any of you ever become infatuated with a celebrity? Is it normal?

    I have always loved Colin Firth for years and he is just a beautiful man and an amazing actor. I got to see him and Geoffrey Rush in person at the local film festival where Geoffrey was being honored. After an evening of listening to GR speak about his movies and life and watching clips of his amazing performances. I have become completely infatuated. I don't care about his age. Or even that he has a shaved head. I love everything about him. He makes me happy. I watch his movies and am amazed at what a phenomenal actor he is. In one evening he dethroned Colin as the king of my heart!Don't get me wrong , I still love Colin but by far, II am recently WAY more attracted to GR. Has anyone had a similar experience?OR Have I completely gone over the deep end?

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  • Are you concerned about Obama's Czars and associations the extreme radicals that would undermine WE THE PEOPLE?

    Please tell me that Glenn Beck and I are not the only ones concerned about this?...Radicals as advisers and Czar's that are accountable to no one..but of course the President?!? This is madness! This is more than Republican Vs. Dem's. This is the beginning of the end of Democracy! I for one am not going to allow this to happen with out asking questions!

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  • What does it mean when I open my browser and I see a flashlight ?

    When I log on to my computer I occasionally see a little rotating flash light,but just for a second or so. What does that mean? I've seen it just a few times..but I am curious. Does it indicate spyware? or is it just a windows thing? Please any info would be appreciated.

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  • "Raise" a new poem.....Does it inspire you?


    by G-lo

    Raise your eyes, hands and heart

    raise your voice, spread the word do your part

    Raise your consciousness be aware.

    People are dying everywhere

    Ignorance is no longer bliss

    its selfishness and carelessness

    Raise the standard, raise the bar

    Shout to the masses near and far

    We lose it all if we don't snap out of this daze

    The clock is ticking..Its time to rally, time to Raise.

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  • "Raise" a new poem.....Does it inspire you?


    by G-lo

    Raise your eyes, hands and heart

    raise your voice, spread the word do your part

    Raise your consciousness be aware.

    People are dying everywhere

    Ignorance is no longer bliss

    its selfishness and carelessness

    Raise the standard, raise the bar

    Shout to the masses near and far

    We lose it all if we don't snap out of this daze

    The clock is ticking..Its time to rally, time to Raise.

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  • " I AM VIRUS " a new poem.......I dare u to open me?

    "I AM VIRUS"

    I move in the shadows

    Unseen by n***ed-eyes

    My M.O. is destruction

    I have ruined many lives

    Your lack of preparation

    and willingness to learn

    Is an open pathway

    My invitation to return

    Your defenses I disable

    one by one by one

    Try to stop me, if your able

    Contamination has begun

    Undetected I'll prevail

    While you go about your lives

    You never saw me coming

    I seemed harmless in disguise

    Your firewalls are useless

    you are putty in my hands

    I'll have you do my grunt work

    as you "Forward"... I'll expand.

    Your inbox is my window

    to pentetrate your life inside

    I AM VIRUS and I am out there

    There is nowhere you can hide.

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  • I need some opinions...What to do next? to help me out?

    Ok so here is the thing:

    I used to work with this person...they quit the job and we stayed in touch. For about 2 yrs...we emailed a few times a week..had lunch, met for drinks...talked on the phone that sort of thing.

    Then....I didn't get reply's....or returned phone calls for a few months. I would occasionally send out an email..

    Hope your ok? Get in touch when you can...that sort of thing...Then out of the blue one day...I get a call "omg...Im so sorry it's been too long....lets get together....surprised ...but glad to hear from them we make some plans for the following week...but I am supposed to call to say what day works for me..As the day approaches....I try to communicate and I end up not hearing from them again...until today...It has been since last JUNE!!!!!!! thats right 10 months....I wrote off the friendship I took ...after never hearing back for all that time..TODAY...OUT OF THE BLUE! I GET A MESSEGE...SAYING ITS ME . WHEN CAN WE DO LUNCH? CALL ME AND THEN HUNG UP.

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  • "Embrace" a new poem....can you feel it?

    The warmth of your tender touch

    Love exchange moment that means so much

    Eyes closed.. heart open

    Arms clung tight

    Time standing still

    as we embrace with our might

    no need for words

    or to gaze in each others eyes

    One honest embrace tell's all

    without pre-concieved lies

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  • "Have You Ever...." an new poem.. What do you think?

    "Have You Ever..."

    Have you ever....

    Believed one thing then later another?

    Been betrayed by a friend or brother?

    Looked the reaper ...right in the eyes?

    Told flat out bold face lies?

    Have you ever...

    Come to the very end of your rope?

    Were you amazed when you found the strength to cope?

    Have you ever...

    Not recognized your own reflection?

    Been on the recieving end of rejection?

    Have you ever...

    Wondered why we all are here?

    Then other days its all seems so clear?

    Have you ever?

    I know I have

    and so much more...

    I wonder,

    what else the future has in store.

    Gloria E. Pardo Copyright © 2008

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  • "A new beginning" I haiku..what say u?





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  • Can you form the 14 words that can be made out of the letters "YRBDWO"?







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  • a new poem "Le Chanson De Mon Coeur" what do you think?

    "Le Chanson De Mon Coeur"

    by Gloria E. Pardo

    La chanson de mon coeur

    - The song of my heart

    Et pour mon cheri

    - Is for my beloved

    mon epoux

    - my spouse

    Je ne sais pas pourquoi

    - I don't know why

    Il est difficile

    - it is so difficult

    De chanter avec mon voix

    - To sing with my voice

    Que je sens dans mon coeur

    - What is in my heart

    Mais mon cher reste votre tête sur mon coeur

    - But my dear rest your head on my

    - heart

    Et il chantera pour vous et pour vous seul

    - And it will sing for you and for you alone.

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  • "I Won't Admit"~a poem...Does anyone understand ?

    "I Won't Admit"


    while u sleep

    i cant take my eyes of you

    you don't even realize

    i carefully brush your hair away from your eyes

    you will never know,

    each day i wait for you to come home

    yet publicly i'll push you away

    and say "leave me alone."

    why do i act contrary?

    is it the thought of opening up that's scary?

    i used to love to hold your hand

    when side by side we would stand

    Now I force myself to stay away,

    yet I long for your touch each day

    been hurt soo much, soo much betrayal

    this wall ive built , is so high

    and hard to scale

    i would love to go back before

    my heart closed up so tight its door

    what will i i no longer feel this way

    be patient with me

    i have it take this day by day

    I won't admit I Love You

    I won't admit I really care

    I won't admit I need you

    as though you are my air.

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  • What was your favorate way to spend the day.. when you were a kid?

    I remember playing doll house with my sister and having picnics on the front lawn. Boy those were the days.

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  • Are you a Healthy Eater or a Junk Food Junky?

    I'm a vegetarian...well pescatarian meaning ..I don't eat mamals..the only animal protien i consume is fish. I don't use salt or eat much in the way of junk kids and husband on the other hand eat meat and the occasional trips through the drive through make me crazy!

    although ...they do eat healthy the majority of the time.

    so ...what about you?

    Health food or Junk food? Be honest.



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  • Do you RECYCLE?

    If recycle everything?

    If not why?

    We recylce just about everything!

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  • What color car do u drive?

    While taking my kids to school today we noticed a disproportionate amount of metalic silver and charcol grey cars about...I have heard that those are the most popular colors. We shall see about just curious....What color car do u drive?

    I'll start my current car is metalic silver, my last car was plain silver and my sister's is charcol grey....looks like a trend to me!

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  • "Eternal Wine" a poem.. based on Romeo and Juliet ..what do think?

    i know i know i cannot touch shakespeare when it comes to writing..i just wanted to write about Romeo and Juliet's tragic love story .

    "Eternal Wine "

    By gep

    I felt it the moment we met

    our destination Capulet

    unbridled passion

    tragic end

    mortal enemy

    my friend

    I'll live for you

    if you die for me

    we'll share our love


    Montague you've won my heart

    So this world we must depart

    We on this plain would never work

    Displeased.. they'd be forever hurt

    We must drink eternal wine

    We'll share our fate

    Your lips on mine.

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  • "Naked" a new poem...What do you think?

    by gep

    Stripped bare for all to see

    Exposed my insecurity

    My careful layers

    crumpled at my feet

    Backed in a corner

    with no retreat

    They come in droves

    to watch and stare

    to taunt me with

    judgmental glares

    With smudged face

    and teared cheek

    I struggle to find the strength to speak

    "Look at me... my shame is true,

    next time we'll come to gawk at you."

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  • "Wild Eyes" a poem u like?

    Wild Eyes

    by gep

    Raven hair, wild eyes

    Red lips and wicked lies

    Cheap thrills in the dark

    Wild eyes with wild spark

    Sinful Betty evil soul

    Gaze too long she'll gain control

    Look away before you see

    these wild eyes

    belong to me

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